Four-state study shows strong support among blacks for school choice

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A recent survey by the Black Alliance for Educational Options shows that black voters support school choice by a wide margin.
This survey of 2,400 African-American voters in four states found that they support a parent’s ability to choose the school that is best for their children — and indicated they are ready to vote those beliefs in some cases.

“Black voters are […]

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Alabama Senate rejects sin tax on pornography

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In order to make up a $200 million shortfall in its budget, Alabama’s attempt to enact a sin tax on pornography failed to pass the budget.

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Nanny State of the Week: Alabama town considering banning saggy pants, mini skirts and more

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An Alabama town is considering banning low-hanging pants, mini skirts, short shorts and other articles of clothing.

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Alabama teachers union sends $1.8M to mysterious Tennessee address

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Photo by Chris Butler

If you’re interested in solving a great political mystery in Alabama and Tennessee then bring a lawn chair to the Brentwood, Tenn. post office, perch yourself in front of mailbox No. 1292 — and wait.

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The strategy behind opposition to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

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Critics of the Clean Power Plan, finalized by the Obama administration, are fighting a two-pronged battle.

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If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority

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By Katherine Green Robertson | Watchdog Opinion
As the debate over Alabama’s General Fund budget shortfall continues, four schools of thought have emerged on how to solve this problem: a) tax increases, b) gambling revenue, c) unearmarking, d) and across-the-board cuts. Each one of these proposals has been deemed the obvious, simple solution to the problem, […]

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