Los Angeles to open first all-girls charter school

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The Girls Athletic Leadership School will open next month in Los Angeles, the first all-girls’ charter to operate in the city. “Not everyone has access to these schools,” Director Carrie Wagner said, often because they are too expensive. “To be able to bring this to this area of the Valley is really exciting.” Read more here. […]

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Will California vaccine mandate drive people from the state?

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Some parents are challenging California’s new vaccine mandate, while others plan to move. But medical experts say they have no reason to flee vaccines.

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High demand for Los Angeles magnet schools

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Launched in 1977 as part of a desegregation effort, magnet schools have become one of Los Angeles United School District’s most popular educational options. For the 2016-17 school year, magnet schools received more than 440,000 applications for only 8,700 available seats. Some are frustrated with the slow pace at which new magnet programs are approved, while […]

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Number of LA teachers in detention on the rise, as taxpayers foot ‘prohibitively expensive’ bill

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Eighteen percent of Pittsburgh teachers were chronically absent last year.

A year ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District said it was taking steps to reduce the number of teachers relegated to “rubber rooms” — a derisive term for the place where school staff members land when accused of misconduct of one kind or another and are deemed unfit to be around students. A year later, there […]

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The story behind California’s dueling referendums on plastic bags

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A referendum on California’s ballot will ask voters whether stores or the state government should get to keep the revenue from selling plastic bags.

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The education reform battle in Los Angeles

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Nearly 150,000 students in Los Angeles now attend charter schools, leading to conflict between those who seek to continue expanding options and those who want to stop the growth. This education reform battle is now approaching a boiling point as school board battles intensify, unions attempt to organize charter schools, and some are even looking […]

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