Why California environmentalists hate water

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California’s unwillingness to build water projects began with a change in philosophy, soon after Reagan left the governor’s mansion, in 1975. It began with Jerry Brown.

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Thirsty? California lawmakers place needs of 12 fish ahead of people

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Part 2 of 4 in the series California’s Manmade Drought   SACRAMENTO — If California flew a state flag that truly represented its popular culture, it’s possible we’d have not the Bear Flag but a guy shrugging his shoulders and the word “Quicquid” – Latin for the state’s unofficial motto, “Whatever.” California residents have reacted to […]

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California’s drought is a man-made crisis

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A lack of rain is the least of California’s drought problems. A Watchdog series shows that California’s drought has been made worse by a series of policies — some from the past, many ongoing — that prioritizes environmental demands above the basic provision of water resources to the public.

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Out-of-control federal lending agency harms consumers

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GOP presidential candidates looking for a real issue: consider Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Tough-imaged Texas leads nation on justice reform

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  By Steven Greenhut Presidential-election observers could understandably come away with the impression that the emerging horse race is little more than a freak show, especially given that loudmouthed billionaire Donald Trump leads some polls on the GOP side, and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is generating the most excitement in Democratic quarters. But a number […]

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Microaggression: Anything you say may be used against you

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SACRAMENTO — An acquaintance of Mexican descent was cutting his own lawn in his upscale subdivision when a neighbor came up to him to see if he could work on his lawn, too. My acquaintance was at first offended, but then realized the obvious: Most gardeners in Southern California are Latin American – so it’s […]

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