California court blocks charter school satellite campuses

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A California appellate court has ruled that charter schools cannot expand in their home county by opening satellite campuses beyond their authorizing district, a decision charter advocates said would disrupt the classroom work of more than 150,000 students in the state.  Read more here.

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What parents should look at when visiting schools

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school choice

Deciding where to send one’s child to school is a big decision, one that should not be undertaken lightly. To make matters worse, many parents don’t know what to look for.

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LA Fire Department diversifies through magnet school

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No money: A local fire district is out millions due to a pension reform law.

The Los Angeles Fire Department offers two magnet school programs in the city to inspire and prepare future first responders, many of whom they hope will be women and minorities.

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Innovation, transparency crucial to evolving charter school application process

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Options Just ahead sign

As charter school opponents struggle to stem the tide of support for educational choice, they’re scrutinizing school application forms in search of “exclusionary” language.

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Direct primary care offers a market solution to doctor shortages

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A few weeks ago, patients of Dr. Chad Savage received an alarming email. The Brighton, Michigan, primary care physician told them that because of skyrocketing medical costs such as “expensive medications, crushing doctor bills and double digit insurance premium increases,” he would have to raise his own office rates. By…. $0. “Yup! That’s right. Nothing! Zero, […]

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New California law will make it more difficult for police to seize property

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CLOSED BOOK: After the San Fernando experiment, Gov. Jerry Brown killed library privatization as a gift to public-sector unions.

California has made it significantly more difficult for the authorities to seize property without a criminal conviction. Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed Senate Bill 443 into law, closing a widely exploited loophole that allowed California police departments to circumvent state law through participation in the federal government’s Equitable Sharing program. Even before the new law, California afforded […]

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