Duckworth’s lawyers quickly settle VA retaliation lawsuit

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“As the campaign continues, Rep. Duckworth will have to answer questions surrounding her pattern of ignoring VA whistleblowers,

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Sound familiar? Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth accused of retaliation at VA

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“What is crystal clear is that Duckworth does not want the truth to come out.”

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Report criticizes Duckworth for wasting $5.2 million on failed VA marketing campaign

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Duckworth’s office was found to have “inadequately managed and solicited contracts.”

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Chicago rewriting Airbnb rules in advance of City Council vote

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Chicago map pushpin

Airbnb hosts in Chicago say they don’t know what to expect when the city council votes Tuesday on new regulations for short-term online rentals

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After Puerto Rico’s collapse, is your city or state next?

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Puerto Rico

With short-term budget troubles and colossal long-term debt, Kentucky, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, in particular, are much closer to the basket case economic condition of the Caribbean territory on the Mercatus fiscal health index than they are to states such as Texas, Missouri, Florida, or Nebraska, where budgets are balanced and public pension systems may yet be salvaged.

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Airbnb regulations could prove costly for Chicago

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If Chicago presses forward with onerous regulations for home-sharing services like Airbnb, it might be hurting its own bottom line.

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