New EPA regulations on coal-fired power plants could cost Mississippi billions

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PHOTO BY: Mississippi Power

The cost for Mississippi to meet proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations governing carbon dioxide emissions from coal power plants could run into the billions.

Guess who’ll be footing the tab? Everyone who pays an electric bill.

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Minnesota doubles down on nation’s top biodiesel law

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WHEN YOU GOTTA GO: Some MN truckers go out of their way to refueling instate due to concerns over nation leading 10 percent biodiesel mandate.  Kottke Trucking photo.

Fill it up with diesel fuel. Just do it in Fargo, Sioux Falls, Eau Claire — or any truck stop across the Minnesota border.

That’s the road map for fueling 90 big rigs operated by Kottke Trucking, the result of plan driven by a state biodiesel B10 rule, which the Minnesota company calls “unfair, expensive and wrong.”

Minnesota became the first state to require every gallon of diesel contain at least 10 percent biodiesel — produced mostly with homegrown soybeans — as of July 1.

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Ride-sharing compromise may be near in New Mexico

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There’s a possible breakthrough in the standoff between ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft and PRC regulators. But will the commissioners approve a rules change?

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Lobbyists keep Export-Import bank alive despite economists concerns about cronyism

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TRUCK LOADS OF CORPORATE WELFARE: The Export-Import Bank uses American tax dollars to subsidize loans to foreign companies so they will buy American goods - but it's turned into a scheme to benefit politically well-connected companies.

By Eric Boehm |
For four years running, Gina Rinehart has been ranked the richest person in Australia.
This year, her estimated net worth exceeds $20 billion, though that’s down a bit from an estimated $29 billion net worth in 2012, according to Business Review Weekly, which tracks the richest people in the Land Down Under.
Hancock [...]

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Fireworks ban continues, as big biz lobbying influences VA House

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COINCIDENCE?: State Sen. Tom Garrett's bill on ethics was scheduled to be heard in the Courts of Justice Committee -- from which he was removed by the Democrats' reorganization.

As Virginians celebrate Independence Day — many of them with consumer-grade fireworks they bought from states such as South Carolina — there’s an unseen war waging over attempts to overturn Virginia’s ban on the sale and use of those pyrotechnics.

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Public pays for McAuliffe ‘photo opportunity fund’

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PAPER BOSS: Jerry Peng, with support from Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other Virginia officials, will head China's Tranlin Inc.'s new paper plant in Chesterfield County.

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. — A Chinese paper company’s decision to open a plant in Virginia reflects a larger strategy to bring more of China’s business to the United States.
The prospect of reaping $30 million-plus from Virginia taxpayers — and millions more through a federal immigration program — sweetened the pot for Shandong Tranlin Paper [...]

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