AFL-CIO misses the point on #raisethewage story

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The Wisconsin chapter of the AFL-CIO, which is pushing for a national $15 an hour minimum wage, got it all wrong tweeting out a Wall Street Journal story under the hashtag #RaisetheWage.

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If you don’t watch what you eat, government will

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By now, I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the arrogance of our federal government, but just when I think they can’t get any worse, they do.

The latest is the new Food and Drug Administration rule, required by Obamacare, which dictates that the calorie counts for all food in a vending machine must be posted on the machine where we can see it before we buy anything.

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Holy Week: Hate in the heartland

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By Jason Stverak
As Christians observed Palm Sunday, marking the beginning of Holy Week and Jews finished removing the chametz (leavened foods) from their homes in preparation for Passover, hate was rearing its ugly head in Americas heartland.
Frazier Glenn Cross, who also uses the last name of Miller, a former grand dragon of the Carolina Knights of [...]

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Texas judge tries to order the entire world not to discuss case

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So Google is the one who's in charge of deleting stuff from the internet, right?

By Jon Cassidy |
A district court judge in Galveston County is issuing orders to the entire Internet, trying to gag the world from writing anything about a case that didn’t matter much to anyone in the first place.
The facts of the case aren’t that important. A lawyer named Calvin C. Jackson was accused of [...]

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Haymarket history is a lie that keeps on giving

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REMEMBERING: The Haymarket Riot memorial doesn't tell the entire story.

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD – Growing up during the Cold War, May Day always was a bit ominous.
On the evening news, we’d watch tanks, missiles and soldiers march by the reviewing stands in Moscow, Beijing and Havana where stone-faced Communist leaders would look on as their minions toiled.
Even today, May Day is the most important day [...]

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