Legislative analyst endorses cross-district choice in California

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Forty-seven California school districts have opened their doors to students zoned for other districts in a school choice program that could expire next year. Although the District of Choice program is set to sunset in June 2017, the state Legislative Analyst’s Office has issued a report recommending that it be extended another five years. “We think […]

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Liberal billionaire, public-sector unions push for higher taxes on tobacco, E-cigarettes

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Photo: Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com

A liberal billionaire and high-profile Democratic donor is promising to spend millions to change Californians’ minds about taxes on tobacco and e-cigarettes

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Nanny State of the Week: Towns ban vacations

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Want to take a vacation in Ojai, California? You’ll have to stay in a hotel, after the City Council voted last week to ban short-term vacation rentals.

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Activists, lawyers state their cases as Supreme Court ponders union dues

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scotus protest

Activists on both sides of a contentious case pitting non-union teachers against organized labor gathered outside the Supreme Court on Monday, while inside lawyers made their arguments in a case the plaintiffs say goes to the heart of First Amendment protections of free speech. The activists on the plaintiffs’ side in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association gathered with […]

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California wants to require drivers for self-driving cars

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California says you’ll still need a driver’s license if you want to use a self-driving car.

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Are forced union dues key to ‘labor peace’ for public workers?

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Union leaders’ “labor peace” rationale for taking forced dues from teachers and other public employees is a flimsy one, a new study suggests.

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