Sex and the single delegate: Time to go, Joe

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ETHICS, ANYONE?: A newly unsealed indictment puts more pressure on the General Assembly to oust sex offender Delegate Joe Morrissey.

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. – From Gov. Terry McAuliffe on down, elected officials like to talk a good game about ethics. So what is to be done about Delegate Joe Morrissey?
The scandal-scarred Democrat-turned-independent who knocked up his teenage receptionist is back at the General Assembly after briefly resigning his House seat. […]

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Democracy lost on Lobby Day

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AP photo

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. – They were like deer in the headlights. Or perhaps a pack of wolves prowling for a good meal.
Virginia lawmakers poured out of their morning session Monday and came face to face with activists and special-interest groups staked out on the Capitol grounds.
But there wasn’t a lot […]

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But isn’t $1.77 gas a good thing?

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An unsettling thought occurred to me the other night while I pumped $1.77-a-gallon gas into my beater 2006 Toyota Camry.

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Texas welfare agency lets crack pipe vendor take food stamps

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Crack pipes and 'water dogs' are among the utensils you could pick up at this Dallas market, which accepts the Lone Star card.

By Jon Cassidy |
DALLAS – Anybody want to buy a crack pipe with food stamps?
I know a place in South Dallas we could try. It’s a little market off Bonnie View Road with a case full of glass pipes for various vices up front, and it’s been authorized by the state to accept payment […]

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Government-owned Internet not as necessary as Obama claims

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Photo: The White House

President Barack Obama traveled to Cedar Falls, Iowa, this week to brag about that city’s government-owned networks for cable and Internet, but had he known more about that network’s problems, he might have kept quiet.

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Now that fuel prices are low, gasbag politicians want tax hike

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Photo courtesy of Flickr

No sooner do gas prices in Middle Tennessee fall to $1.96 a gallon than local, state and federal politicians and bureaucrats start foaming at the mouth for a higher fuel tax.

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