The next front in the divestment campaign: Financial firms, such as Morgan Stanley

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Photo from Flickr Commons

Environmental groups are looking to expand their fossil fuel divestment pressure tactics to financial giant Morgan Stanley.

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CA coalition pushing tax on wealthy won’t justify it until ballot qualification

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A coalition pushing for the extension of a tax on the wealthy in California won’t answer tough questions until after it qualifies for the ballot.

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Charter opponents blast billionaires’ plan to improve Los Angeles school system

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AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes

The United Teachers of Los Angeles immediately criticized the plan, calling it a “billionaire attack.”

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California’s drought is a man-made crisis

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This Monday, Aug. 24, 2015 photo shows the lake bed where water has dried due to the drought at Big Bear Lake, Calif.  California cities cut water use by a combined 31 percent in July, exceeding the governor's statewide mandate to conserve, officials said Thursday, Aug. 27. The strong water conservation figures show California residents are beginning to understand the dire need to cut back in a fourth year of drought, Felicia Marcus, chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

A lack of rain is the least of California’s drought problems. A Watchdog series shows that California’s drought has been made worse by a series of policies — some from the past, many ongoing — that prioritizes environmental demands above the basic provision of water resources to the public.

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Study on California’s debt reveals state’s hidden nightmare

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Photo by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley via

A new study using government financial data on California uncovers the true financial state of the state, and it’s not pretty.

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A heavy taxpayer bill for light-rail? Debate continues over cost of commuter lines

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Photo from the Denver Regional Transportation District website

Light-rail projects are springing up across the country but a recent report from the Cato Institute says, like a lot of transportation projects, they often run way over-budget.

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