The fall of Illinois manufacturing

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Manufacturing jobs in Illinois are being lost to lower-cost states like Indiana.

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Chicago teachers strike moves into second week

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Gov. Bruce Rauner, the target of much of the union’s ire, called the strike the “height of arrogance” and said this action could have been avoided.

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Nanny State of the Week: In time for Opening Day, cities ban chewing tobacco at ballparks

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America’s three biggest cities have recently passed bans on chewing tobacco in baseball stadiums, even though it remains completely legal everywhere else.

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Chicago teachers hope strike puts pressure on governor

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The nation’s third-largest school system shut down Friday as teachers went on strike to protest budget cuts. Rather than taking to the classrooms, teachers picketed and demonstrated outside of public schools around the city in what they are calling a “day of action.” Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, said teachers hope the […]

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Debating legality on eve of Chicago teachers’ strike

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Teachers in Chicago will strike Friday as a protest against budget cuts being made to address the school district’s staggering debt. This scheduled “day of action” will see teachers walking out of the classroom and demonstrating, an act Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool says is illegal and  Gov. Bruce Rauner calls an “abuse of power.” […]

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Chicago teacher strike looms

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Members of the Chicago Teachers Union are set to strike Friday in what they are calling a “day of action” over funding issues in the school district.

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