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Wisconsin DPI won’t explain confusion over voucher payments

By   /  October 8, 2015  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

image courtesy of DCPS

DPI’s new system for getting voucher payments to schools was supposed to create efficiency but has created confusion instead.

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Amish finally win the right to follow their beliefs in Eau Claire County

By   /  October 1, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

photo by Ad Meskins via Wikimedia commons

After 10 years of conflict with planning officials, the Amish will finally be able to follow their belief when building homes in Eau Claire County. Members of the Old Order strictly adhere to Amish religious and cultural traditions, and they reject electric appliances, modern plumbing and other innovations. Wisconsin code said otherwise.

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Right-to-work 2.0: Lawmaker wants to reform occupational licensing in Wisconsin

By   /  September 29, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by: Shutterstock

Call it right-to-work 2.0. A bill in the state assembly would prevent Wisconsin municipalities from creating new occupational and professional licenses.

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‘Crazy’ audit process for choice schools in Milwaukee may finally end

By   /  September 29, 2015  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Flickr

The state’s audit process for choice schools in Milwaukee has been called “crazy,” but changes in the law may introduce a measure of sanity.

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Prayer garden controversy may change Wisconsin law

By   /  September 25, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments photo

Advent Lutheran Church in Cedarburg wants to add a columbarium to its prayer garden but current state law makes that impossible.

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State Supreme Court will decide who makes the rules for education in Wisconsin

By   /  September 17, 2015  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

via wikimedia commons

A seemingly boring lawsuit may have a dramatic impact on education in Wisconsin.

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