Study reveals Cook County property owners feeling pinch

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Skyrocketing property taxes mean suburban homeowners are feeling the pinch, but it’s even worse for commercial property owners, particularly in Chicago, a new study from the Civic Federation has found.

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Former Rep. Pam Roth talks move from Illinois to Texas

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Pam Roth packed her bags and moved to Texas last year. That in itself isn’t unusual. But what makes Roth’s case unusual is that she was a sitting Illinois State representative when she left.

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We’re still getting beat by Indiana

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Prosperity may not be around the corner, but it certainly is right next door – in Indiana.

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What does it cost taxpayers to pay for lawmakers’ empty Springfield residences?

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Although the Illinois constitution requires all statewide elected officials to have a residence in Springfield – none of the current constitutional officers have made the state capital their primary home.

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IRS dragging feet in release of interstate migration data

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By Scott Reeder | Illinois News Service
SPRRINGFIELD — The Internal Revenue Service is dragging its feet releasing data on migration of people — and their income — between states.
In the past, it has taken one to two years for the IRS to prepare and release migration information, but now it will take three years, said [...]

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Sometimes we need a break from technology

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dial up phone

I bought a “new” phone the other day.

My 6-year-old, Anna, gave it a perplexed look.

“Where’s the buttons, Daddy?”

“There isn’t any, dear. It’s what’s called a rotary phone.”

She gave it another skeptical look and walked away.

Yes, when I dial, I actually dial.

An hour or so later when my wife got home from work she, too, gave it a bewildered look and said, “Why did you install that old thing? It doesn’t even have Caller ID. How will we know whether to answer the phone or not?”

Folks, it’s not about nostalgia.

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