Charter funding bills move forward in Colorado Senate

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The bills face tougher opposition in the Democrat-controlled House, although the legislation has seen some bipartisan support.

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Denver school board approves innovation zone

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Colorado:  Unusually high number of registered voters?

Last week, the Denver school board voted unanimously to approve an innovation zone, giving four public schools an unusual level of autonomy. This zone, known as the Luminary Learning Network, will include Ashley Elementary School, Cole Arts & Science Academy, Denver Green School, and Creativity Challenge Community. Read more here.  

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Report: Virtual schools ‘lag significantly’

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Gulosino and Miron say in their report that policymakers should stop, or at least slow, the growth of virtual and blended schools and their enrollment sizes until educators have a better handle on why students at these types of school perform poorly.

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Teacher training program helps rural schools in Colorado

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A new teacher-evaluation system in Chicago Public Schools is at the root of bitter contract negotiations and the first public teachers strike in the city in 25 years.

A training program that gets professionals up to speed as teachers is helping rural Colorado schools to staff up, the Durango Herald reports. The Boettcher Teacher Residency Program recruits professionals, or those with at least a bachelor’s degree in their field, and gives them a year of in-classroom training. They’re then supported through the next […]

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Families on hold as Colorado private-school grant program heads back to court

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Melissa Jankowski, a single mother of two, wants to send her daughter to the same private school — Valor Christian in Douglas County, Colorado — that her son attends. Alex, a freshman at Valor Christian, was able to attend because he won a scholarship. Now, Jankowski hopes her daughter Tori, about to enter  high school, can […]

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Denver looks to grow teacher mentoring program

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NOT LIKE THE OTHER: While Kansas teachers union officials point to a recent North Carolina judical ruling while railing against local changes to due process laws, they neglect to mention the differences between the two laws.

“Expanding the Teacher Leadership and Collaboration model across Denver Public Schools is going to provide equitable access for our teachers just as we strive to provide equitable access for resources and opportunities for our students.”

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