Nanny-state state of the week: CA lawmaker wants to ban certain facial scrubs

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By Eric Boehm |

Holy zits.

For the first of installment in this weekly series, it seems appropriate our attention is focused on California, a state with a well-known and well-deserved reputation for leading the way when it comes to governmental regulations, bans and general you-can’t-do-that-ism.

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Kemper Project costs rise another $177 million

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UP, UP AND AWAY: Costs continue to rise on the Kemper Project, a power plant designed to convert lignite coal into natural gas-like syngas to feed its generators. PHOTO BY: SOUTHERN COMPANY

Mississippi Power said its Kemper power plant project will cost another $177 million and that ratepayers won’t be footing the bill.

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VT lawmakers: Shumlin hiding information about single-payer plan

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BUDGET BATTLES: Gov. Peter Shumlin's fiscal year 2015 budget proposal faces intense scrutiny

By Bruce Parker | For Vermont Watchdog
MONTPELIER, Vt. – State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are accusing Gov. Peter Shumlin of hiding critical information about financing single-payer health care in Vermont.
“We have a governor who is violating the law,” state Sen. Joseph Benning, R-Caledonia, told Vermont Watchdog.
Benning, the Senate minority leader, said state [...]

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Vermont tied as one of the ‘least free’ states

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FREEDOM ISN'T FREE: Vermont tied as one of the "least free" states

By Jon Street | Vermont Watchdog
The results are in and they’re not pretty.
Vermont is one of the “least free” states, according to a report on economic freedom in North America.
“It’s sad, but not surprising. What’s worse is we’re headed in the wrong direction,” said Rob Roper, president of the Ethan Allen Institute, a Vermont-based free-market [...]

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Where will Boeing land? When pols throw money at big business, taxpayers lose

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WHEELS DOWN: Gov. Sam Brownback has returned from his week at the Paris Air Show, where he met with aviation industry business leaders in an attempt to secure more jobs for Kansas. The trip cost taxpayers an estimated $90,000.

In an attempt to lure businesses to move within their borders, states offer everything from piles of cash to tax-free land and low-interest loans to state tax credits — all in the name of economic development. In theory, the free giveaways will pay for themselves because of increased employment and other economic benefits that come from landing a major industry.

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