Perry’s not guilty of coercion, but I sure am

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Gov. Rick Perry could restore some credibility with conservatives by vetoing some spending measures.

Gov. Rick Perry is clearly not guilty of the charges in his indictment. I sure am, though. Anybody want to indict me?

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Stealing from taxpayers is easy, if you simply apply yourself

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By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
(NOTE: This commentary is a parody and is meant to be construed as such.)
NASHVILLE — So you’re a government employee.
You have access to government money.
You take some of it for yourself — times are hard.
Judgmental self-righteous geezers call it stealing money, but people who are hip to the times realize this cash came [...]

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Light rail a bad choice for Florida county

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A GOOD BET?: With all things taken into consideration, light rail isn't really the way to go.

By Randal O’Toole
Building a light-rail line at the heart of Florida’s Pinellas County, as the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority proposes to do, is like building an ordinary home but making the walls, ceiling and floors of the hallway out of solid gold. The golden hallway would more than double the cost of the home but [...]

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Bringing back SNAP requirements not too much to ask

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ERROR RATE: Even if Florida has the second lowest error rate in the nation for food stamps accuracy, it means the DCF misused $47 millions from the taxpayers dollars.

Editorial: A proposal by the Human Services Department wants to bring back work requirements for those receiving food stamps is not too much to ask.

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Federal government wages regulatory war on the automobile

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When I was a kid, I always loved cars.

My grandfather, who was a World War II veteran, was a Chevrolet man with no tolerance for anything else, especially not foreign. When my parents purchased an anemic, clattering Volkswagen Jetta diesel back in the early 1980s, he got a kick out of me calling it “The German Hunk of Junk.”

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Is it time for California pension reformers to close shop?

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The pension numbers are clear. Despite some good recent returns, California’s pension systems are in a deep hole, the result of a decade of expanding pension promises and underfunding the payment of them.

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