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A Seton Hall 2005 graduate, Michael has been writing freelance articles for various publications in and around New York City, Seoul in South Korea, upstate NY and Vermont for ten years. He currently is a staff writer at the Hardwick Gazette keeping track of rising school budgets and other rural Vermont issues. He likes best to write about health, economics, and geopolitics generally looking for angles not seen in mainstream media. At home he's very busy looking after two little boys and during free time loves to watch Stanley Kubrick films off Netflix.

Progressives say two-party system forces them to run as ‘fusion’ candidates

By   /  June 24, 2016  /  Governor, News, Politics & Elections, State Government, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Bruce Parker

Progressives running as multi-party candidates say they are reacting to the dominant two-party system, but some rivals say the tactic is unfair and unethical.

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Vermont town says no twice to school district consolidation

By   /  June 22, 2016  /  Education, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Orwell Village School

Voters in Orwell again rejected a plan to merge school districts under Act 46, Vermont’s district consolidation law.

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Supervisory union school board members call for public participation in Act 46 mergers

By   /  June 20, 2016  /  Education, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Michael Bielawski

At their first board meeting since Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union towns failed to merge schools under Act 46, school board members discussed next steps and called for more public engagement.

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Vermont AG sued for withholding records on possible investigation of ‘climate change deniers’

By   /  June 16, 2016  /  Accountability, Energy and Environment, First Amendment, News, Open Records, Vermont  /  No Comments

AP photo

Vermont’s Attorney General is being sued for withholding public records related to a multi-state investigation of groups opposed to climate change policies.

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Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union looks to Plan B for school mergers

By   /  June 14, 2016  /  Education, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

YouTube screenshot

After all five towns in the Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union rejected a plan to merge school districts, persistent doubts about consolidation may signal that Act 46’s best days are behind it.

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Bankruptcy blows a potential storm toward Sheffield Wind Farm

By   /  June 13, 2016  /  Accountability, Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

AP Photo/Kristoffer-Tripplaar-Sipa/USA

When alternative energy company SunEdison filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April, its subsidiary TerraForm Power, which owns Sheffield Wind Farm, promptly issued a press release stating that its assets are safe and will continue to operate “uninterrupted.” But some of those most familiar with the state’s wind-energy landscape are skeptical that TerraForm can keep it going.

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