Arizona closer to banning state help to the NSA

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By Josh Peterson |
Arizona lawmakers are one step closer to being the first state to ban helping the National Security Agency.
The state’s Senate Government and Environment Committee passed out of committee on Monday the Arizona Fourth Amendment Protection Act, which would ban state help to the NSA and forbid evidence collected without a warrant [...]

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Double down: EPA goes after lucrative mine project in second damning report

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DRILL IT: PLP has spent the past few years studying the Bristol Bay region in preparation for permitting.

By Dustin Hurst | Northwest Watchdog

When fairness and Mother Earth come to blows, the environment wins every single time.

Or, at least it does for liberals cheering the release of a damning report of a prospective Alaskan gold and copper mine known as the Pebble Mine.

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State tax rankings show IN on the rise, MN slipping

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THE BEST AND THE WORSE: If you want low taxes, go west but avoid California. Like paying the government lots of money? The northeast is where you want to be. (Graphic: The Tax Foundation)

People looking to save a little on their tax bills in 2014 should move to Wyoming or South Dakota.

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Catching hypocrites? Alaska’s salmon run and the silent ‘dead loss’

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By M.D. Kittle |
Dead fish.
Wasted salmon, as far as the eye can see, washed up on the dark beaches of Alaska’s Naknek River, just before the 35-mile-long waterway opens up into the Kvichak Bay arm of the state’s famed Bristol Bay.
A video obtained by shows a beach littered with lifeless sockeye and the [...]

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State pension liabilities top $4 trillion

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By Eric Boehm |
A new assessment of state pension obligations suggests the problem is even worse than it already appears.
How much worse?
Using a more conservative method of accounting for financial gains in the marketplace, there is a $4.1 trillion gap between assets and liabilities — known as the “unfunded liability” — of all state-level pension systems [...]

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