Illinois lawmakers again look to Chicago casino as revenue jackpot

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By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — When you’re hungry, even a three-day-old banana and sardine sandwich looks good. And when you are as broke as Illinois, the promise of billions of dollars from a Chicago casino looks amazing.
“Macau, I believe, is the gaming capital of the world. If I’m not mistaken their revenues last [...]

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Conservative challenger to Corbett remains on ballot after legal challenge

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VICTORY....FOR NOW: Bob Guzzardi, a Republican activist from Montgomery County, survived a legal challenge and will remain on Pennsylvania's primary election ballot. But a second challenge might soon follow.

Bob Guzzardi, the conservative Republican activist who is challenging incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in next month’s primary election, on Tuesday won the right to remain on the ballot.

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TN officials unaware of alleged scandal with red light camera contractor

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ROLLING MOTORISTS: Ticket-issuing cameras are collecting millions of dollars from drivers who fail to come to a "full stop" at red lights before turning right.

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — Officials in 10 Tennessee towns and cities contract with a red light camera company, Redflex, which is receiving intense scrutiny nationwide after allegations it was involved in a large bribery scandal in Chicago.
Tennessee Watchdog was able to reach officials in four of those 10 government entities — and only [...]

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IL gas-station owners losing patience over tax increases

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Most gas stations make more money on a $2 bag of ice than on a $3.55 gallon of gas. A tax increase, station owners say, would kill their businesses.

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On tape: Did NM Democratic candidate for governor break a campaign promise?

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HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?: Democratic candidate for New Mexico governor, Alan Webber, has committed more than $450,000 of his own money to his campaign.

Campaign filings released Monday show that Alan Webber, one of five contenders for the Democratic nomination for governor, has so far committed $450,000 of his own money on his campaign.

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