Out-of-control federal lending agency harms consumers

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AP Photo / Michael Dwyer, File

GOP presidential candidates looking for a real issue: consider Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Tough-imaged Texas leads nation on justice reform

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By Steven Greenhut
Presidential-election observers could understandably come away with the impression that the emerging horse race is little more than a freak show, especially given that loudmouthed billionaire Donald Trump leads some polls on the GOP side, and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is generating the most excitement in Democratic quarters.
But a number of candidates are […]

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Microaggression: Anything you say may be used against you

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SACRAMENTO — An acquaintance of Mexican descent was cutting his own lawn in his upscale subdivision when a neighbor came up to him to see if he could work on his lawn, too. My acquaintance was at first offended, but then realized the obvious: Most gardeners in Southern California are Latin American – so it’s […]

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Do Earth Day policies destroy opportunities for the poor?

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Photo: Steven Greenhut

By Steven Greenhut | Watchdog.org
SACRAMENTO — No other state has embraced environmental policies like California. Yet for all the self-congratulations among environmentalists and our Green Governor here, I never hear them address some core social-justice questions, such as whether Earth Day – and environmental policies in general – are the prerogative of the rich.
In his inaugural speech […]

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State and feds spend millions to save handful of trout

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AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli

The steelhead trout my wife and I cooked for dinner earlier this week seemed pricey. The small package cost $8.99, but it really was quite a deal when one considers what the Obama administration and California state officials are paying to save a handful – maybe a dozen or so – of the same fish on the Stanislaus River.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Breaking The Piggy Bank — Higher taxes, higher benefits and the political problems of public pensions

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Breaking The Piggy Bank is Watchdog.org’s weekly look at the national public-pension crisis, how it’s affecting state and city budgets and what can be done — if anything — to fix it.

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