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Erie consultant breaks the bad news: ‘The city is broke’

By   /  September 25, 2015  /  Budget and Spending, Jobs + Growth, News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

Source: The Bativan

The city of Erie is in desperate times, and the consultant hired to plan out its positive future isn’t so optimistic. In fact, he says the city is too broke to try any lofty visions.

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Erie’s 10-year ‘comprehensive plan’ consultants cost over $100,000

By   /  September 18, 2015  /  News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

Hoping to leap into the future, Erie will spend over $100,000 to pay consultants to draw up a 10-year comprehensive plan to revitalize the city and “bring it into the future.”

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‘Vicious political campaigning’ backfired on MO unions

By   /  September 15, 2015  /  Jobs + Growth, Missouri, State Government  /  No Comments

AP file photo

Former union members recount stories of the “vicious political campaigning” they were subject to at work before the right-to-work vote in Missouri.

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Onetime supporter says ethics board devolved into ‘lapdog, not a watchdog’

By   /  September 10, 2015  /  Accountability, Florida, Issues, National, Politics & Elections, Power Abuse  /  No Comments

Original supporters of an initiative to create an ethics board in Tallahassee say it’s gone way off track and they’re disillusioned, they tell Watchdog.org.

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National ethics group broke state laws to acquire signatures

By   /  September 7, 2015  /  Accountability, Issues, National, Politics & Elections  /  No Comments

A Lansing, Mich., city attorney determined Represent.us, campaigning to get money out of politics, broke the law when it put money into politics.

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Anti-corruption group’s ethics boards face ethical problems

By   /  August 31, 2015  /  Florida, Issues, News, Politics & Elections  /  No Comments

Represent.us’s quest to get money out of politics comes with all-powerful ethics committees which are already leading to doubts about their efforts.

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