Regs gone wild: Sheep-shearing program gets a raise

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Photo courtesy of AP/Claire Arron

Considered by many a prime example of wasteful government spending with no end it sight, a sheep improvement group’s ability to pay itself, called an “administrative cap,” has tripled — thanks to a several-word provision in last week’s 1,587 pages of federal regulations.

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Dallas should back off its plastic bag ban

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By Erik Telford | Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
When local governments implement new policies, there are several important issues they must consider. Before discussing the immediate cost, or the larger impact on the economy, there is one fundamental question: Is it even legal in the first place?
In Dallas, and eight other Texas cities that [...]

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Celebrate Constitution Day with an eye to the future

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By Jason Stverak
In the autumn of 1798, a young United States was celebrating the close of our first decade living under the Constitution.
Yet that same autumn, Benjamin Franklin Bache, the 29-year-old grandson of the celebrated framer, died in prison from a yellow fever epidemic. Like his famous grandfather, he was a journalist and printer. He [...]

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Voter ID wins big in Wisconsin

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Voter ID opponents have suffered another stunning blow.

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We’re still getting beat by Indiana

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Prosperity may not be around the corner, but it certainly is right next door – in Indiana.

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In Nashville, taxpayers pay for ‘art’ few people want to look at

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Photo courtesy Nashville Metro Arts Commission

Let’s try making sense of this, shall we? Nashville officials offer subsidized housing to local artists on the pretense it’s the only way to keep artisans in the city.

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