Union bosses claim right-to-work kills

By   /  January 15, 2015  /  Alabama, Kentucky, Labor, Missouri, National, New Mexico, News, Ohio, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Graphic: We Are Ohio

Workers with the freedom to opt out of paying union bosses are more likely to die on the job, according to one of the nation’s largest labor unions.

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University of Alabama-Birmingham football battle may move to Legislature

By   /  January 13, 2015  /  Alabama, News  /  No Comments

Photo from Williams' Facebook page.

The University of Alabama may have not proven such a bully on the football field this year, taking it on the chin against Ohio State in the national playoff semifinal, but may yet flex its muscle in state politics.

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Navy shipbuilding plans likely to run aground, report says

By   /  January 12, 2015  /  Alabama, Mississippi, National, National Security, News, Politics, U.S. House, U.S. House of Represenatives, U.S. Senate  /  No Comments

Photo by U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy’s shipbuilding plan for 2015 shows that more money will be needed to boost the fleet’s numbers to 300 warships, according to a CBO report.

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On tap for 2015: Higher cigarette taxes in Alabama?

By   /  January 1, 2015  /  Alabama, News  /  No Comments

Shutterstock image

Alabama smokers may soon see more of their money go up in smoke as the governor and lawmakers consider coming after their tax dollars.

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They didn’t call it dark money when the other side was burning crosses

By   /  December 26, 2014  /  Alabama, National, News, Politics & Elections, Texas  /  No Comments

AP file photo

If you wanted to keep the black man down, you needed to know who was uppity, whose lawn to burn a cross on, whose church to hit with a firebomb.

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School choice goes to court: The year’s most important lawsuits

By   /  December 23, 2014  /  Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Education, Florida, Georgia, National, New Hampshire, News, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Washington, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

photo via wikimedia commons

As inevitably as night follows day, lawsuits follow the establishment or expansion of school choice programs.

This year proved no exception.

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