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Robocars are here; so are the bureaucrats

By   /  September 23, 2016  /  California, Economy, Legislature, Michigan, National, News, Regulations, State Government, Technology  /  No Comments

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Anyone needing more evidence the robocar revolution is here need look no further than government bureaucrats. With sights set on jobs, industry domination or providing an avenue for crony capitalists, states are already legislatively jockeying for an inside track on autonomous vehicles. And now, the feds. In fact, if the New York Times headline writers are […]

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PSC commissioners answer questions from constituents on Kemper Project

By   /  September 21, 2016  /  Economy, Energy and Environment, Mississippi, News, Regulations, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo by Steve Wilson

The three Mississippi PSC commissioners held an “open mic” night in Meridian Tuesday to answer utility questions, mainly about the Kemper Project.

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Union survey: Michigan teachers demoralized

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Teachers Union

The two largest teachers unions in Michigan have conducted a poll that shows teachers are demoralized all around the state. “Nothing surprised us, but I wish I had been surprised,” American Federation of Teachers Michigan president David Hecker said during a conference call with reporters. “This just shows how pervasive the issues are, or how longstanding because […]

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Mississippi’s unfunded debt would cost each citizen $11,800

By   /  September 20, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Economy, Legislature, Mississippi, News, Pensions, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

DEEP IN DEBT: According to the reform group Truth in Accounting, each Mississippi taxpayer owes $11,800 to cover the state's $8.4 billion in debt. Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

According to a new report by Truth in Accounting, each citizen would owe $11,800 apiece to pay off Mississippi’s debts, which amount to $8.4 billion.

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Indiana ‘cease fire’ could provide a model for Mississippi regulators

By   /  September 14, 2016  /  Crony Capitalism, Economy, Energy and Environment, Indiana, Legislature, Mississippi, News, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo by Duke Energy

A deal reached between Duke Energy and several stakeholders over the Edwardsport clean coal power plant could provide a model for Mississippi.

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Economist: Continental Tire plant deal won’t break even until 2024

By   /  September 9, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, Crony Capitalism, Economy, Governor, Jobs + Growth, Mississippi, News, State Budgets, State Government, Transportation  /  No Comments

Photo by the Mississippi Development Authority

A tire plant deal that will cost Mississippi taxpayers $263 million won’t break even until 2024, according to a 2015 analysis by the state’s economist.

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