Police unions use ugly tactics to shut down pension reform

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Photo courtesy of the City of Costa Mesa

By Steven Greenhut
SACRAMENTO — California’s pension reformers have always had a tough road as they battle politically powerful and well-funded public-employee unions, but a case in Orange County shows just how dirty these battles can get. That’s especially true when one tussles with police unions.
In 2012, the city of Costa Mesa had become Wisconsin west […]

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Conservative group: California trying to grab donor lists

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TARGET: The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is saying the state of California is improperly demanding information about its donors — and is threatening unusually harsh penalties if the group doesn’t comply. Another conservative group has filed a separate lawsuit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris, which is now in the 9th Circuit.

By Steven Greenhut
California Attorney General Kamala Harris obviously hasn’t learned a lesson from the Obama administration’s embarrassing IRS scandal.
The IRS targeted conservative groups and even demanded information about some of these groups’ smallest donors, according to the Washington Post and other media reports.
Now turn to California. A Virginia-based conservative group filed a federal First Amendment […]

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Torture and Jonathan Gruber: Telling lies because the ends can justify the means

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Image via Wiki Commons

For those who enjoy the absurdist theatrics of big government, Tuesday was a big day.

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Loss of entry-level jobs a tragedy for American workforce

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Photo by Steve Wilson

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog
A whole generation isn’t learning the value of a dollar.
Entry-level jobs represent opportunities for young workers to learn basic skills as they climb the employment ladder, and it’s an opportunity that fewer are getting.
Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the youth employment rate — workers ages 16-24 — is in a state of […]

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Giving vs. giving back: A distortion of the charitable act

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giving tuesday logo

Ads for Giving Tuesday encourage donors not just to “give” but to “give back.” However, the addition of the word “back” completely distorts the meaning and purpose of charity.

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Consulting contracts in Mississippi should be open for bidding

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Photo by the state of Mississippi

Consulting contracts in Mississippi should be part of a bidding process.

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