Mississippi might have built nuclear plant with proven technology

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PHOTO BY: Southern Company

Turns out, Mississippi might have built a nuclear power plant.

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Vermont forced to make surprise budget cuts after revenue downgrade

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REVENUES GOING DOWN: Gov. Peter Shumlin announced his administration would recommend 4 percent cuts in spending after economists downgraded the state's revenue forecast for fiscal 2015.

Gov. Peter Shumlin and Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding on Thursday said they have begun recommending emergency cuts to Vermont’s 2015 budget after sagging fiscal year 2014 revenue forced a downgrade in the state’s financial outlook.

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One-vendor broadband contract represents sweetheart deal

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Eagle-NET is providing unfair competition to smaller companies, critics say

Sweetheart deals don’t get any better than this.

A 10-year contract with no competition gets a two-year extension, even before the contract expires.

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New EPA regulations on coal-fired power plants could cost Mississippi billions

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PHOTO BY: Mississippi Power

The cost for Mississippi to meet proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations governing carbon dioxide emissions from coal power plants could run into the billions.

Guess who’ll be footing the tab? Everyone who pays an electric bill.

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Gary Johnson: ‘Abolish the IRS’

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AP file photo

BUH-BYE TO THE IRS: Gary Johnson wants to eliminate the IRS and replace income and corporate taxes with a single consumption tax.

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Six bucks a gallon? Where gas prices might be without the U.S. energy boom

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AP file photo

One expert says American drivers would be paying up to $6 a gallon in gas prices if not for the energy boom in the U.S.

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