William Patrick covers government waste, fraud and abuse for Watchdog.org's Florida bureau. His work has appeared on numerous media websites, including Fox News and the Drudge Report.

Surveillance City: Public workers, police to wear body cameras in Miami Beach

By   /  September 18, 2014  /  Florida, News  /  No Comments

AP file photo

Miami Beach has a reputation for being Florida’s fashion capital. True to form, city employees will soon be outfitted with a new accessory – body-cameras.

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Funding the navigators: Florida’s Obamacare helpers get another $6.8 million

By   /  September 16, 2014  /  Florida, Health Care, News, Obamacare  /  No Comments

UNDER SCRUTINY: Kansas Obamacare Navigators would face more stringent restrictions and regulations under a new bill examined by state senators Tuesday.

Signing up new participants may not be nearly as difficult this time around as properly re-enrolling existing customers.

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Florida anti-school choice group wants Catholic judge to recuse herself

By   /  September 11, 2014  /  Florida, News  /  No Comments

Dempsey 2

A group called Fund Education Now wants a state circuit court judge to recuse herself from an education dispute because she’s Catholic.

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FL county’s unrecorded land restriction may put couple out of business

By   /  September 5, 2014  /  Florida, News  /  No Comments

Flash Beach Grille front

For Robert and Anita Breinig, the Flash Beach Grille restaurant and catering business is their slice of the American Dream. But after 17 years of sweat, that dream has taken a nightmarish turn. Their local government has decided to enforce a 24-year-old unrecorded environmental rule against them. Hundreds of others may soon be next.

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Ethics Reform: Judge backs citizens’ group, dismisses capital city lawsuit

By   /  September 2, 2014  /  Florida, News  /  No Comments

citizens for ethics reforms

Add one more Tallahassee resident to the list of 20,657 who think voters should have a say in whether their city government needs stronger ethics requirements.

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Bow down: Chaplains, religious expression banned from Central Florida high school football

By   /  September 2, 2014  /  Florida, News  /  No Comments


Florida’s fourth largest public school district is cracking down on religious expression at sporting events — just in time for high school football.

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