Ohio, Pennsylvania among states with highest student loan debts

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Ohio and Pennsylvania’s first- and third-place finishes on a recent national ranking of student indebtedness comes as no surprise to those familiar with the issue in the two states. The personal-finance website WalletHub earlier this month released the study, which showed residents of Ohio, Mississippi and Pennsylvania carrying the heaviest student debt load among all […]

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Florida health care system finishes at bottom of pack, study finds

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Florida’s poor showing on a recent ranking of state health care systems can be attributed partly to the large number of lower-wage jobs in the Sunshine State and its decision not to expand Medicaid, which would have come with its own significant costs over the long term, health care experts said. The personal finance website […]

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Pennsylvania tax plan would cost state thousands of jobs, study finds

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The Pennsylvania Senate’s recently passed plan to raise taxes by $600 million would lead to 3,600 lost jobs and the loss of nearly $1 billion in families’ disposable income through 2018, a new analysis says. The Harrisburg-based Commonwealth Foundation last week released the analysis of House Bill 542, which would raise taxes on natural gas […]

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Asset forfeiture foes in Michigan criticize new Justice Department directive

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Property-rights and civil-liberties advocates in Michigan vow to continue efforts to reform the state’s civil asset forfeiture rules in the wake of the U.S. Justice Department’s recent move to expand the controversial practice. Civil asset forfeiture is a tool used by law enforcement agencies to seize property and cash from citizens before anyone is even […]

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Business-friendly policies put Florida economy in overdrive, governor says

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s office has been highlighting new economic numbers on state job growth, consumer confidence and the unemployment rate, arguing that they validate his business-friendly policies. Consumer optimism numbers for July contain a few undercurrents of uncertainty, however, and Scott’s political opponents say the state’s economic growth has come in the form of […]

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Michigan pension reformers turn their attention to local governments

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Having successfully tackled teacher pension reform, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and state legislative leaders now want to devise a plan to rein in pension debt at the municipal level. Leaders of municipal organizations, however, are raising caution signs about the effort and stressing that a “one-size-fits-all” approach handed down from the state legislature wouldn’t be […]

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