Chicago prepares for another teacher strike

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The Chicago Teachers Union will meet next week to determine what issues could lead to another strike before the year is out. CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey said that members would strike if Chicago Public Schools stops picking up the bulk of teacher pension contributions. “We would respond accordingly and it would be on,” Sharkey said. But pensions are not the only thing […]

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Labor board chair says Chicago Teachers Union strike was illegal

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The Illinois state labor board has asked a judge to issue a temporary injunction against strikes like the one the Chicago Teachers Union undertook on April 1. The injunction would be in place until the legality of such walkouts can be decided by the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, which has yet to hold a full hearing. […]

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Suburban Democrat opposes Democrat progressive tax plan

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A proposal by some Democrats to replace Illinois’ flat income tax with a graduated system could be dead on arrival thanks to at least one Democrat’s opposition.

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Chicago teachers union leader compares governor to terrorist

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Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, compared Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to a member of the Islamic State terrorist group on Wednesday. “Rauner is the new ISIS recruit,” she said, then doubled down. “Yes, I said it, and I’ll say it again. … Has Homeland Security checked this man out yet? Because the things he’s doing look […]

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Chicago teachers threaten another strike

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Amid ongoing budgetary and funding uncertainty, Chicago teachers are once again threatening to strike, less than three weeks after a one-day walkout that shut down schools April 1.

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HUD knocks landlords over criminal checks

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The Obama administration is preparing to crack down on landlords who refuse housing to applicants with criminal records. Have felons become a protected class?

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