‘Nation of random enforcement’: Is America’s chief executive too powerful?

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By Yaël Ossowski | Watchdog.org
When President Barack Obama chooses to enforce select portions of federal law, is he playing the part of chief executive or skirting around Congress and, by extension, the U.S. Constitution?
That’s the question House Republicans put forth in a House Judiciary Committee meeting Wednesday, stacking the witness panel with four fellow House GOP members [...]

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The Vermont paradox: The taxpayer advocate is a state employee

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By Yaël Ossowski | Vermont Watchdog

With an office and desk housed within the Vermont Department of Taxes, Gloria Hobson is not your average salaried government employee.

In fact, based upon her job description and title, one would argue her work serves as the ultimate paradox: a “taxpayer advocate” with a state government paycheck.

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Vermont wants to be first state to ban ‘predatory loans’ for pensioners

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By Yaël Ossowski | Vermont Watchdog
On the trail of scammers, Vermont aims to set up financial guard dogs to sniff out companies offering high-interest predatory loans to elderly pensioners.
A proposed state law would put a stop to companies offering seniors quick cash for their monthly pension checks.
“I was approached by AARP over the off-season talking about [...]

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The 10 state jobs you didn’t know your Vermont taxes covered

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By Yaël Ossowski | Vermont Watchdog
In keeping with Vermont Watchdog‘s mission of keeping state government accountable, a quick peek at the state payroll is always important.
The state of Vermont has 7,805 public employees, according to the Department of Human Resources, a number that has stayed relatively stable for a decade.
The average state employee in Vermont [...]

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In VT, state psychiatrist makes $40,000 more than governor

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All of the problems in Vermont seem bad enough to warrant paying big for mental health professionals.

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