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Despite impending plant closures, coal’s death could be ‘greatly exaggerated’

By   /  February 24, 2017  /  Arizona, Energy and Environment, News, Regulations  /  No Comments

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“The usual suspects crow that coal can’t come back, it can’t compete with gas,” says a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “I believe it’s too early to tell.”

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Arizona looks to expand private-school choice to all students

By   /  February 15, 2017  /  Arizona, Education Blog  /  No Comments

Arizona has taken the next step toward expanding school choice, with the full state Senate set to consider a bill that would make all students in the state eligible for private-school choice. Legislation by state Sen. Debbie Lesko would expand the existing Empowerment Scholarship program, which currently covers students with disabilities, at schools with a  D or F […]

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A legislative roundup of school choice proposals

By   /  February 14, 2017  /  Arizona, Arkansas, Education Blog, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Texas  /  No Comments

Education Week reports on the wide range of states that are considering expanding school choice in their 2017 legislative sessions, and on a couple where opponents are trying to roll back the clock. EdWeek cites Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas as prime targets of opportunity for reformers. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Nevada are trying to rollback […]

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Nanny State of the Week: California slow-pedals autonomous cars

By   /  January 30, 2017  /  Arizona, California, Michigan, Regulations, Technology  /  No Comments

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Part 113 of 116 in the series Nanny State of the Week Self-driving cars are the next frontier for the autonomous revolution, coming after cars that automatically brake and parallel park. They’re still in initial stages of testing, but over-cautious nanny regulators in California are forcing their roll-out to more forward-thinking states. State regulations are […]

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Dental therapy defeat in Arizona raises ethical questions

By   /  January 12, 2017  /  Arizona, Health Care, National, News, Regulations, State Government  /  No Comments

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The victory lap dentists took in December over the defeat of dental therapy in Arizona was swift, but may have been a bit premature.

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College football meccas are no havens for homesharing

By   /  December 23, 2016  /  Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, News, Ohio, Regulations, South Carolina, Washington  /  No Comments

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Alabama is the heavy favorite to win this year’s college football playoff, with Clemson, Ohio State and Washington looking to unseat the defending champion Crimson Tide. But fans of the challengers can take some solace in knowing the University of Alabama’s hometown of Tuscaloosa is dead last in at least one category — homesharing. Considering many […]

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