Final vote on government-run Internet in Georgia set for next month

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Photo by Chris Butler

In September City Council members in Peachtree City approved a controversial plan for municipal broadband, but they won’t decide until next month whether to actually pay for it. A vote on funding municipal broadband could take place as early as the next city council meeting on Dec. 3.

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EPA wraps up Clean Power Plan road show

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Photo by Josh Kaib

EPA took the Clean Power Plan on the road, hitting four major cities as supporters and critics sounded off on the most sweeping regulation in the agency’s history.

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Without state subsidies, electric car sales in Georgia crash

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Photo from FlilckrCommons

The expiration of a generous $5,000 tax credit in Georgia has equaled a dramatic drop in the sales of electric vehicles in the state.

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Something lacking in Georgia city’s plans for municipal broadband

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Photo by Chris Butler

Last month Peachtree City, Georgia officials described an incredible demand for municipal broadband, yet a series of emails they exchanged with one other and the consultant hired to advise them seems to cast doubts.

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Georgia town cites big demand for government-run Internet, but can’t cite proof

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Photo by Chris Butler

A paid consultant who has persuaded Peachtree City, Georgia to spend $3.2 million on government-owned Internet offers little proof the network is needed, and now he’s backtracking on anecdotal evidence presented at a recent City Council meeting.

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RICO letter to Obama gets curiouser and curiouser

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Excerpt of letter originally posted to

Huh? A controversial letter that 20 climate scientists signed calling for a RICO investigation has been posted, taken down and re-posted as “inadvertent.”

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