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EdBuild unveils recommendations for new K-12 funding formula

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

EdBuild revealed its recommendations to the Mississippi Legislature for a new K-12 education funding formula Monday.

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Analysis: Vermont’s new governor completes busy first week in office

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Photo by Michael Bielawski

With week one of his first term in the history books, Gov. Phil Scott has begun to make good on key campaign promises, but he still has a lot of work and consensus building ahead.

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Wisconsin could lead effort to restore states’ rights

By   /  January 9, 2017  /  Accountability, Federal government, Governor, News, Power Abuse, State Budgets, State Government, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

“With recent changes at the federal level, we have a unique opportunity to have more authority delegated back to the states.”

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Top five commitments from Gov. Scott’s inauguration speech

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Photo by Bruce Parker

Republican Gov. Phil Scott, in his first speech as Vermont’s top executive, laid out a general blueprint for reviving the state’s flagging economy, lowering the cost of living and welcoming young people and families to the state.

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Scott to focus on jobs, education, fiscal responsibility

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Republican Phil Scott took the oath of office as Vermont’s 82nd governor on Thursday, giving hope to those who want the state to change course and focus on jobs and fiscal responsibility.

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Shumlin at sunset: A legacy of vanishing jobs, a health care fiasco, and an energy contradiction

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Photo by Bruce Parker

The New Year dawned in Montpelier this week with the promise of change in policy and fiscal direction from outgoing Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin to incoming Republican Gov. Phil Scott.

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