Will Chicago schools open in the fall?

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Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool says the city’s schools might not open in the fall if the state fails to approve an education budget. “Even those that might open could probably only do so for 30 days or 60 days,” he said, because the school district’s bad bond rating makes it prohibitively expensive to borrow money. […]

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Chicago Teachers Union proposal ‘treats taxpayers like ATMs’

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The Chicago Teachers Union recently released its plan to save Chicago Public Schools — almost $500 million in tax hikes on top of an already-approved largest property-tax increase in the city’s history. “Revenue solves funding problems,” CTU president Karen Lewis declared in a press release. Not considered as a solution by the teachers union were cost-cutting measures, reforms regarding […]

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Watchdog Podcast: Blowing the whistle at the Social Security Administration

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It’s a story that’s become all too common: government official brings a problem to his supervisors, government official gets told to shut up and go away.

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‘Financial reality is not negotiable’: Puerto Rico bankruptcy could send dangerous signal to states

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Puerto Rico defaulted on a $370 million bond payment on Monday, but a congressional restructuring of the territory’s debt could set a dangerous precedent for states.

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As Chicago crafts new rules for Airbnb, city isn’t listening to users

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Before writing new rules that affect 4,500 Airbnb hosts across the city of Chicago, you might expect city officials to hear what those people have to say.

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All seniors at Chicago suburb charter school are college bound

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All 109 seniors attending Southland College Preparatory Charter High School in Richton Park, Ill., were accepted into colleges. Students in the predominately black suburban Chicago school district received about $21.2 million in scholarships, and some were accepted into multiple schools. A few will be Ivy League-bound, like Jocelyn Dorney, who got into her dream school: Yale […]

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