Congress considers dusting off long-dormant $300 million broadband map

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Marsha Blackburn website photo

The National Broadband Map hasn’t been updated since 2014, and had accuracy problems from the moment it was launched.

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Private nonprofit, for-profit universities could soon get regulatory relief

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For-profit and private nonprofit colleges and universities offer career-building options separate from traditional public universities. But they’ve been hammered in recent years by harsh regulations.

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Cybersecurity audit finds students can access obscene material on school computers

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Photo by Washington Examiner

A Mississippi cybersecurity audit found that 20 percent of all school-issued computers could access objectionable material such as pornography.

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Johnson, Baldwin on the Gorsuch ‘judicial war’

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The so-called “nuclear option” is precisely what Democrats in 2013 sought and used to advance President Barack Obama’s executive nominees in recent years.

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Commentary: Refusing Medicaid expansion frustrates dependency democracy crowd

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The money didn’t just magically appear on the table. It was taken from taxpayers everywhere.

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Schimel receives an attaboy as Senate’s Gorsuch war intensifies

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RAGA is making a digital ad buy in Wisconsin saluting Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel for his support of would-be Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

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