Travis Perry is an investigative reporter covering news and politics for's Kansas bureau. Before joining the organization, Travis graduated cum laude from Washburn University and cut his teeth as news editor for the Osawatomie Graphic, where he received numerous awards from the Kansas Press Association.

Week in Review: Drugs, audits and ferrets

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In case you hadn’t noticed by the smell in the air, the light in the evening or the mailers being crammed down your throat, it’s election season. We’re inching ever closer to the August primaries, which means the political cogs are working overtime. If you’re feeling worn out, take a break from the electoral hype and glance back at the last week.

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Feds ignore consequences in bid to save endangered ferret

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MACHIAVELLIAN: Logan County landowners assert the federal government is ignoring the unintended consequences of conservation efforts to  restore black-footed ferret populations in Western Kansas.

When Jim Ludolph surveys his acreage in Logan County, all he can do is shake his head.

The land is pockmarked, scarred from fence to fence with prairie dog mounds. The pasture ground has been in Ludolph’s family for more than a century, and he says it has never looked this bad.

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Kansas says school is sitting on $1 million in potential savings

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lunch lady

State auditors have uncovered seven digits worth of savings within one Kansas school, but just how far district officials will to realize those savings is yet to be seen.

As part of the state’s annual analysis of education spending, the Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit presented Tuesday their findings after putting Emporia USD 253 under the microscope. In all, auditors suggested more than $1.1 million in potential savings.

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Marijuana is law enforcement’s cash crop

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SEEING GREEN: In the last 10 years, Kansas law enforcement have split $6.3 million reaped from drug tax stamp laws.

In Kansas, the War on Drugs is really just the war on marijuana.

At least, that’s the picture painted by the latest statistics from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

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Week in Review: Half truths, rust, progressive spending and party hopping

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It has been a tumultuous week on the Kansas political scene. From interesting endorsements to ridiculous government initiatives, it’s getting rough and rowdy out there, and it’s only going to keep ramping up through November. Until then, take a breather and take a peek at the past week in review.

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Republican endorsing Paul Davis swapped parties days before announcement

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Cynthia Yulich

If this isn’t blatant flip-flopping, we don’t know what is.

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