Activists blow cover on gun confiscation bill

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EXPOSED: Vermont gun rights activists say a seemingly innocuous fees bill allows police to confiscate guns at will during domestic disputes.

A bill that passed the Vermont House without controversy is now in doubt after gun-rights advocates exposed provisions allowing police to take guns during domestic disputes.

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Vermont town sees loophole to push gun control

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UP IN ARMS: Vermont gun activists battle for their constitutional rights

By: Jon Street
BURLINGTON, Vt. — It’s against state law to try to regulate guns in the Green Mountain State, but city officials here are looking at what may be a loophole.
Burlington wants to be able to confiscate and secure weapons for up to five days following a domestic dispute, and enact other restrictions.
City Councilman Norm Blais told [...]

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Open season: MN legislator targets handgun permit class for fundraiser

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By Tom Steward | Watchdog Minnesota Bureau
CHANHASSEN — Ready, aim, contribute!
It’s open season for legislators with a 2014 re-election campaign in their sights. State Rep. Cindy Pugh thinks she’s hit a bull’s-eye with her “Get Your Carry Permit With Cindy!” fundraiser next weekend, which provides residents a change to train with firearms and contribute to her political [...]

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Colorado recall efforts about more than just gun control

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Sen. Evie Hudak's opponents have more reasons than just gun control to support a recall. She also showed support for billions in tax increases, and is the mastermind behind the "doggie bag tax."

By Calvin Thompson | Colorado Watchdog

DENVER — When the General Assembly passed three gun control initiatives, Colorado conservatives were so outraged they tried to oust four Democratic legislators in response.

But with one recall effort having already failed, the outcome does not look positive for the others.

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Wyoming gun shows offer loophole for Colorado gun buyers

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Yosemite Sam

By Calvin Thompson | Colorado Watchdog

DENVER – When Gov. John Hickenlooper signed three gun control bills into law, tightening background checks and banning standard capacity magazines, he tried to allay concerns that this new gun control legislation would lead to gun bans. In his statement to calm would-be gun grabbers, he actually revealed a major loophole in the system.

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