Illinois lawmakers again look to Chicago casino as revenue jackpot

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By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — When you’re hungry, even a three-day-old banana and sardine sandwich looks good. And when you are as broke as Illinois, the promise of billions of dollars from a Chicago casino looks amazing.
“Macau, I believe, is the gaming capital of the world. If I’m not mistaken their revenues last [...]

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Few Illinois teachers feel completely ready for Common Core

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By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Fewer than two in 10 teachers in Illinois say they’re completely ready for Common Core, despite Illinois being in its fourth year of the new learning standards.
The Illinois State Board of Education’s own teacher survey shows just 17.5 percent of teachers say they are fully prepared for Common [...]

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IL gas-station owners losing patience over tax increases

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Most gas stations make more money on a $2 bag of ice than on a $3.55 gallon of gas. A tax increase, station owners say, would kill their businesses.

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The opposite of paying it forward: Borrowing for municipal pensions

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The idea of paying it forward is simple.
I do something that costs me, so the people who follow me have an easier time of things; whether it’s paying for someone else’s coffee, cleaning up a junk-riddled creek or cutting government spending to make sure a city doesn’t collapse.

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Illinois millionaires’ tax dies, but other tax plans very much alive

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Democratic lawmakers have — albeit reluctantly — dropped a plan to tax people with seven-figure incomes, yet two other tax plans are very much alive.

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