Michael Bielawski is a freelance reporter for Vermont Watchdog. A Seton Hall 2005 graduate, Bielawski has been writing articles for various publications in and around New York City; Seoul, South Korea; and Vermont. He’s a writer for the Hardwick Gazette, keeping track of rising school budgets and rural Vermont issues. He likes to write about energy and the environment, looking for angles not seen in mainstream media. At home, he’s busy looking after two little boys. During free time, he loves to watch Stanley Kubrick films on Netflix.

Manifesto asks Vermonters to ‘lift our eyes unto the hills’

By   /  March 14, 2017  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Activists with long histories in the Vermont environmental movement have penned a paean to the vanishing ridge lines of the Green Mountain State.

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For Sheffield Wind, how you measure could be as important as what you measure

By   /  March 10, 2017  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

The Public Service Board is about to set rules for monitoring sound levels that could be precedent-setting for other projects.

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Small town of Plainfield adopts sanctuary status for illegal aliens

By   /  March 8, 2017  /  Immigration, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Michael Bielawski

The rural community of Plainfield on Tuesday joined an increasing number of Vermont jurisdictions considered to be “sanctuary” communities for illegal immigrants.

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Big Wind critics: New sound rules for Vermont wind turbines fall short

By   /  March 7, 2017  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

UOM Photo

Critics of industrial-scale wind say the Public Service Board’s new sound standards are a step in the right direction but may not help Vermonters.

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Vermont National Guard poses new challenge for Swanton Wind turbines

By   /  March 3, 2017  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of SwantonWindVT.org

The Vermont National Guard filed a motion to intervene in the Public Service Board process for seven wind turbines on Rocky Ridge.

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Gun bill would allow confiscation without due process

By   /  March 2, 2017  /  Criminal Justice, News, Power Abuse, Vermont  /  No Comments

Shutterstock Image

Should police seize guns in a domestic violence dispute without a court order?

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