Fracking: The antidote to a lagging economy and a foreign oil addiction

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America is shaping up to become one of the largest oil producers in the world.

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Smoke more, government needs the cash

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By Steven Greenhut | Special to
SACRAMENTO – One of the easiest mistakes for officials to make is to assume that people will continue to behave in the exact same way – regardless of any new tax rate or regulation that the government imposes. This “static” form of analysis leads to many unforeseen consequences and [...]

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Who is John Galt and what’s he doing in Venezuela?

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In the 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, threatened by anti-business regulations and the collapse of their companies, scores of prosperous business owners abandoned their fortunes and went into hiding.

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Davis wheelchair ad goes way over the line

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My opponent wishes to rape women, but he cannot, because he is crippled.

That’s the gist of Wendy Davis’s argument for why she should be elected governor of Texas over her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott.

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President George Clooney? Don’t bet on it

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Who’s your next presidential pick? Chris Christie or Rand Paul? Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?

If your inclination skews more toward George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, some sportsbooks will happily take your bets.

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Democracies, republics and Right to Work

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greg loving union pres

“Right to work goes against democracy” the headline screamed. The editorial starts with a statement that “Right to Work solidly opposes the democratic principles on which the United States is based.” Except the United States is not a democracy – it’s a republic.

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