Two voices, two paths as Madison awaits decision in Tony Robinson affair

By   /  April 16, 2015  /  Commentary, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP file photo

By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Watchdog

MADISON, Wis. – In liberal Madison’s philosophical battle between the idea that the rule of law is a value worth keeping and the notion that all cops are bad come two interesting voices.

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State and feds spend millions to save handful of trout

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AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli

The steelhead trout my wife and I cooked for dinner earlier this week seemed pricey. The small package cost $8.99, but it really was quite a deal when one considers what the Obama administration and California state officials are paying to save a handful – maybe a dozen or so – of the same fish on the Stanislaus River.

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Tom Steyer clarification

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Tom Steyer

CLARIFICATION: Wealthy environmental activist Tom Steyer has taken issue with Watchdog’s March 16, 2015 opinion piece “Oregon’s Kitzhaber scandal goes much deeper than his fiancée.” The column was intended to criticize the environmental policies that Mr. Steyer has supported.  It was not intended to – and did not – suggest that Mr. Steyer has acted illegally.

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More taxpayer money goes to another ‘green’ Obama backer

By   /  April 1, 2015  /  Commentary, Iowa, Michigan, National  /  No Comments

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By Jillian Kay Melchior |
The Department of Energy last week announced a conditional loan of $259 million to Alcoa Inc., supporting the manufacture of lightweight-aluminum auto bodies.
The resurrection of the DOE’s controversial fuel-efficient-vehicle loan program is a bad idea in light of the agency’s awful track record on taxpayer-backed green investments. All told, the […]

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Modern Luddites want to keep North Dakota corporate farming ban intact

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I’m certain you’re familiar with the term “Luddite,” but do you know where it comes from?

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New Obama administration fracking regs especially hurt Native Americans

By   /  March 30, 2015  /  Commentary, Energy and Environment, National, North Dakota, Regulations  /  No Comments

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Last summer, as President Barack Obama visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, he called the economic and educational hardships faced by Native Americans “a moral call to action.” The president has claimed he will write a “new chapter” by keeping promises to Native Americans, but sadly, his administration’s recent regulations deny Native Americans economic opportunities they sorely need.

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