Decision on EPA case could help Mississippi in the long-term

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PHOTO BY: Mississippi Power

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling in an EPA case could have future ramifications for Mississippians with new EPA regulations looming on the horizon.

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Welfare program for laid-off workers doesn’t work; renewed anyway

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AP file photo

A billion-dollar welfare program to help laid-off workers displaced by foreign competition has been saved from extinction, even though it’s been judged ineffective and wasteful according to the federal government’s own commissioned studies.

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Green energy projects in Mississippi fail to meet job-creation goals

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PHOTO By Stion

Two green energy projects in Mississippi have failed to generate the jobs that were expected when they were announced.

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Where home-sharing loses, rent control and special interests prevail

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As home-sharing becomes a more competitive choice for consumers, a trend is emerging in major cities that implement rent control.

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Walmart enters fight over Mississippi Power rate hikes

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Photo by the Southern Company

Wal-Mart was accepted by the Mississippi Public Service Commission as an intervenor in the fight over Mississippi Power rate increases.

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In Uber case, California commission crushes contractors; could harm sharing economy

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Photo courtesy of Uber.

The ruling, filed in state court by the California Labor Commission, says that drivers who work with the Uber smartphone app are employees, not contractors. It’s a small difference, but an important one: if all drivers using Uber are technically employees, the company would be required to comply with a slew of regulations that do not apply to contractors.

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