Georgia county arms to the hilt

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Jasper County, Ga. is one of the recipients of the more than $5.1 billion worth of military equipment given to local law enforcement.

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Stifling free speech? California looks to ban Confederate flag

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Creative Commons photo

California is looking to bar the “Stars and Bars.”

A bill sits on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk to ban California from displaying or selling the Confederate flag or objects with images of it. The state’s Legislature passed the bill nearly unanimously last week.

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Government brings deadly Ebola to U.S.

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OUT OF AFRICA: A city employee sprays disinfectant in Monrovia, Liberia.

By Kenric Ward |
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The same government agency that lost and mishandled deadly viruses at its U.S. labs is bringing two Ebola-stricken Americans back from Africa for unknown treatment.
The Centers for Disease Control maintains there is “no significant risk” to America — even as the agency issued travel warnings for the three African nations [...]

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Mississippi might have built nuclear plant with proven technology

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PHOTO BY: Southern Company

Turns out, Mississippi might have built a nuclear power plant.

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Voters’ rights face bipartisan backlash in Congress

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Patrick Leahy

Congressional attempts to “fix” the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court struck down an antiquated provision would extend the Justice Department’s reach while excluding “non-minorities” from protection.

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Georgia’s school-choice program draws legal challenge

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Robin Lamp is grateful for the opportunities her daughters, Haley and Hannah, have had through Georgia's tax-credit scholarship program.

Robin Lamp calls herself “more than just a PTO parent.” She made a point to be involved in her daughters’ education, learning about the curriculum and working behind the scenes.

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