Want to steal from Tennessee taxpayers? Here’s how

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Sick of people calling you nothing more than a two-bit scam artist?

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Patronage — still going strong in Illinois

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AP file photo

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD — Several boxes of old index cards turned up the other day that demonstrated politics in the ’80s and ’90s played a role in people getting hired by Metra, the outfit that operates commuter trains in the Chicago area.
One of the Chicago newspapers ran banner headlines about these artifacts dating to the era [...]

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Napoleon Dynamite upgrades from nunchuks to military tank as police state creeps forward

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SWEET: Napoleon and Pedro roll in a military grade vehicle donated to the Preston Police Department.

Nearly a decade ago, a bespectacled loner with sweet bo-staff skills offered a dire indictment of his small Idaho high school.

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Walt Disney got better deal than a Florida tax credit

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DEALERS: Walt Disney World got a great deal from Florida. It's a city.

By Chuck Elderd
In reference to Florida Watchdog’s recent story by Will Patrick about Florida’s film subsidies, I take issue with a quote from Sam Staley, director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University.
“The state of Florida is already a good place to build a business. Walt Disney World didn’t come here because they [...]

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Mississippi needs tax reform to stay competitive

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PHOTO BY: State of Mississippi

If economic competitiveness among the states is a race, Mississippi is dropping back in the pack and in danger of falling off the lead lap.

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