Georgia committee suggests private-sector incentives to fix broadband gap

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“They are frustrated, but you get a strong feeling they prefer having the private sector do it,” he told on Tuesday.

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Nanny State of the Week: Keep your kids off the trees

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“Our parks and recreation don’t have time to check on children climbing trees,” Commissioner Elaine Lucas said.

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Georgia lawmakers to confront state’s rural broadband divide

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“There have been successes with local government providing service, but there have been some big failures, too,” he said.

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Nanny State of the Week: Businesses can’t sell parking spaces to Braves fans

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Cobb County quietly passed a new ordinance banning businesses located near the new Braves stadium from selling parking spaces during events at the stadium.

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Regulations create wide-ranging costs for coal-ash cleanups

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THE SPILL LIVES ON: Some 40 homes were destroyed by a 1.1 billion-gallon spill of coal ash into the Emory River in Tennessee in 2008. Since then, the EPA and some states have enacted strict coal ash regulations that will cost power customers billions of dollars.

Power companies and their customers are spending billions to meet state and federal coal ash cleanup standards. But as ratepayers will soon find out, some coal regulations are more costly than others.

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This city’s leaders look to build a broadband network even as Comcast expands

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Creative Commons/Jeff Gunn

“If they really think they’re going to get better service from the government they’re crazy.”

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