Celebrate Constitution Day with an eye to the future

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By Jason Stverak
In the autumn of 1798, a young United States was celebrating the close of our first decade living under the Constitution.
Yet that same autumn, Benjamin Franklin Bache, the 29-year-old grandson of the celebrated framer, died in prison from a yellow fever epidemic. Like his famous grandfather, he was a journalist and printer. He [...]

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Voter ID wins big in Wisconsin

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Voter ID opponents have suffered another stunning blow.

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We’re still getting beat by Indiana

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Prosperity may not be around the corner, but it certainly is right next door – in Indiana.

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In Nashville, taxpayers pay for ‘art’ few people want to look at

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Photo courtesy Nashville Metro Arts Commission

Let’s try making sense of this, shall we? Nashville officials offer subsidized housing to local artists on the pretense it’s the only way to keep artisans in the city.

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New crime invented for Hall: assisted guesswork

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Rusty Hardin is guilty of the same thing he accuses Wallace Hall of doing.

The Rusty Hardin report on University of Texas regent Wallace Hall is 187 pages of relentless mendacity. It’s so dishonest, I wouldn’t even trust its commas. I had the displeasure of wading back into this half-million dollar pile of half-truths this week after the Travis County District Attorney’s office announced a grand jury would be presented the Hall affair, or some tendentious version of it resembling the one Hardin put together for a legislative committee that tried and failed to impeach Hall.

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Tesla passes on New Mexico, but golden parachutes abound

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AP photo

New Mexico lost a bidding war for a $5 billion Tesla Motors factory. But NM remains a dubious winner when it comes to “golden parachutes” for ousted state executives.

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