U.S. Sen. Udall fails on pay equity

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By Joshua Sharf | WatchdogWire.com
Despite heavy reliance on the “War on Women” theme during his tough re-election campaign, including pay equity, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., pays his full-time women staffers considerably less than the men who work for him, an analysis by Watchdog Wire shows.
This stands in stark contrast to his campaign challenger, U.S. Rep. [...]

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Colorado misspends $45 million in food stamp dollars

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Iowa cuts food stamp overpayment rate, but still hands out an extra $20 million.

By Andrew Collins | Watchdog.org
Colorado offers tons of fail in its food stamp program and, unfortunately for taxpayers, the fail is growing.
Colorado misspent $45.7 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments in 2013, according to data released by the United States Department of Agriculture.
In percentage terms, Colorado misspent, either through underpayment or overpayment, 5.59 percent of the $818 million in [...]

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7 reasons to be hopeful about America’s future

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By Dustin Hurst and Andrew Collins | Watchdog.org
Things might be tough for America right now, but c’mon, there’s always hope. Though government continues to grow and invade personal and civil liberties by the day, we’re still America, the country founded on the idea of liberty, the nation with freedom enshrined in its founding documents.
So wipe those tears, [...]

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New Mexico shoots down drones for hunting

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DEATH FROM ABOVE?: New Mexico is considering an outright ban of drones that are used to help hunters track down big game.

New Mexico’s Game Commission unanimously approved a proposal banning drones to help hunters track down big game.

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Why there’s a federal land dispute brewing out West

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WHOSE LAND IS THIS LAND? Unlike states in the East, vast swaths of acreage in the West is owned by the federal government.

A glance at a map showing the percentage of state land owned by the federal government shows a remarkable difference between the East and the West.

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LOOK: America’s coal states react to Obama’s EPA regulations

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By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org
This week, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules that will significantly cut emissions from coal power plants .
Though reliance on coal has dropped with the rise of natural gas due to fracking, the black stuff is still an important energy and revenue source for many U.S. states.
Let’s take a look at [...]

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