NREL: What secret gov’t agencies do when its employees threaten to kill reporters

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WHO IS THE VICTIM?: Crosby launched an attack on Watchdog reporters.

A secret government energy lab here went on heightened alert after one of its employees used Twitter to threaten mass murder against Watchdog reporters, according to internal memos and emails received under the Freedom of Information Act.

But the added security measures utilized by the National Renewable Energy Lab weren’t to isolate and chastise staffer Kerrilee Crosby, who used Twitter in late 2012 to advocate what she called “a murderous rampage.”

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Effort to ban red light cameras in CO not slowing down

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DENVER'S CAMERAS SLAMMED: A 2011 audit found lots of problems with Denver's red light camera program. A follow up audit last year found nothing had changed.

Red light cameras are really all about the green, says Colorado state Sen. Scott Renfroe.

Renfroe, a Republican from Weld County, says the automatic enforcement cameras used in a number of Colorado cities are about raising money more than ensuring drivers’ safety. His bill to ban the use of the devices is moving through the Colorado Legislature and could be on its way to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk before the end of the week.

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Nice work if you can get it: productivity low for CU-Boulder professors

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Higher education in America faces a slew of serious problems. Discussions in blogs and journals and at academic conventions show that professors around the country are well aware of these problems and find them deeply troubling.

One problem however is never discussed, for the good reason that it is the academic world’s most inconvenient truth. Widely known but almost never acknowledged (at least publicly), the issue of academic productivity lies at the heart of almost every major issue our colleges and universities now face. Data culled from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s official websites show how very serious this problem really is.

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Equal pay is great, until it applies to Colorado Democrats

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federal govt giving money out

For “Equal Pay Day,” Colorado Democrats in the Legislature offered up a joint resolution to support equal pay for equal work. Republicans in the Colorado Senate supported the idea, so much so, that they offered an amendment to resolve two offices held by top elected officials should offer equal pay for equal work as well: the White House and that of U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

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Colorado Supreme Court to hear school voucher case

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The sole educator named to a state school spending task force says defining what counts as classroom instruction should be the panel's first step.

The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to review a lower court’s decision upholding a local voucher program in Douglas County.

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