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San Antonio invites citizens to balance budget with flawed tool

By   /  April 29, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Alteza

Some $10.5 billion in debt and spending more than ever, San Antonio City Hall is asking citizens to balance the 2017 municipal budget. Local activist George Rodriguez dismissed the budget-balancing tool as “the latest example of smoke and mirrors” — with a lot of missing pieces.

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Extensions keep ‘cultural retail attraction’ program alive

By   /  April 28, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Legislature, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

All 3 unbuilt projects authorized to receive sales tax incentives under the defunct “cultural retail attraction” program have received four-year extensions.

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Pennsylvania schools get a funding formula

By   /  April 26, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Education, News, Pennsylvania, State Government  /  No Comments

school funding

$200 million in new funds will be distributed under an overhauled system.

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Mississippi Legislature hits on tax cuts, whiffs on election reform

By   /  April 25, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Governor, Legislature, Mississippi, News, Politics & Elections, Regulations, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

Photo by the state of Mississippi

The Mississippi Legislature passed a tax cut and some educational reforms, but missed on campaign finance and election reform.

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Mississippi treasurer blasts ‘reckless’ $308 million bond bill

By   /  April 20, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Economy, Legislature, Mississippi, News, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

CORNUCOPIA: Mississippi will take on $250 million in debt to fund various projects if House Bill 1729 is signed by Gov. Phil Bryant.

Mississippi treasurer Lynn Fitch is speaking out against a pork-laden bond bill passed by the Legislature in the final days of the session.

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California’s price-setting proposal draws fire from patient advocates

By   /  April 20, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, California, Health Care, Issues, News, Politics & Elections, Regulations, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments

Shutterstock image

A measure that will appear on the state’s ballot in November will ask Californians if they want to impose new regulations aimed at curbing high drug prices.

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