A Memorial Day tradition

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FLAGS: American flags line the street in Toledo, Ohio

On Memorial Day 2002, we drove up to our home to find someone had placed an American flag in our yard. But it wasn’t just our yard. Flags lined the street.

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More out-of-state forces helping left-of-center groups in Tennessee

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The same Washington, D.C., law firm that has campaigned in Tennessee in favor of Medicaid expansion has a history representing the like-minded MoveOn.org.

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Chancellor Bill McRaven’s UT cover-up has no defenders

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AP file photo

When Bill McRaven ran the Joint Special Operations Command, JSOC’s stated goal was simple: “know everything.”

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Permissionless Innovation: Do you need government approval to invent?

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PERMISSIONLESS: Recent technological advances are the result of innovators creating things without prior approval from government. That approach should govern how we look at emerging technological advances, the book "Permissionless Innovation" argues.

Should innovators need a permission slip from government before they create something? In his recent book, Adam Thierer makes the argument for “permissionless innovation” instead.

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Silver lining in Heimdal derailment is progress on ‘bomb trains’ problem

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Photo via KHND AM1470 Harvey

But let’s cut through the miasma of anti-oil politics that surrounds these incidents. We learned a couple of very positive things that fly in the face of the narrative pushed by activists and partisan opportunists like Guggisberg.

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Wisconsin as a New Yorker cartoon of itself

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Part 200 of 204 in the series Wisconsin’s Secret War

By Will Swaim | Watchdog.org
I’m a huge fan of the New Yorker magazine – all the way back to Edmund Wilson’s lit-crit and A.J. Liebling’s coverage of World War II. And I enjoyed Lincoln Caplan’s recent New Yorker piece on changes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court – enjoyed […]

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