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U.S. gov’t agencies team up to battle absenteeism, but is that a job for the feds?

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photo courtesy HOPE Christian schools

Having multiple federal agencies involved “seems like a way to add a little extra bureaucracy,” he said.

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Banning religious schools from choice program could be illegal

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“The First Amendment does not allow the government to discriminate among religions or religious people or religious institutions. They can’t say that students can use a scholarship at a nonreligious school but can’t at a religious school,” she said. “It’s discriminating against religion, hostile toward religion.”

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Accountability in action: Louisiana school removed from voucher program

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“In the voucher program, you don’t get to be bad two, three, four years. There is immediate expectation of (academic) performance as well as financial accountability.”

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North Carolina Senate approves funding equality bill

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North Carolina charter schools receive 83 cents for every dollar traditional public schools receive, according to a study by the University of Arkansas. The bill being considered today in the Senate would allow charters access to a little more public education money.

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Charter opponents blast billionaires’ plan to improve Los Angeles school system

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AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes

The United Teachers of Los Angeles immediately criticized the plan, calling it a “billionaire attack.”

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