Lawmaker: Public should know before low-performing school bosses get raises

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“My bill in no way impedes a school board from making those decisions at the local level,” she wrote. “This bill, is quite simply, a transparency bill that offers more public notification.”

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Denver paid employee on leave $212,000, and gave him a raise

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Photo Courtesy Denver youtube post

City Attorney Scott Martinez hasn’t made a decision whether to fire or take one of his attorneys off leave, costing taxpayers a lot of money for no work.

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Modern one-room schoolhouse comes to Denver

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Highlands Micro School, a modern-day one room schoolhouse, will be coming to the Denver neighborhood of The Highlands this August. There will be two classes: one teaching kindergarten to second grade, the other third to fifth grades. “If we saw something that needed to be different, that wasn’t working, then to step up and make […]

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Full-time lawmakers dominate legislature, with fewer attorneys and ranchers

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Colorado’s legislature is dominated by people who identify themselves as full-time lawmakers despite a session that last a third of a year and low pay.

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Colorado students share what they want in education

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Chalkbeat Colorado asked six high school students how lawmakers could make their schools better. Sophomore Brittany Gonzales spoke about helping school districts attract and hire great teachers. Emily Cotner, a junior, would like later start times in high schools. Senior Jessica Lopez would like to see an earlier start on college preparation. Three students made suggestions for […]

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For large school districts, Denver is first in choice

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Colorado:  Unusually high number of registered voters?

Denver is home to the best large school district in the country for school choice, says the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C., think tank. One of the things that set Denver Public Schools apart from other choice districts is the relatively small amount of politicization, Chalkbeat Colorado reports. While Denver had the top prize, it wasn’t the only […]

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