Mayor facing recall election gets booed at town hall meeting

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Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Headen, who is facing a recall, was in hot water this week as citizen anger boiled over at a town hall.

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‘Moral Monday’ protesters’ cases may be dropped

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The over 900 protesters that were arrested for their “Moral Monday” rallies on the 2nd floor of the state legislative building may have their cases dismissed.

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Attorney: Court ruling for bloggers a free speech victory for everyone

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If you think you can use lawsuits to silence a citizen journalist, think again.

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The ‘Elephant Man’ wins again in New Mexico court

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Ched “The Elephant Man” MacQuigg has won another round in his battle with the Albuquerque Public School Board, which has tried to ban him from meetings.

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Disclosure regs a Trojan horse to kill political speech, expert says

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By M.D. Kittle |

MADISON, Wis. – Keep your mouth shut.

That’s what the New York State Board of Elections is effectively demanding with the enactment of its “emergency regulations,” rules wearing the guise of increased campaign disclosure while slitting the throat of free speech, according to a national campaigns and elections expert.

And while New York’s restrictions on free speech may be among the more egregious, they are merely part of a national effort to control who says what, according to Scott Blackburn, research fellow at the Center for Competitive Politics.

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Obama protester: Town has ‘track record of stifling free speech when it suits them’

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Police in Town of Campbell blocked off a street in 2011 to make it easier for union-organized demonstrators to protest outside the home of former Republican state Sen. Dan Kapanke, who lost a recall election later in the year because of his support for Gov. Scott Walker’s signature law restricting collective bargaining for government employees.

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