Oops! Huntsville says it didn’t mean to appropriate $528K to Google Fiber

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“No appropriation went to Google Fiber,” she said. “That was a mislabel.”

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Alabama approves first charter school

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The Alabama Public Charter School Commission has approved the first charter school in the state, which will be opened by the Mobile Area Education Foundation. “We just consider this to be another option for our community that we need,” said CEO Carolyn Akers. The Accel school plans to open in August 2017 with 300 students, expanding to 350 in five […]

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State senators urge officials to work with ISPs to expand Alabama broadband

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“Americans understand there also are opportunity costs to government internet — that is, investing tax dollars in public broadband could put other priorities at risk,” Scofield and Smitherman wrote.

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Broadband fiber construction under way in Huntsville

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The process of building a fiber-optic backbone around the city is about 80 percent complete, and Bear Communications of Lawrence, Kansas, began installing fiber in northwest Huntsville this week.

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You can count gigabit broadband subscribers in Alabama’s ‘Gig City’ on one finger

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Opelika city photo

“You put in this expensive service and people aren’t going to pay $500 a month for a gig,” he said. “All that glitters is not gold. Just because you create the gig service doesn’t mean people are going to use it.”

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FCC’s court loss likely to spur municipal broadband push in state legislatures

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Photo Credit Kristoffer Tripplaar/ Sipa USA

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has decided not to appeal a federal court ruling that quashed its efforts to supersede state laws, expect state legislatures to ramp up efforts to allow municipal broadband to expand.

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