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Social Security whistleblower waiting for answers in privacy breach case

By   /  February 24, 2017  /  Accountability, Federal government, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by Healthcare Informatics

In November, an SSA whistleblower filed a complaint alleging her Veterans Affairs records had been compromised.

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Inspector General releases major findings of probe into troubled Social Security office

By   /  February 23, 2017  /  Accountability, Federal government, News, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

What remains unanswered is why federal prosecutors declined to bring charges for what appears to be criminal conduct.

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Tammy Baldwin quietly leaves VA investigative oversight committee

By   /  February 22, 2017  /  Federal government, Health Care, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

She failed to take action until the scandal became public four months later.

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Florida education committee demands Title I funding with fewer strings

By   /  February 22, 2017  /  Education, Federal government, Florida, News  /  No Comments

The Florida House Education Committee has a message for federal regulators: When it comes to Title I funding, we want your money, just not the accompanying regulatory burden.

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Science challenges FDA vaping regulation, and Trump might be next

By   /  February 22, 2017  /  Federal Government, Federal government, General, News, Regulations  /  No Comments

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Electronic cigarettes may be illegal to sell to people younger than 18, but plenty of 17-year-olds are pretty savvy about them.

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Insiders: Tomah VA troubles continue with nurse shortage, neglectful care

By   /  February 21, 2017  /  Accountability, Federal government, Health Care, News, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Tomah VAMC file photo

“There have been times where a shift scheduled went totally through that did not have a registered nurse assigned,” the VA employee said.

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