Nanny State of the Week: Chicago tries again with plastic bag tax

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AM38GT Man looking at bill in grocery store. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.

Part 105 of 107 in the series Nanny State of the Week Some of the biggest cities in the United States have taken it upon themselves to wage a war on plastic bags under the guise of environmentalism. But, as many have continued to discover, plastic bags are not the scourge they imagine, and their […]

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Almost 1 in 4 Illinois teachers missing more than two weeks of school

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PACKING THEM IN: Without additional taxes, the Philadelphia School District might have classes of 40 students next year - or it might not open its doors at all - according to district and city officials.

Reflecting national numbers, a new report found that 23.5 percent of public school teachers in Illinois are absent more than 10 days in the school year. “This is a concern of the district, and this is something we will be addressing,” said interim Cook County Superintendent Griff Powell. “Teachers with students is a sacred time and […]

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Chicago teachers postpone contract vote

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WAVE THE BANNER: Madison supporters of the Chicago Teachers Union show their solidarity on a large sign.

The Chicago Teachers Union has postponed a vote on a contract proposal by a week, citing a ballot printing delay. A tentative agreement was reached Oct. 10 on the eve of a threatened strike, and CTU members must now vote on whether they will accept the deal. The vote was originally scheduled for Thursday and […]

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First-ever teacher strike at charter school averted

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This week's Chicago Teachers Union strike is drawing more attention to the city's charter schools, which are not unionized and set their own guidelines for operation.

Teachers at one of Chicago’s largest charter school systems announced a tentative contract agreement at 3 a.m. Wednesday, just hours before they were set to hit the picket line. The deal averted what would have been the first-ever strike at a U.S. charter school. Read more here.

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Chicago Public Schools reach deal with Chicago Teachers Union

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Teachers Union

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel said this agreement is “invested in strengthening the classroom and helped our teachers financially, but actually did it in a way that CPS is on a better sustainable path than every contract preceding.”

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Chicago schools inflated attendance numbers

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Four schools in the Chicago Public School District were found to have inflated attendance numbers, which affect funding and performance evaluations. “The schools engineered the appearance of significantly improved attendance rates,” Inspector General Nicholas Schuler said, whose office has recommended penalties for the 20 staffers involved in falsifying the numbers. Read more here.

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