Nevada ESAs ruled constitutional, but funding hurdle remains

Robocars are here; so are the bureaucrats

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FULL SPEED AHEAD: The federal government is preparing to release guidelines for driverless cars as more automakers and tech companies are joining the fray to develop the best autonomous vehicles.

Anyone needing more evidence the robocar revolution is here need look no further than government bureaucrats. With sights set on jobs, industry domination or providing an avenue for crony capitalists, states are already legislatively jockeying for an inside track on autonomous vehicles. And now, the feds. In fact, if the New York Times headline writers are […]

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School choice argument hits the Los Angeles Times

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A NEW CALIFORNIA: California is the most populous state and the third-largest state, geographically. One of its 58 counties is larger geographically than the nine smallest U.S. states – and larger than the four smallest ones combined.

Last week, a piece ran in the Los Angeles Times with the headline California bill to extend school-choice law faces allegations of inequity. The piece looked at the “district of choice” law, which gives about 100,000 students across the state to enroll in another school district. “The schools out there are half the size, have better technology […]

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Vergara v. California: A victory for teachers unions, a defeat for students

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“With this ruling, the powerful state teacher unions will continue to be in California’s policy driver’s seat, and will be running down the future of our children for years to come.”

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California Supreme Court upholds teacher tenure law

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Teachers Union

The court, by a 4-3 vote, will not hear a lawsuit filed by a group of students claiming tenure laws made bad teachers hard to fire. The suit also said those teachers are sent to schools in poorer areas.

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California water war puts private property rights at risk

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Slippery Rock Ranch

Santa Barbara County is one of the wealthiest areas in California, but when it comes to water, the residents are just like anyone else in the state — wondering if the day will come when nothing flows out of the tap. California is in its fifth year of an historic drought with mandated state and […]

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LAUSD head promises to expand school choice

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school choice

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Michelle King says she will expand access to LAUSD’s school choice programs. “All choices aren’t everywhere,” King said on the day LA students returned to school. “What I learned in having the opportunity to talk to families from across this district, is families want certain things in their area where […]

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