Illinois temporary tax hike is baloney

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WHAT A WELCOME: Some lawmakers and pundits are saying it’s time for Illinois to make the “temporary” tax hike permanent while others are saying perhaps we ought to move back the law’s January 2015 sunset date. Baloney.

Back in 2011, the state of Illinois began snatching away an extra week of our pay. At the time, we were assured of two things: the tax hike was necessary and that it would be temporary.

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Illinois sucks life out of small business

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SHE'S DONE: Susan Clause is shutting down her teacher supply store, Ergadoo, in Springfield, Ill., after a difficult encounter with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

By Scott Reeder
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Susan Clause is no quitter.
For 16 years, she and her husband, Stephen Briggs, have owned and operated a teacher supply store, Ergadoo, in Springfield.
They love their business, and it’s making money, but they are shutting it down this week.
Why? They say the state of Illinois has made it too difficult [...]

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IL’s battle over lawmaker pay to drag on another month

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Illinois lawmakers better have some money in the bank.

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Illinois pension math doesn’t add up, funds take in less than they pay out

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By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog
SPRINGFIELD – The latest report on Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation pension systems shows not only huge losses in value, but a fundamental imbalance that is bankrupting the state.
Illinois’ five pension systems are all paying out more than they are taking in, and each saw their investments tank last year.
But the reports from [...]

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Outside campaign donor groups targeted by reformers in Illinois

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By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog
CHICAGO – Illinois cannot stop outside political spending, but reformers in the state are hoping they can at least force some honesty in time for the next election.
Illinois’ Campaign Finance Reform Task Force heard from an alphabet soup of reform groups Thursday as the state prepares a between-election report on [...]

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