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Where was Russ Feingold’s defense of civil liberties in abusive John Doe probe?

By   /  September 5, 2016  /  Accountability, Commentary, First Amendment, Free Speech, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Feingold thumbs up

Feingold is not only silent on one of Wisconsin’s most infamous acts of government overreach, he is celebrating the recent endorsement of the district attorney who launched the abusive John Doe probe.

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University of Houston #AllLivesMatter crackdown tramples Constitution

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Plutarch says that Sulla died from an infestation of worms, implying divine retribution. UH student body president Shane A. Smith may yet escape that fate.

Last month, as Dallas police officers were being gunned down by an assassin, student body vice president Rohini Sethi posted a message to Facebook: “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.”

This set campus blacktivists atwitter, and the student senate responded by passing a bill 13-2 to grant student body president Shane Smith “temporary power” to punish Sethi.

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Dem convention a window into the Democratic Party’s attempt to silence critics

By   /  August 8, 2016  /  Commentary, First Amendment, Free Speech, National, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP file photo

That’s precisely what I expected from a party whose platform includes rewriting the First Amendment

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Walker: Tuition freeze key to college affordability

By   /  August 5, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Commentary, Governor, State Budgets, State Government, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by Twitter

“My goal is to continue to freeze college tuition.”

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U.S. is in the coal business for the foreseeable future; deal with it

By   /  August 1, 2016  /  Commentary, Economy, Energy and Environment, Federal Government, Jobs + Growth, Regulations  /  No Comments

Photo from Flickr Commons

Writing in USA Today, Lindsey Allen, executive director of the Rainforest Action Network, made this plea: “Get us out of the coal business, Mr. Obama.” Leaving aside the startling lack of adherence to democratic principles inherent in having a single person decide what businesses should get to operate in the United States, Allen’s plaintive appeal […]

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Fear and loathing in Philly on Day 3 of the Democratic Party pageant

By   /  July 28, 2016  /  Commentary, National, Pennsylvania, Politics & Elections, Virginia, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Hillary and Obama convention

It was the biggest show so far in a convention that has been a celebration of big government and identification politics.

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