Healy: ‘How dare they give me a deal on a Butterball’

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“(L)ow prices are actually illegal here in Wisconsin thanks to our antiquated minimum markup law.

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Ohioans can be grateful for public records law

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Hey Ohio – your state government just got a D+ grade in openness and transparency. Too bad that failing grade doesn’t reflect just how good Ohio’s public records law Ohio really is and why the state can be grateful for its provisions.

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Legislative attempts to fix ‘Black Friday’ are misguided

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Let’s face it. The problem was never really the retailers. The problem is us. We the people. Retailers can advertise all the wild deals they want, but there are no shopping riots without a lot of people choosing to show up and lose their minds over half-priced toaster ovens or something.

Those shoppers could choose to stay home. They could choose to do their shopping on another day, or in another venue. Heck, they could choose not to let a dispute over cheap consumer electronics come to blows.

They don’t. Which is why efforts to solve the “Black Friday” problem with legislation are misguided.

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Watchdog Podcast: Dark days for Obamacare

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Enrollment is down, premiums are up. One major insurer might be pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges and state-run health insurance co-ops are imploding.

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Why California environmentalists hate water

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California’s unwillingness to build water projects began with a change in philosophy, soon after Reagan left the governor’s mansion, in 1975. It began with Jerry Brown.

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Utilities commissioner: Clean Power Plan could hammer North Dakota’s economy

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North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann says the Clean Power Plan will hit his state hard, costing each citizen as much as $50 per month.

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