HUD backs millions in loans on projects worth a fraction of the debt

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Photo of HUD records obtained under FOIA

Despite a warning from its economist, HUD went forward with a loan guarantee for an upscale retirement development that defaulted, leaving taxpayers on the hook for nearly $50 million.

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A Florida mom’s story of school choice

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Florida mom Olivia Huron-Schaeffer has written a piece for Florida Today in which she refutes a column by Richard Smith, president of the Brevard teachers union. She pushes back against claims that scholarship programs hurt public education, and takes on other well-worn examples of misinformation about school choice, such as the idea that charter schools cherry-pick students. […]

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School choice debates off and running in 2016

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MAJORITY: More than 70 percent of registered voters in a recent poll conducted by Empower Mississippi.

Although it’s only January, quite a bit is already happening in the school choice space this year, and the Cato institute has has created a roundup of stories to watch. It will be hard to top the progress made in 2015, but it is encouraging to see so many positive signs to start the new year […]

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UT admissions scandal prompts new investigation

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The University of Texas' use of political favoritism in admissions is an aberrant practice, a new study finds.

Following the University of Texas admissions scandal, the Chronicle of Higher Education published an investigation into admissions favoritism at 13 top public universities Sunday.

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There are liberals who support school choice, too

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While school choice can sometimes seem like a partisan issue, it’s important to remember that there are those on both sides of the aisle supporting access to a good education.  The Sunshine State News writes about a group in Florida that is working to enlist support from both the political right and left.

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