Travis Perry is an investigative reporter covering news and politics for's Kansas bureau. Before joining the organization, Travis graduated cum laude from Washburn University and cut his teeth as news editor for the Osawatomie Graphic, where he received numerous awards from the Kansas Press Association.

Teacher says union resorting to bully tactics in wake of decertification

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The doom and gloom predictions of the state’s largest teachers union have not come to pass more than a year after Deerfield USD 216 faculty opted to boot out the Kansas National Education Association, according to teacher Doug Crandall.

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KS Week in review: Omissions and muzzles

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In many ways, the government is a bit of a necessary evil. But just because we need it around doesn’t mean it’s an all-knowing, benevolent force for good. Curious what governmental foibles have cropped up in the Sunflower State? Take a look back at our week in review for a recap.

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Town muzzles resident in response to mounting complaints

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Lenexa resident Tim Mahony feels like he has a target on his back, and public officials are taking aim.

Mahony didn’t expose a hive of public corruption or unearth an embarrassing foible by municipal leaders. No, he made the apparent mistake of contacting his local government too much.

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SEC charges Kansas with fraud for Parkinson-era omissions

By   /  August 12, 2014  /  Finances, Fraud, Kansas, News, Pensions  /  No Comments


The Securities Exchange Commission has levied fraud charges against the State of Kansas for actions taken under the administration of Democratic Gov. Mark Parkinson.

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Week in review: Cash, credit and incumbency

By   /  August 8, 2014  /  Kansas  /  No Comments


If there’s one thing you can say about Kansas, it’s that during election season there’s never a dull moment. So if you’re feeling bored, recap the week’s exciting stories to see what slipped through your newsfeed.

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Kansas primary reflects growing anti-incumbency sentiment

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Just call Tuesdays’ primary election the revolution that wasn’t.

“It was an almost revolution,” said Chapman Rackaway, political science professor at Fort Hays State University. “We had a threat of an earthquake, even if the ground didn’t quite shake.”

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