No deal at the Capitol

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The score changed little in Springfield on Tuesday as Illinois slid into its new fiscal year without a budget.

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Governor, Lisa Madigan differ on legality of payroll without budget

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If there’s no budget come July 1, state workers must show up for work and they will be paid, Gov. Bruce Rauner said Monday in a memo to employees.

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Signs of movement few in Springfield

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With two weeks to go before the fiscal year runs out and no budget in place for the one that starts July 1, the House and Senate spent much of the day on non-budget hearings.

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Feds back defaulted loans for luxury businesses like Lamborghini dealers

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Part 1 of 3 in the series Luxury Loans

By Arthur Kane |
The Small Business Administration recently got into the Lamborghini business not once, but twice –– just two of more than $8.7  billion worth of failed loan guarantees that potentially left taxpayers on the hook for nearly $1 billion,  a investigation found.
Since 2009, SBA lenders charged […]

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Black business group blasts the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

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A recent study claims that Hispanics and African-Americans will be disproportionately hurt by the economics of the proposed EPA Clean Power Plan.

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Illinois’ budget battle: Tax hikes vs. reform

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By Nathaniel Hamilton | Watchdog Opinion
It’s overtime at the Illinois Statehouse. A battle over the state budget has forced a stalemate and extended legislative session at the Capitol. The opposing fronts of the debate are the Republican governor, who is pushing for spending reforms, and Democratic legislators, who have an end game of raising taxes.
Democratic lawmakers […]

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