U.S. judge hands Watchdog a victory over VA governor’s green-car company

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MISSISSIPPI BOUND: Virginia officials predicted McAuliffe's car-building venture would find itself in a "funding gap."

Part 73 of 74 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Will Swaim | Watchdog.org
A U.S. judge in Mississippi on Thursday threw out an $85-million lawsuit in which an electric car company founded by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe alleged Watchdog.org had libeled the firm.
Judge Michael P. Mills said GreenTech Automotive failed to prove his Mississippi [...]

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Abortion doctor with ties to Eric Holder gets four years for fraud

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DOC IN THE BOX: Holder failed to disclose his relationship to a Georgia building used by a now-convicted abortion doctor.

By Will Swaim | Watchdog.org
A Georgia physician who performed abortions in a building owned by the wife of U.S. attorney general Eric Holder was sentenced to prison March 21 for Medicaid fraud.
“DeKalb Superior Court Judge C. J. Becker sentenced Tyrone Cecil Malloy, M.D., to four years in prison and six years’ probation on two counts [...]

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Immigration official says he met with McAuliffe to discuss visas for foreign investors

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AP photo

Part 38 of 74 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Will Swaim | Watchdog.org
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A top federal immigration official testified Thursday that he met with Terry McAuliffe to discuss the visa applications of foreign investors in the Virginia gubernatorial candidate’s car company, GreenTech Automotive.
Denying accusations the meeting was inappropriate, Alejandro Mayorkas, director [...]

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White House, IRS show interest in Watchdog in December

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By Will Swaim and Ryan Ekvall | Watchdog.org
President Barack Obama’s executive staff reviewed Watchdog’s news website in record numbers at precisely the moment when Internal Revenue Service visits to the same site spiked, Watchdog.org’s analytics show.
A similar report reveals that the Executive Office of the President and IRS were the source of a similar December traffic [...]

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Silence, secrecy, cops follow GreenTech’s China deal

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Photo by Dustin Hurst

Part 10 of 74 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Will Swaim | Watchdog.org
TUNICA, Miss. — April 22 ought to have been a big day in Tunica County, Mississippi, home of what’s supposed to be America’s future.
That’s when GreenTech Automotive Inc., founded by high-profile politicians to build electric vehicles in one of the poorest places [...]

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12 things the president won’t say

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MO' MONEY: Obama wants Congress to raise the debt ceiling in the next few days.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — When President Barack Obama takes to the podium at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, he’ll go old-school Fidel Castro on you — talking at great length, with apparent insight, intelligence, and sympathy for the people. But there are some things even the most powerful man in the world can’t say. Or won’t.

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