Colorado’s advisory fracking commission announced

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Gov. Hickenlooper names members of fracking commission. Does it mean more restrictions on fracking, yet protect the interests of the well-off and connected?

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The clock is ticking in New Mexico mouse war

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Ranchers in New Mexico are anxiously waiting for the U.S. Forest Service to decide whether fencing is not needed to protect the meadow jumping mouse.

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Problems for natural gas trucks go beyond fueling

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In addition to the fueling problem, workers for Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources and Colorado Parks and Wildlife will likely make costly fixes to their vehicles because of Compressed Natural Gas fuel tanks.

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Colorado buys natural gas vehicles for facilities with no nearby fueling stations

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Colorado has so far spent $8 million in taxpayer money on nearly 240 compressed natural gas vehicles, with dozens of them stationed in places where there is no compressed natural gas filling stations, has learned.

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Pot industry flexes political muscle and politicians accept money banks won’t

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By Arthur Kane |
It’s probably unusual for political contributors to thank a candidate for taking their money, but that’s what Mike Elliott, executive director for the Marijuana Industry Group, did at a pot-industry fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter last month.
“We really appreciate the fact we can come here and show you how much [...]

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Confidential report says discrimination, retaliation claims ‘lack merit’

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By Arthur Kane |
The former CFO for Colorado’s controversial Secretary of State Scott Gessler is claiming a hostile work environment and that she was demoted because she testified against her boss at an ethics hearing and in front of a grand jury.
But an outside investigation, obtained exclusively by, determined that Heather Lizotte is [...]

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