Texas AG Greg Abbott embraces Roe v. Wade

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Attorney General Greg Abbott has done more to uphold Roe v. Wade than Wendy Davis, the abortion enthusiast running against him for governor.

Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for governor, presents himself as a pro-life strict constructionist.

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You can offer free reduced lunch to all in TN, but you can’t guarantee results

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waste not

This challenge goes out to all the government bureaucrats who have decreed taxpayers must pay for all free and reduced lunches and breakfasts for some of Tennessee’s public school students — rich and poor alike.

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McAuliffe refuses to talk now, but in 2007 said, ‘Shut the borders down’

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AP photo

I knew it was going to be a long day waiting outside Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s office. So, making sure I had plenty of protein bars and water, I arrived at the lobby on the floor of the governor’s office in the Patrick Henry Building at 7:55 a.m. on Monday, intent on waiting until I had some response from the governor’s press team on the governor’s plans for unaccompanied, undocumented minors in Virginia.

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The US needs a real plan to fix immigration crisis

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PHOTO BY: U.S. Coast Guard

Back in 1994, the United States dealt with a different immigration crisis. Instability in Haiti led to thousands riding on everything that would float to head north.

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Whose right is it to cover state government?

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Readers of the Capital Times in Madison, Wis., had to be wondering why it swallowed up a canyon of space today explaining how tough it was for a couple of lefty groups to get Capitol press credentials.

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Idaho sign language: We don’t need more barriers to the marketplace

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Nelson mandela billboard

A least a few times each year, I get to write about some proposal to limit the ability of Idahoans to earn a living in our state. This is one such occasion. And it is especially fun this time, because there is a standard two-word retort for my complaint that this idea goes too far: Nelson Mandela. Yes, that Nelson Mandela

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