Commentary: Tammy Baldwin special guest at liberal ‘dark money’ summit

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AP file photo

Baldwin was honored Wednesday at the “GiveGreen” reception honoring “climate champions” during the left’s “dark money” fest.

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Election voided over free glowsticks at Texas A&M

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Facebook campaign page for McIntosh

Some bureaucrats-in-training at Texas A&M have revoked the results of the election for student body president over some orange, pink, yellow and purple glowsticks.

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Sunshine Week: Lots of money, little transparency in Texas bond campaigns

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Photo by Kenric Ward

Straight answers and financial transparency are in short supply whenever Texans are asked to approve bond referendums. As the nation marks “Sunshine Week” to promote open government, San Antonio’s rear-engineered debt package is the city’s latest, biggest example of government operating in the dark.

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Commentary: Jarchow: ‘I screwed up’ on state auditors and ‘I’m sorry’

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Photo by Twitter

“I will not repeat my past mistake. I will not vote for any budget that authorizes even a single new auditor.”

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Commentary: How to steal from a school district and not get caught

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The Texas Supreme Court says a school board has the authority to sideline its own dissenters.

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Commentary: Doubling down on debt, San Antonio bond will make poor city poorer

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Photo by Kenric Ward

With per capita income lower than virtually every other big city in Texas, San Antonio comes up with a record debt offering.

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