How Wisconsin media support DA’s war on conservatives

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Photo by Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office

People of a certain generation – and a certain wonky persuasion – will remember one of the late Daniel Schorr’s greatest achievements as a journalist.

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‘I’ll hold your hair’: An open letter to the Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice

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AP file photo

By Will Swaim |

Dear Dan: Go ahead, man. Lean over the toilet and let it out.

It must have been hard to include Wisconsin Reporter – even backhanded – among the winners in your post-election “Winners and Losers” column.

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Congressional Democrats assist billionaire hedge-fund manager in Wall Street feud

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William Ackman, Bill Ackman

By Josh Kaib and Will Swaim |
Two years ago, billionaire hedge-fund manager William Ackman announced boldly — from a stage in a Manhattan conference center — that his Pershing Square Capital Management had taken a $1 billion short position on publicly traded Herbalife, the Los Angeles-based maker of nutrition products.
He was, in other words, betting that […]

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Iowa candidate says he saved you billions, and walks on water

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By Josh Kaib and Will Swaim |
Politics ain’t beanbag, the old aphorism goes, but even Rep. Stephen King, R-Iowa, has to be frustrated by the campaign claims of Jim Mowrer, a Democrat and King’s long-shot challenger in the November race for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District seat.
Mowrer continues to assert that he “established” the U.S. Army’s Office of […]

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Secret recordings reveal Elizabeth Warren would be Regulator-in-Chief

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By Will Swaim |
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has played it cool, denying she’ll run for president in 2016 in a way that seems designed to boost expectations she will.
That has given especially liberal Democratic Party loyalists a case of the fantods. Disgusted with Barack Obama, terrified by the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton, […]

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U.S. judge hands Watchdog a victory over VA governor’s green-car company

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MISSISSIPPI BOUND: Virginia officials predicted McAuliffe's car-building venture would find itself in a "funding gap."

Part 73 of 74 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Will Swaim |
A U.S. judge in Mississippi on Thursday threw out an $85-million lawsuit in which an electric car company founded by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe alleged had libeled the firm.
Judge Michael P. Mills said GreenTech Automotive failed to prove his Mississippi […]

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