Watchdog Podcast: Using RICO laws against climate change skeptics a terrible idea

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Some climate scientists have earned headlines for their suggestion that the federal government should use RICO laws to go after climate change skeptics. That’s a bad idea.

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Will the voices of the John Doe victims be heard?

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GAB office

“People’s homes were raided in the dark over speech.”

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Campus police departments are redundant and problematic

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Now that the North Dakota Supreme Court has limited the jurisdiction of campus police departments the legislature should eliminate them.

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Watchdog Podcast: Scott Walker is out of the race, the Pope is wrong on climate change

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Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race and Pope Francis dropped by Washington, D.C., to lecture Congress about immigration and climate change.

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Ricketts administration won’t release State Patrol overtime details

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TESTED: Gov. Pete Ricketts says he is looking into drug testing of welfare applicants, but has no plans to pursue the idea right now.

Gov. Pete Ricketts touts transparency, but his administration has refused to release details about the State Patrol’s over-budget overtime costs.

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Before attacking others, teachers union should first look in the mirror

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AP file photo

For a crash course on hypocrisy, look no further than the American Federation of Teachers.

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