Anti-gay initiative does not undermine initiative process

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SACRAMENTO — A nasty anti-gay initiative proposed in California has been used by foes of the state’s initiative process to reinforce the need for reform. Certainly, one modest reform might be in order, but the “Sodomite Suppression Act” should mostly be ignored.

In late February, a Huntington Beach man filed with the state attorney general the […]

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AARP needlessly scares readers over pension ‘outrages’

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By Steven Greenhut |
The March issue of the AARP Bulletin (published by the group formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) promises an issue filled with outrageous “abuse, rip-offs and injustices,” but it’s no surprise it wrongly scares the public about the pension crisis.
AARP warns readers about companies and governments that are […]

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The closest high-speed rail will come to Sacramento?

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The contractor for California’s high-speed rail system is having an event on the Capitol grounds, featuring a model car that is “Connectin Cities at 220 miles per hour.”
For $68 billion, they ought to be able to afford a “g” (in connecting). Furthermore, this train will never go 220 mph — not with a blended route that […]

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Police unions use ugly tactics to shut down pension reform

By   /  December 15, 2014  /  California, Commentary  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of the City of Costa Mesa

By Steven Greenhut
SACRAMENTO — California’s pension reformers have always had a tough road as they battle politically powerful and well-funded public-employee unions, but a case in Orange County shows just how dirty these battles can get. That’s especially true when one tussles with police unions.
In 2012, the city of Costa Mesa had become Wisconsin west […]

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Conservative group: California trying to grab donor lists

By   /  December 15, 2014  /  California, Commentary  /  No Comments

TARGET: The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is saying the state of California is improperly demanding information about its donors — and is threatening unusually harsh penalties if the group doesn’t comply. Another conservative group has filed a separate lawsuit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris, which is now in the 9th Circuit.

By Steven Greenhut
California Attorney General Kamala Harris obviously hasn’t learned a lesson from the Obama administration’s embarrassing IRS scandal.
The IRS targeted conservative groups and even demanded information about some of these groups’ smallest donors, according to the Washington Post and other media reports.
Now turn to California. A Virginia-based conservative group filed a federal First Amendment […]

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GOP made gains in bluest of blue California

By   /  November 7, 2014  /  California, Commentary  /  No Comments

SACRAMENTO – The Republican tsunami that swept the country on Tuesday stopped somewhere just east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. But Golden State Republicans fared unexpectedly well if one looks closely at the legislative and statewide races. Let’s just say some of the wave splashed into the state, dampening Democratic hopes in a […]

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