Chicago schools inflated attendance numbers

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Four schools in the Chicago Public School District were found to have inflated attendance numbers, which affect funding and performance evaluations. “The schools engineered the appearance of significantly improved attendance rates,” Inspector General Nicholas Schuler said, whose office has recommended penalties for the 20 staffers involved in falsifying the numbers. Read more here.

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Well-paid Chicago teachers threaten strike over pension contribution

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Despite being some of the highest paid teachers in any large school district in the country, Chicago’s public school teachers are threatening to strike over a contract offer that would raise their pay even further. The reason? The contract would require them to contribute to their own pensions, something workers in the private sector do […]

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Reports note Tammy Duckworth coordinated VA’s wasteful ‘Golden Age Games’

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The agency reportedly spent more than $2.5 million on the 2011 games, held in Duckworth’s childhood state at the posh Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu.

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Chicago teachers set Oct. 11 strike date

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CTU president Karen Lewis said, “If we cannot reach the agreement by then, we will withhold our labor. It’s time to move this along.”

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Illinois schools handing out post-retirement bonuses

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To cut costs and boost the state’s woefully underfunded teachers pension system, Illinois voted in 2005 to set limits on end-of-career pay raises for teachers and administrators. So, instead of pay raises, districts are paying out tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses to employees who are retiring or, in some cases, to those who have already retired. […]

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Chicago teachers OK strike

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The Chicago Teachers Union has voted again to approve an open-ended strike, which could take place as early as Oct. 11. According to the union, more than 90 percent of union members voted, and 95.6 percent of those votes were in favor of a walkout. “This should come as no surprise to the Board, the mayor […]

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