What bilingual education will mean for California

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A change to dual-language instruction in California leaves many unanswered questions, including how many schools will offer bilingual instruction, the cost and where schools will find teachers.

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California criminal justice reformers target the bail system

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Criminal justice reformers in California may be preparing to follow this year’s victory at the ballot box with a legislative reform directed at addressing the state’s bail system.

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Virginia Beach the best for vaping

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Albuquerque. Phoenix. Tucson. Mesa. Virginia Beach. All terrific vacation spots. And also great for vaping. A new report by the R Street Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based free-market think tank, ranked 52 cities on their regulatory environment for vaping, with Virginia’s largest city coming out on top with a grade of A+. The three Arizona cities […]

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California debates bilingual education

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Some argue it’s time that California introduce bilingual education, while others say it would be a mistake. A ballot measure this November will let voters decide.

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California court blocks charter school satellite campuses

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A California appellate court has ruled that charter schools cannot expand in their home county by opening satellite campuses beyond their authorizing district, a decision charter advocates said would disrupt the classroom work of more than 150,000 students in the state.  Read more here.

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What parents should look at when visiting schools

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Deciding where to send one’s child to school is a big decision, one that should not be undertaken lightly. To make matters worse, many parents don’t know what to look for.

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