Government regs can spoil the milk

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SHE LIKES IT FRESH: Wanda Beckerdite, the author’s grandmother, milks her cow, BB, near the Schuyler County hamlet of Brooklyn, Ill., in the late 1970s.

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD – My grandma liked her milk just like her orange juice – freshly squeezed.
To hear her talk, raw milk was wonderful.
And her view is now shared by many of today’s urban “foodies” who say raw milk tastes better, is richer in nutrients and can help prevent certain diseases.
In fact, the consumption of [...]

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Illinois’ high taxes create mass exodus

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PACK IT UP: Illinois is among the biggest losers in out-migration due to its higher tax rates.

By Scott Reeder

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – One of my favorite books is John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath.”

In that epic tome, farmers from across Oklahoma load up all of their earthy goods on to Model T’s and flee the Dust Bowl for California in the midst of the Great Depression.

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Illinois sucks life out of small business

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SHE'S DONE: Susan Clause is shutting down her teacher supply store, Ergadoo, in Springfield, Ill., after a difficult encounter with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Susan Clause is no quitter.
For 16 years, she and her husband, Stephen Briggs, have owned and operated a teacher supply store, Ergadoo, in Springfield.
They love their business, and it’s making money, but they are shutting it down this week.
Why? They say the state of Illinois has made it too difficult [...]

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Jennifer’s tragic story

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ANOTHER TRIAL: The man accused of killing Jennifer Ann Lewis will get a third trial.

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The phone call came the other day as I drove to work.
A tired, sad voice said, “Scott there’s going to be another murder trial.”
My shoulders sagged. My 3-year-old daughter fidgeted in the backseat. And my mind was suddenly remembering a night of horror 24 years earlier.
I could still hear my [...]

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Just say no to progressive income tax

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GUARD YOUR WALLET: Illinois lawmakers are considering a progressive income tax, if they can deal with the Illinois Constitution restrictions.

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Hang on to your pocketbooks, the politicians are getting restless.
They want more of your money.
Never mind that the Illinois Legislature jacked up your taxes by 67 percent back in 2011.
Because of this temporary tax hike, many of us are now paying a full 5 percent of our income to Springfield. [...]

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Illinois mom stays home to care for her son as Supreme Court hears union-push case

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SUPREME FIGHTER: Pam Harris and her son Josh.

By Scott Reeder
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pam Harris is an unlikely activist.
She is just a Lake County, Ill., mom looking after her disabled adult son.
Rather than place her son, Josh, in an institution she entered a program where she receives state assistance to care for him at home.
But one Sunday morning, an organizer for Service Employees [...]

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