Survey looks into health factors at Colorado schools

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A school health survey looked at how Colorado schools attend to the physical well-being of the students they serve.

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How a failed infrastructure project dragged down five cities

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Colorado made frequent national headlines throughout the year

By Joshua Sharf Special to Eight years ago, it won an industry award for innovative problem-solving. Now, it may bankrupt the power authority it was intended to save. In 2004, the member cities of the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) – a small regional power authority encompassing seven small towns on the plains of […]

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San Antonio homes in on $250K Portland consultant

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MOVER AND SHAKER: John Fregonese has consulted on transit-oriented development along light-rail lines, a controversial concept in San Antonio.

Embarking on municipal housing initiatives, San Antonio officials are purchasing advice from an Oregon consultant promoting new waves of dense development with a random racial rant.

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Innovation, transparency crucial to evolving charter school application process

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Options Just ahead sign

As charter school opponents struggle to stem the tide of support for educational choice, they’re scrutinizing school application forms in search of “exclusionary” language.

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More Colorado schools added to academic watch list

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While six Aurora, Colorado, schools have been removed from the state’s academic watch list, seven others have been added. Nineteen Aurora schools have been flagged so far this year for low test scores, more than three times the number that were on the watch list three years ago, when Superintendent Rico Munn was hired. Munn said it is “too […]

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Colorado school’s apprenticeship program provides ‘jobs with potential’

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The election may end Tuesday but the scrutiny over Fieldworks is expected to continue.

A Colorado high school has created a program to give kids work experience before graduation through an apprenticeship program. Last October, Wiggins High School students partnered with area businesses to allow students to work part-time for both pay and school credit in conjunction with job-skill classes. “The idea is that they’re getting soft skills, they’re getting […]

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