Baldwin aide breaks silence, alleges senator engaged in ‘coverup’

Surprised solar customers find themselves with liens

By   /  April 15, 2015  /  Arizona, California, Energy and Environment, National, News  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Jeff Leeds

Jeff Leeds says installing SolarCity’s panels on the roof of his home in the Northern California city of El Granada was the sorriest day of his life.

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Federal crop insurance bloats costs, plays favorites

By   /  April 14, 2015  /  California, Government Waste, National, News, Oregon, Virginia, Washington  /  No Comments

EATING THE COSTS: Federal crop insurance serves as a subsidy for some farmers, while excluding others.

Getting government out of the crop insurance business would save consumers nearly $1 billion a year.

A new study finds that the federal subsidy system is costing Americans more than they might pay in higher food prices.

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In CA, Rand Paul discusses how to fix the ‘broken’ brand of his party

By   /  April 13, 2015  /  California, Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

Photo by Alice Salles

U.S. Senator Rand Paul stops in Irvine, Calif. to talk speak with a young crowd about the challenges in California and the nation.

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Education week in review: confusing school consolidation, free union rent

By   /  April 10, 2015  /  California, Education, Education Blog, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Clip Art Panda

By Paul Brennan |
From legally questionable free office space for teachers unions in Philadelphia to a Los Angeles, where a court ruling means the city’s school district will have to provide more space for charter schools, it’s been a busy week in education news. covered it all.
Vermont: consolidation and confusion
A confused and confusing plan […]

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Watchdog Podcasts: Breaking The Bank — When pension reform isn’t really pension reform

By   /  April 10, 2015  /  California, Kansas, Maryland, News, Pensions, Podcast, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


Breaking The Bank is’s weekly look at the national public pension crisis, how it’s affecting state and city budgets and what can be done — if anything — to fix it.

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LA School District violates charter school law, high court finds

By   /  April 10, 2015  /  California, Education, News  /  No Comments

Photo: Shutterstock

Charter Schools won a victory against the Los Angeles Unified School District when the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday the district failed to give charters enough space.

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