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Rapper Pitbull helps opens charter school in West Palm Beach

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Rapper Pitbull recently helped the third SLAM (Sports, Leadership, and Management) Academy open in West Palm Beach.

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State revenues climb as Scott earns kudos for tax cuts

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At the same, state economists are predicting four years of state revenue growth.

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Another victory for school choice in Florida

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A Florida Court has dismissed a case against school choice, securing another victory for education reform in the state. In McCall v. Scott, teachers unions alleged that Florida’s tax credit scholarship program violated the state Constitution’s Blaine Amendment. The panel of three judges ruled that the union did not have standing to bring the case. “The cloudy crystal ball the […]

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The government’s $31 million fix to a $10 million courthouse problem

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The U.S. Government Services Administration has a $31 million plan to fix a $10 million federal courthouse in downtown Pensacola plagued from the start with toxic mold.

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Medical marijuana ‘a start’ to reducing drug crime, says law enforcement group

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For the second time in three years, Floridians will go to the polls in November and weigh in on a proposed state constitutional amendment that if passed would legalize medical marijuana.

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Soros-linked PAC backs newcomer in Orlando-area election

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Progressive billionaire George Soros appears to be taking a serious interest in a local Orlando-area election.

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