Wikileaks emails bring back Tammy Duckworth’s old political friends — Shah and Blagojevich

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In July 2007, as the clouds of corruption swirled around Blagojevich, Duckworth praised her boss. The governor introduced the VA director as the “star of his administration.”

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Tensions remain in Chicago education

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If you’re wondering how things are going between Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and Chicago’s teachers, it was just last week that an email was uncovered in which he wrote that half of them are “virtually illiterate” and that the principals to whom they report are “incompetent,” the Chicago Tribune reported. While he has since apologized for […]

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Chicago Teachers Union holds protest over funding

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Teachers Union

The Chicago Teachers’ Union picketed outside of city hall earlier this week to demand more funding. The protest was a reaction to the recently-released Chicago Public Schools budget, which includes nominal per-student funding of $4,087. CTU is pushing for $5,000 per student. Read more here.    

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Illinois diverts federal funds from teachers to pensions

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Illinois’ most impoverished school districts have lost millions of dollars to a scheme intended to shore up the state’s monumentally underfunded teacher pension reserve.

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Friedrichs v. CTA: Case dead, but questions raised about teachers’ rights live on

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I DON'T WANT TO PAY: Rebecca Friedrichs doesn't want to pay for collective bargaining.

“The current doctrine simply is not sustainable. Government should not be able to force individuals to give money to ideas they disagree with, whether that be teachers unions or any other ideological organization.”

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Sun-Times: Everyone feeling the pain but teachers union

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Teachers Union

The editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times has some harsh words for the Chicago Teachers Union: It’s time to feel the pain. A new Illinois spending plan, the op-ed says, will have Illinois taxpayers and Chicago property taxpayers feeling the pain, and Gov. Bruce Rauner is already feeling it. “So, let’s see. Who has yet […]

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