For Sheffield Wind, how you measure could be as important as what you measure

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The Public Service Board is about to set rules for monitoring sound levels that could be precedent-setting for other projects.

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Governors, state AGs ask EPA head Pruitt to scale back federal overreach

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Courtesy Oklahoma AG website

Twenty attorneys general and governors are asking EPA head Scott Pruitt to rein in what they perceive as federal overreach by the agency under the Obama administration.

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Big Wind critics: New sound rules for Vermont wind turbines fall short

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UOM Photo

Critics of industrial-scale wind say the Public Service Board’s new sound standards are a step in the right direction but may not help Vermonters.

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Supreme Court set to hear Wisconsin family’s property rights case

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“If we can prevent another family from going through what we’ve had to go through, it will all be worth it.”

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Vermont National Guard poses new challenge for Swanton Wind turbines

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The Vermont National Guard filed a motion to intervene in the Public Service Board process for seven wind turbines on Rocky Ridge.

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GOP lawmaker confronts Kasich on Ohio’s green-energy mandates

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State Rep. Bill Seitz is pushing to get rid of the costly regulations altogether.

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