Alabama considering inmate education program

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A school system may help hundreds of young people keep their education on track by offering online courses to incarcerated students aged 17-21.

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Nanny State of the Week: City cracks down on crawfish boils after mayor’s aide complains

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From spring through late summer in Mobile, Alabama, it’s crawfish season. At least it was, until the nannies came along.

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Federal squeeze on Charter sparks broadband data-cap spikes

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internet phone cable

“Of course, those heavy users would prefer not to pay for additional data, but why shouldn’t they bear more of the cost of [the] network?” he said.

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Bill encouraging government broadband expansion won’t pass in 2016

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Alabama Legislature photo

“That bill is not going to pass this legislative session. It was unable to get out of Senate committee.”

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Is Google Fiber getting ‘backdoor corporate welfare?’

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By Chris Butler / Tennessee Watchdog The people behind Google Fiber and its support groups may lobby for municipal broadband, but they ultimately want it to fail, the president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance says. TPA President David Williams says Google already gets corporate welfare costing taxpayers millions. But it wants to take things a […]

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Tax incentives for broadband expansion in Alabama dead for this year

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Marshall County Legislative Office photo

Scofield said he hopes for better traction in 2017. “At least I have the conversation started and this will give us plenty of time to get input.”

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