Investigation finds Mayorkas used visa program to help White House allies

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AP Photo

Part 75 of 76 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Will Swaim and Kenric Ward |
WASHINGTON D.C. – Alejandro Mayorkas, the man President Obama and Senate Democrats once hoped would head the Department of Homeland Security, overruled his own U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services staff to expedite visa approvals for foreign investors in […]

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Hands off our logo, Small Business Administration says

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Screen grab of SBA logos

By Will Swaim |
Following our investigative series about a bizarre government lending program, the Small Business Administration threatened with Department of Justice legal action — for misuse of the SBA logo.
“By federal law, the official seal of a federal agency cannot be used in a news publication, online or in print. Neither can our […]

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FBI looking at Democrats’ alliance with billionaire investor

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AP Photo / Jae C. Hong

By Will Swaim |
WASHINGTON, D.C. — It seemed unlikely the showdown between billionaire investor Bill Ackman and a global nutrition products manufacturer could get much bigger.
But it just did, now likely pitting the FBI against congressional Democrats who intervened with the Federal Trade Commission on behalf of Ackman’s effort to destroy Los Angeles-based Herbalife Ltd.
Ackman has characterized […]

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God hates . . . flags?! UC students ban Old Glory

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Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan, Liza Ryan, Sam Ryan Charlie Ryan

By Will Swaim |
IRVINE, CALIF. —  Declaring the American flag a symbol of “colonialism and imperialism,” student council members on the campus of UC Irvine this week voted to prohibit its public display.
Resolution 50-70 passed on a 6-4 vote (with two abstentions), and applies only to the Associated Students of UCI main lobby. ASUCI President Reza […]

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How Wisconsin media support DA’s war on conservatives

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Photo by Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office

People of a certain generation – and a certain wonky persuasion – will remember one of the late Daniel Schorr’s greatest achievements as a journalist.

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‘I’ll hold your hair’: An open letter to the Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice

By   /  November 5, 2014  /  Media, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP file photo

By Will Swaim |

Dear Dan: Go ahead, man. Lean over the toilet and let it out.

It must have been hard to include Wisconsin Reporter – even backhanded – among the winners in your post-election “Winners and Losers” column.

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