Sioux City tries to steer around anti-speed camera law

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DETOURING AROUND THE LAW: The Sioux City Police Department is trying to get around a new South Dakota law that prohibits providing information to collect traffic camera fines. But its efforts may cost it access to important information on a national law enforcement database.

The Sioux City Police Department’s attempt to squeeze every dollar out of the city’s speed cameras may cause it to lose access to important information on a national law enforcement database.

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Federal officials won’t answer questions about immigrant children in Iowa

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An irked Governor Branstad and Senator Grassley are still waiting to learn the whereabouts of 139 immigrant children federal officials sent to Iowa.

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Iowa county’s voter rolls filled with deceased residents

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NO IDEA: Wright County Auditor Betty Ellis said she has no idea why the county had 100 dead people registered to vote.

Betty Ellis doesn’t know why 100 dead people were registered to vote in Wright County.

That’s a problem. Ellis is the county auditor and in charge of elections there.

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Snake handler can’t charm fearful neighbors, who shut down his business

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PERMIT DENIED: The city of Ames turned down Kyle Thompson's request for a permit to sell some of the snakes he breeds.

Kyle Thompson can keep as many snakes as he likes, but he can’t sell any because of objections from his neighbors.

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MN commissioner’s moonlighting raises conflict of interest questions

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His resume posted on the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board website stands out: “Conducted hundreds of grievance hearings and mediation sessions.”

So does his daily fee: $1,200 per day, plus “actual costs for meals, lodging and miscellaneous; IRS rate for mileage.”

But what most distinguishes Josh Tilsen from the other 59 arbitrators listing their services on the Iowa state government website? His full-time day job in the next state over, serving as commissioner of the Minnesota Bureau of Media Services at a salary of $95,000 per year.

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Tax mistake leads to sale of half a church

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NOW WHAT?: Pastor Robert Garcia isn't sure what the next move is to save his church.

Mistaken assumptions, bureaucratic screw-ups and language problems have led to the rear half of a Muscatine church being sold for unpaid property taxes.

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