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A legislative roundup of school choice proposals

By   /  February 14, 2017  /  Arizona, Arkansas, Education Blog, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Texas  /  No Comments

Education Week reports on the wide range of states that are considering expanding school choice.

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Taken for a ride? This city’s laws protect taxi monopoly

By   /  August 26, 2016  /  Arkansas, News, Regulations  /  No Comments

Creative Commons photo

“We have allowed one company to have a monopoly in the city of Little Rock and we’ve essentially said nobody else can have a cab,” City Director Doris Wright said at a public hearing on the matter. “Nobody else can do business but that one company?”

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Lawmaker: Arkansas looking at all options for broadband expansion

By   /  August 19, 2016  /  Arkansas, News, State Government, Technology  /  No Comments

Arkansas House photo

“I think at some point there will have to be tax dollars invested in this to get it to the more hard-to-reach places and the question is how do we do that in such a way that any investment we make as a state that over time we can recoup that investment.”

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Arkansas confronts cost of connecting every resident, business with broadband

By   /  August 4, 2016  /  Arkansas, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Arkansas House photo

They’ve learned a story that’s common in the south: there aren’t enough homes and potential customers on rural roads and highways to make fiber-optic installation cost efficient, and many of those residents are increasingly reliant on wireless technology for internet.

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Northwest Arkansas co-op building $50 million broadband network

By   /  July 26, 2016  /  Arkansas, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Watchdog photo asked Williams how many of the 70,000 customers – only about 25 to 30 percent of which do not currently have access to broadband service – would have to connect to the network for it to break even. He said he wasn’t sure.

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School move could aid Arkansas community

By   /  June 23, 2016  /  Arkansas, Education, Education Blog  /  No Comments

photo via PWSD

The eStem Charter Elementary and Middle School is relocating to a run-down area in Little Rock, Arkansas, a move that could help to revitalize the area. “People will move in the area and that will make them excited about where they live it will be school close to their home in walking distance,” area resident Teresa […]

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