Illinois still trying to fire corrections official for second time

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Illinois Department of Corrections

By Scott Reeder | Illinois News Network
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — State officials still want to fire a man with a troubled work history, criminal convictions and a history of street gang affiliations from his $111,432-a-year job in the Illinois system.
But a state arbitrator has ruled Xadrian McCraven deserves his job back. Why he ruled that way remains […]

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As Illinois pension problems worsen, here’s what legislators will take home

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SPRINGFIELD – While Illinois politicians wrestle with how to tame the state’s ballooning pension shortfall, some of those leaving elected […]

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Entrepreneur paints sad Illinois picture

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Colby Geiser started a business from scratch in 2003. He now has 85 employees and more than $6 million in annual sales. Many would say he’s living the American Dream. But Geiser says he’s experiencing the Illinois nightmare.

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What can Illinois learn from its neighbor?

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WEST LAFEYETTE, Ind. – Can Illinois, struggling with fiscal problems, learn anything from its neighbor Indiana? Well, former Indiana governor […]

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Municipal conference attendees spend more than $1K to learn tight budget techniques

By   /  October 28, 2014  /  Budget and Spending, Government Waste, Illinois, News  /  No Comments

City officials from across the state gathered last month at the annual Illinois Municipal League Conference in Chicago to learn how to manage municipal budgets during tough fiscal times.

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Study reveals Cook County property owners feeling pinch

By   /  October 3, 2014  /  Budget and Spending, Illinois, News  /  No Comments

Skyrocketing property taxes mean suburban homeowners are feeling the pinch, but it’s even worse for commercial property owners, particularly in Chicago, a new study from the Civic Federation has found.

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