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Can the FCC be trusted with its net neutrality regulations?

By   /  March 24, 2015  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Source: Wikicommons

Much of the debate on the net neutrality regulations — now a reality — hinged on the FCC’s role in enforcing the rules. But after all the lobbying, all the pressure, and all the attention, is there a chance for abuse?

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The tech media still doesn’t understand the FCC’s net neutrality regulations

By   /  March 19, 2015  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments


Since the Federal Communications Commission released its net neutrality regulations last week, there have been some strange interpretations about what these rules mean for Internet consumers.

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White House’s new data scientist is ready to give you homework

By   /  March 19, 2015  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Photo from Flickr

In his first month on the job, the nation’s chief data scientist DJ Patil has been busy assigning Americans some homework.

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FCC net neutrality regulations include one really scary sentence

By   /  March 13, 2015  /  News, Technology  /  No Comments

AP photo

At long last, the FCC has released its 400-page tome of net neutrality regulations. One sentence alone reveals in a nutshell what’s to come.

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No one in government knows how to use email — except Hillary Clinton

By   /  March 10, 2015  /  National, Politics & Elections, Technology  /  No Comments


By Yaël Ossowski | Watchdog.org
Yet again, Americans can rest reassured their government officials don’t really know how to use email. Or technology for that matter. Save for Hillary Clinton, of course.
This has been made more clear after revelations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her private email address, hdr22@clintonemail.com, during her tenure to conduct […]

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House of Cards: Feds aim to overrule states, ban online gambling

By   /  March 5, 2015  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Shutterstock image

Taking risks and reaping huge rewards may be a fixture of American politics, but a bill being pushed through committee may completely outlaw the chance for Americans to do the same from their home computer or smartphone on Internet gambling websites.

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