Proposed rules require kitchens for Mississippi child-care centers

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Photo by Mississippi Department of Health

A new regulation being considered by the Mississippi Department of Health might require Mississippi child-care centers to have full-service kitchens.

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It’s unanimous: Nevada rolls dice on Tesla ‘Gigafactory’

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The Nevada Legislature unanimously passed all four pieces of a massive $1.3 billion incentive package to bring the Tesla Gigafactory to the Silver State.

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Wheels turn slowly on Tesla deal in Nevada Legislature

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The first day of the Special Session to consider legislation for the Tesla deal for Northern Nevada contained no votes, but we finally may know all the details.

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Minnesota cafe shows customers the cost of minimum wage hike, Internet gets mad

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MID-DAY AT THE OASIS: The Oasis Cafe is about as nondescript as any other small diner in middle America - you'd drive right past it if you weren't looking for it.  But it's been at the latest epicenter in the national political fight over the minimum wage.

The higher minimum wage means higher costs for many businesses in Minnesota, hitting small restaurants and other mom and pop shops particularly hard. Many likely will increase their prices a few cents to cover those costs. Some may lay off staff or avoid hiring new workers. In either case, there are consequences of a higher minimum wage, but they remain unseen.

At the Oasis Café, owner Craig Beemer decided to make the costs visible — right at the bottom of each customer’s check.

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Navy shipbuilding crisis has far-reaching consequences

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The U.S. Navy’s shipbuilding crisis is demonstrating far-reaching effects on the nation’s economy and foreign policy goals.

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EPA-approved E-15 gas drives buyer-beware campaign

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LOOK BEFORE YOU PUMP: National retail chains and power equipment and boat motor manufacturers have launched  a PR campaign to educate consumers on E-15 gasoline.  EPA photo.

You might log a lot of miles looking for a filling station selling E-15, even three years after the EPA approved the new ethanol blend for use in 2001 and later model and flex-fuel vehicles.

If — not necessarily when — you find one, the nation’s biggest manufacturers and retailers of small engine—powered tools, snowmobiles, ATVs and boats have launched a PR campaign to make sure you to “look before you pump” and potentially make a costly mistake.

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