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Nanny State of the Week: A mandate for all seasons

By   /  December 26, 2016  /  Delaware, Nanny State of the Week, New Jersey, News, Regulations, Texas  /  No Comments

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When Carole King wrote “winter, spring summer or fall, all you’ve got to do is call,” this can’t be what she had in mind. But the plethora of examples of the overweening regulatory state makes clear that no matter the season, bureaucrats and neighborhood nannies who want to run your life are always on the […]

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Nanny State of the Week: Get out of the pool!

By   /  July 18, 2016  /  Accountability, Delaware, Issues, Nanny State of the Week, News, Power Abuse, Regulations  /  No Comments

Part 88 of 121 in the series Nanny State of the Week Vacationers to the picturesque resort town of Rehoboth, Delaware, very nearly got a rude surprise from the town government this year, as officials considered banning pools, of all things. For a town that literally survives by making vacationing tourists happy – Rehoboth has […]

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No medical licensing reform in Virginia this year

By   /  March 25, 2016  /  Delaware, Health Care, Issues, News, Regulations, State Government, Virginia  /  No Comments

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Despite mounting evidence that Virginia’s COPN licensing system increases costs, lawmakers decided to shelve reforms to state’s health care economy.

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Decades later, states still dealing with anti-competitive federal health regs

By   /  December 31, 2015  /  Accountability, Delaware, Federal Government, Issues, Louisiana, National, New York, News, Regulations, State Government, Virginia  /  No Comments

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Blame the federal government for state-level regulations that drive up the cost of health care and restrict access to hospitals.

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School board is divided over magnet school changes in Delaware

By   /  December 3, 2015  /  Delaware, Education, Education Blog  /  No Comments

Magnet school changes have been a topic of debate in Delaware, and a divided New Hanover County Board of Education has approved new guidelines that will expand some programs to K-8 and phase out others at certain schools. Star News Online has the story.

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