No receipts, no problem: Consulting firm paid $200K for undocumented expenses

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NO RECEIPTS, NO PROBLEM: The Board of Regents is paying over $200,00 in undocumented expense to a firm it hired to it save money.

They say college is nothing like the real world.

The state university system’s Board of Regents is proving that lack of realism isn’t confined to undergraduates.

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Raises for everyone, just don’t ask how

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minimum wage

Bruce Braley is making raising the minimum wage a centerpiece of his U.S. Senate campaign, but isn’t answering questions about its impact on small business.

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Shirts or shoes? Iowa’s sales tax holiday wrapped in confusion

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taxes 2

Iowa’s annual sales tax holiday is confusing and probably doesn’t do anything to boost the state’s economy.

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State budget review points out pension problem

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PENSION PENNIES: Pennsylvania's two pension funds have a combined unfunded liability of more than $47 billion.  That's expected to grow to as much as $65 billion within a few years.

As the final review of the new budget points out, the state’s retirement plans are underfunded. That’s doubling the cost of the plans for taxpayers,.

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Sioux City tries to steer around anti-speed camera law

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DETOURING AROUND THE LAW: The Sioux City Police Department is trying to get around a new South Dakota law that prohibits providing information to collect traffic camera fines. But its efforts may cost it access to important information on a national law enforcement database.

The Sioux City Police Department’s attempt to squeeze every dollar out of the city’s speed cameras may cause it to lose access to important information on a national law enforcement database.

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Federal officials won’t answer questions about immigrant children in Iowa

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An irked Governor Branstad and Senator Grassley are still waiting to learn the whereabouts of 139 immigrant children federal officials sent to Iowa.

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