Mayorkas dodges bullet at visa-investor hearing

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AP photo

Bobbing and weaving through a congressional committee hearing, former immigration boss Alejandro Mayorkas frustrated attempts to bring transparency to a controversial investor-visa program — while ducking accountability for his actions.

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Education week in review: confusing school consolidation, free union rent

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Clip Art Panda

By Paul Brennan |
From legally questionable free office space for teachers unions in Philadelphia to a Los Angeles, where a court ruling means the city’s school district will have to provide more space for charter schools, it’s been a busy week in education news. covered it all.
Vermont: consolidation and confusion
A confused and confusing plan […]

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Students flocking to Atlanta charter schools brings funding boost

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By Emily Metcalf

More students than ever are opting for Atlanta charter schools, and they’re about to get a bigger piece of the financial pie.

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Nuts to mayor: Flying Squirrels thrive at Diamond

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COZY CONFINES: With new seating and concourse upgrades, The Diamond has been improved again.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels open their sixth season at The Diamond on Thursday night, with Gov. Terry McAuliffe scheduled to throw out the first pitch. Fans of the San Francisco Giants’ Double-A franchise will be treated to 2,000 new comfortable seats, a revamped Family Entertainment Zone and an expanded party deck. Though the Squirrels led the Eastern League in attendance last year (418,147), The Diamond gets little respect from Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones.

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Despite ‘overreach’ admission by Grijalva, climate scientists still see politics

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Photo from the U.S. House of Rerpresentatives

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Arizona, now says letters he sent wanting communications from seven climate scientists was an “overreach” but he still wants the scientists’ funding information.

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Nanny of the Week: Georgia lawmaker wants to ban mermaids, werewolves, other fictional creatures from real life

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Part 34 of 40 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm |
A lawmaker in Georgia wants to ban mermaids, centaurs, werewolves and other half-human, half-animal creatures that don’t exist.
But he’s not talking about banning them from bookshelves or theater screens. No, state Rep. Tom Kirby, R-Gwinnett, is proposing legislation that would […]

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