IRS dragging feet in release of interstate migration data

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By Scott Reeder | Illinois News Service
SPRRINGFIELD — The Internal Revenue Service is dragging its feet releasing data on migration of people — and their income — between states.
In the past, it has taken one to two years for the IRS to prepare and release migration information, but now it will take three years, said [...]

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Quinn says no to statewide rideshare regulations

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CHICAGO – Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft will continue to operate in Illinois free of the regulations proposed by the state legislation this past spring.
In what is big news for ridesharing companies and their customers, Gov. Quinn today vetoed a bill that would have heavily regulated the industry.
The [...]

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New law increases transparency, creates salary restrictions for transit employees

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CHICAGO – Illinois residents will now have easy access to online information regarding mass transit employee salaries as well as safety and budget information.
Citing the benefit of increased government accountability, Gov. Quinn Friday signed a bill to reform the state’s mass transit hiring policies.
Andrew Nelms is director of policy and [...]

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Sometimes we need a break from technology

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dial up phone

I bought a “new” phone the other day.

My 6-year-old, Anna, gave it a perplexed look.

“Where’s the buttons, Daddy?”

“There isn’t any, dear. It’s what’s called a rotary phone.”

She gave it another skeptical look and walked away.

Yes, when I dial, I actually dial.

An hour or so later when my wife got home from work she, too, gave it a bewildered look and said, “Why did you install that old thing? It doesn’t even have Caller ID. How will we know whether to answer the phone or not?”

Folks, it’s not about nostalgia.

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Term-limits group running out of options, urging Supreme Court action

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Bruce Rauner

District Appellate Court upheld the ruling of the lower Cook Co. Circuit Court that the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would limit state lawmakers to eight years in office doesn’t pass constitutional muster and therefore would not receive ballot placement this November.

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AG settlement to put $200M back into Illinois pension systems

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Lisa Madigan

CHICAGO — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced Thursday that her office has reached a settlement agreement with Bank of America that will provide $200 million in relief for Illinois’ pension systems. This settlement, however, will have little impact on Illinois’ overall unfunded pension liabilities.
“Bank of America’s misrepresentations cost [...]

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