Increased education spending doesn’t always equal better results

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Photo by ACT Inc.

Increased education spending in Mississippi doesn’t always lead to better results according to an examination of data by a school-choice group.

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Colorado per diem increases next year, topping all but one state

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Photo Courtesy Wikimedia

Colorado lawmakers who already take per diem on days off and one of the highest reimbursement rates in the country will get an increase next year in the daily rate.

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Taxpayers oppose city decision to forgo bond referenda

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City of Bloomington photo

Officials in Bloomington, Minnesota now have the power to issue up to $100 million in general obligation bonds without a referendum. It’s a move that flies in the face of concerns over short-circuiting the role of residents to curtail spending and maintain the city’s stellar bond rating.

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Out-of-state money floods into fight over Mississippi education funding

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

The fight over Mississippi education funding is being flooded the past two years with $2.5 million in out-of-state donations from left-leaning groups.

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Vermont Health Connect spending eerily similar to shut down exchanges

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Photo by Bruce parker

“Whether VHC can ever be made to work appears increasingly unlikely.”

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Yabba Dabba Don’t: Colorado’s dino buses show problem with federal transit grants

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High in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Roaring Fork Transit Authority is about to celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of America’s first ever “rural rapid transit bus line.”

It’s likely the first dinosaur-themed bus line in the country, too.

But few Americans will likely ever have the chance to ride this bus, even though they helped pay for it.

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