Erie eatery an example of innovative business launch campaign – without government

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Screenshot from Kickstarter video

Downtown Erie now hosts a restaurant with an innovative birth. Like My Thai began as a pop-up restaurant, but thanks to local professor’s ingenious program, the husband-wife team now has a restaurant of their own that has done so well that, one weekend, they had to turn some folks away.

Quickstarter is an innovative program for new-business development in the Erie region that assists “pre-entrepreneurs” design tailored fundraising projects, giving them a fuller toolkit to launch themselves into the fundraising arena – and into the marketplace at large.

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State senator calls for Mississippi to end Oxford House’s federal grant

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Oxford House 2

A state senator has called for the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to terminate a federal grant to Oxford House.

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You can’t go green without some (taxpayer) green

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Photo by the city of Bay St. Louis

Green energy projects in Mississippi might be left high and dry without a proposed net metering rule and generous federal subsidies.

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Report: Will Colorado stay a ‘Rich State’?

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Colorado’s economic outlook ranking in this year’s ‘Rich States, Poor States’ report should draw alarm in terms of long-term growth.

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Republicans blast ‘most-traveled’ McAuliffe

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CASH AND CLINTON: Terry McAuliffe says Virginia's economy is his top priority. Republicans say Job One for the governor is getting Hillary Clinton elected president.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe told a national audience Sunday that Virginia’s economy is “roaring,” thanks to him. But economists aren’t so bullish, and McAuliffe’s critics say presidential politics is Job One for the Democrat.

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Vermont 2nd worst economic outlook in nation, according to report

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Photo by Bruce Parker

Only New York is worse than Vermont when it comes to tax and regulatory policies that foster economic growth, according to a new report on economic competitiveness between states.

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