Vermont senator: Anti-GMO defense fund sets ‘terrible precedent’

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GMO BILL ON THE DEFENSIVE: Sen. Richard Sears says a special fund to defend Vermont's anti-GMO bill is not a legal defense fund.

A Vermont state senator who voted for a popular GMO food labeling bill now says the legislation’s $1.5 million legal defense fund sets a “a terrible, terrible precedent.” When the Vermont Senate approved H.112 requiring food producers to warn of potential genetically modified organisms, lawmakers also approved a special fund to defend the bill against possible lawsuits from Monsanto and other food industry giants. State Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, who voted in favor the bill, is now saying the fund will have a corrupting influence on state politics.

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Soy subsidy stirs ‘Frankenfood’ debate in VA

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HELPING HAND: Gov. Terry McAuliffe talks up agricultural exports at Montague Farms in Windsor. (Photo: Cain Madden -- Tidewater News)

The state of Virginia is helping an agricultural giant sell non-genetically modified soybeans to South Korea — while reaping little value at home.

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Now law of the land, ‘Boneta Bill’ reaps praise left and right

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FREE RANGE: Martha Boneta says new legislation signed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe will be a boon to rural Virginia.

Amid silence from county officials and Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s small farmers are hailing new legislation that protects private property rights.

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Farmers win land-use fight; ‘food freedom’ next

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By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
LOCUST GROVE, Va. — Martha Boneta, a big-spirited small farmer, calls newly enacted land-use legislation a “landmark event” that will boost agricultural entrepreneurs in Virginia.
“No Virginian should be forced to lose everything when they fight city hall,” said Boneta, who is locked in a costly legal battle with Fauquier County [...]

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New farm bill is business as usual

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GOT MILK: New farm bill is making changes but the threat of the "dairy cliff" still exists.

A new farm bill avoids major disruptions for both farmers and consumers alike — for the time being.

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