Fisker is back, but taxpayer money is not

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Electric car company Fisker is returning to the market but there’s no indication that taxpayers will recoup the $139 million in loans that were lost.

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Architects of Richard Simmons Obamacare dance-off rehired in $156M PR campaign

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BACK AGAIN: The PR firm that brought California this multi-million dollar campaign  with a Richard Simmons dance-off has been hired for another three years

A publicity firm that produced a costly webcast for California Obamacare featuring a gyrating Richard Simmons was retained, along with another company, for three more years at a cost of $156 million.

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Nanny State of the Week: L.A. plans to jail unlicensed street vendors

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Los Angeles is planning to crack down on street vendors, as the nanny state strikes another blow against the poor.

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Education week-in-review: Suing a union and suing a state

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From Pennsylvania, where a veteran educator is suing a teachers union for violating her First Amendment rights, to California, where students are suing the state for violating their right to a quality education, it’s been an interesting week in education news.

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California students respond to union appeal in Vergara case

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Nine California students have filed a legal brief against the state claiming teacher job protections violate their right to equal and quality education.

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Microaggression: Anything you say may be used against you

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SACRAMENTO — An acquaintance of Mexican descent was cutting his own lawn in his upscale subdivision when a neighbor came up to him to see if he could work on his lawn, too. My acquaintance was at first offended, but then realized the obvious: Most gardeners in Southern California are Latin American – so it’s […]

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