Watchdog Podcast: Breaking the Bank — Public workers are new American royalty

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In this week’s episode, hosts Eric Boehm and Steve Greenhut take a step back from the usual number-crunching and budget-busting to ask a sociological question: are America’s highly-paid public sector workers a new form of royalty?

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Richland’s $4.1 million police station funded by civil forfeiture

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Civil forfeiture paid for the $4.1 million Richland police station and the city’s fleet of police cars.

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PA Senate, House cooking up pension bills

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LOWERING THE CEILING: State lawmakers approved a bill to drop the state's RACP debt ceiling to $3.45 billion from $4.05 billion.

The state Senate is moving quickly this week to approve a major overhaul of Pennsylvania’s two public pension plans. The Republican-backed proposal would change benefits for future state workers and public school employees, and is set for a final vote that could come as soon as Wednesday afternoon – despite opposition from public sector unions and Democratic lawmakers.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group in the state House is working on a separate proposal that would force lawmakers to stop kicking the can when it comes to paying off an unfunded liability that has ballooned to almost $60 billion.

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State senator calls for Mississippi to end Oxford House’s federal grant

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Oxford House 2

A state senator has called for the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to terminate a federal grant to Oxford House.

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Down-ticket races in Mississippi important to taxpayers

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UNDER SCRUTINY: WinVote touch-screen voting machines, used by roughly one in five Virginia voters, could be scrapped by the state Board of Elections on Tuesday.

Two down ticket races in Mississippi — state treasurer and three seats on the Mississippi Public Service Commission — could have huge consequences for taxpayers.

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Road repair costs to skyrocket under Vermont complete streets law

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Photo by: Shutterstock

A one-mile road repair estimated at $263,910 could rise as high as $629,561 if lanes are added for cyclists and pedestrians, according to an analysis from the City of Rutland Department of Public Works.

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