The myth of California’s underpaid public school employees

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Pennsylvania is one of only 5 states that limits school buses to 40 feet.

By Joseph Perkins | Cal Watchdog
Eduardo Benard, a custodian at San Francisco’s Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School, received $107,912.31 in pay and benefits in 2013.
He was one of 31 custodians employed by California public schools that boasted more than $100,000 in compensation last year, according to just-release figures revealed on Transparent California, a database maintained by [...]

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Groundwater war breaks out in California

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FIXING CALIFORNIA: The series looks at the problems, and the solutions.

By Wayne Lusvardi | Cal Watchdog
Future historians might mark July 20 as the date when a full scale war broke out over California’s groundwater.
On July 20 in the Los Angeles Times, George Skelton, the dean of California journalists, said it was unfair to tell him he can’t hose off his driveway or water his lawn while farmers [...]

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Lawsuit could expand state control of California groundwater

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By Wayne Lusvardi | Cal Watchdog
Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner just issued a preliminary ruling that Siskiyou County must regulate groundwater well permits along the Scott River in accordance with “Public Trust Doctrine.” This means the water now mainly used by hay farmers also will have to be divided among commercial sports fishing, kayaking, [...]

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Boosting minimum wage doesn’t mean more jobs, economists say

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NY Minimum Wage NY

Raising the minimum wages doesn’t necessarily equate to job growth, some economists say.

Interestingly, though, Los Angeles officials partly relied on a conflicting theory in basing its plan to raise the minimum wage in that city.

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California’s teacher firing reforms a mixed bag

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PA lawmakers push for economic furloughs of teachers.

By James Poulos | Cal Watchdog
In some respects, it’s now easier to fire teachers in California. In others, it’s more complicated.
That’s the verdict on AB 215, the version of several different firing reform bills that cleared the Legislature and received Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature late last month.
In the wake of the Miramonte Elementary School sex abuse scandal, [...]

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Grassroots activism to raise L.A.’s minimum wage isn’t all local

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NOT ALL LOCAL: Jose Vanderburg of Seattle's 15 Now said he would work to bring a higher wage to LA.

A grassroots campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in Los Angeles reaches beyond city borders.

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