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Do mandatory disclosures actually benefit consumers? Click to ‘accept’

By   /  September 30, 2015  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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Mandatory disclosure has led to information overload for many consumers, leaving them just as uninformed.

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DC panel of politicians, experts agree charter schools ‘work’

By   /  September 22, 2015  /  Education Blog, Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

A panel of politicians and education experts expressed that charter schools play a role in helping improve education in cities around the country.

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New York saddles each taxpayer with over 20K of state debt

By   /  September 21, 2015  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

According to a new study, New York state has $77 billion in unfunded liabilities, or over $20 thousand per taxpayer, and it could get worse.

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Kansas pension audit finds system at risk of abuse and fraud

By   /  September 9, 2015  /  Kansas  /  No Comments

An audit of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System found cases of double dipping – collecting benefits while having an alternative income.

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Overreach, court and catastrophe: The EPA’s rough summer

By   /  September 3, 2015  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

As the summer draws to a close, many wonder if the EPA has any accountability at all after pushing overreaching regulations and triggering a catastrophe.

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Kansas loses low-income health care funding after denying Planned Parenthood taxpayer dollars

By   /  August 27, 2015  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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More people are paying attention to Planned Parenthood’s government funding thanks to controversial undercover videos, but the fight over public funding for the abortion giant has been brewing for quite some time and is likely to get more rancorous.

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