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Lawmaker wants Wisconsin DOT to slow down on traffic roundabouts

By   /  August 28, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

image courtesy of Wisconsin DOT

The Wisconsin DOT can’t say how many traffic roundabouts it has installed on state highways over the past 15 year, but it plans to keep doing it. A new bill by Rep. David Craig would force DOT to pay closer attention to local concerns when deciding where to install roundabouts.

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State law makes emergency medical services problems worse in rural Wisconsin

By   /  August 24, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

photo courtesy of wikimedia

Emergency medical services in rural Wisconsin are in critical condition and state law is making it worse. A new bill seeks to address one of the biggest problems but an effort to placate union objections could undermine the effectiveness of the bill.

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Two strikes and you’re out: Fighting unemployment benefits fraud in Wisconsin

By   /  August 20, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by Washington Examiner

People who have committed two acts of fraud to receive unemployment benefits would be banned from receiving benefits under a new bill by Rep. Samantha Kerkman. The bill is receiving the partisan pushback that has been common in Wisconsin politics.

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Bill aims to curb law enforcement money grabs in Wisconsin

By   /  August 13, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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In Wisconsin the police can seize your money or other property just because a dog decided it smelled guilty, thanks to the state’s civil asset forfeiture law. Groups from across the political spectrum are supporting an effort to reform the law.

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Education week-in-review: Stopping reform and a big tax break

By   /  August 7, 2015  /  California, Education, Education Blog, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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From California, where a school board is suing to stop school reform, to Nebraska, where a school board member’s family business gets a big tax break, it’s been an interesting week in education reform.

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Education week-in-review: Ghosts and quotas

By   /  July 31, 2015  /  Education, Education Blog, Louisiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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From Pennsylvania, where a judge ruled in favor of ghost teachers, to Louisiana, where a new quota may cause problems for charter schools, it’s been an interesting week in education news.

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