IRS-Social Security seizure a ticking time bomb

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ILLEGAL? Questions abound over the Social Security Administration's use of the IRS to withhold tax refunds from children of deceased recipients.

The legal issue of garnishing money from the children of deceased parents remains legally contentious, and a senior senator is demanding answers from the agencies involved.

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IRS holds refunds to recover parents’ Social Security

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SOCIAL INSECURITY: Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Plano, wants answers about withheld tax refunds.

On this April 15, and every other day, the IRS is seizing millions of dollars of alleged Social Security overpayments from children of dead beneficiaries.

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In Iowa, go to prom, get a tax credit

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DANCE AND TAXES: In Iowa, some prom expenses qualify for a tax break under the  Tuition and Textbook Credit, because the state considers prom a textbook-related activity.
Photo credit: Joe-3PO

By Paul Brennan | Iowa Watchdog
DES MONIES, Iowa — Some of that huge sum your kid shamed you into blowing on prom is eligible for a state tax credit, although nobody is quite sure just what you can claim.
If you look as carefully into the Iowa tax code as Joe Kristan, a certified public accountant [...]

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Iowans, celebrate your ‘tax freedom’ on Sunday

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Vermont single-payer initiative would require significant tax increases

By Paul Brennan | Iowa Watchdog

DES MOINES, Iowa — Forget about 13 being unlucky. April 13 is a lucky day for Iowans this year. It’s Tax Freedom Day.

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Iowa ranks high in transparency and irony

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Attorney general in Iowa faces conflict of interest over dueling roles.

By Paul Brennan | Iowa Watchdog
DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa is one of the top states when it comes to providing citizens easy access to information about government spending.
Just five states — Indiana, Oregon, Florida, Texas and Massachusetts — were ranked higher than Iowa by U.S. Public Interest Research Group, which gave Iowa a rating [...]

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