Wealthy union bosses kick off Raising Wages campaign

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Photo credit: AFL-CIO, via YouTube

Union bosses gave an overview of their big-government agenda for 2015 at a launch event this week for labor coalition AFL-CIO’s “Raising Wages” campaign.

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COUNTDOWN! Worst People of 2014

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Graphic by Paul Scheuer

In a year of videotaped beheadings, school shootings, Russian invasions and annexations of eastern Ukraine (or, as Valdimir Putin calls them, staycations), Ebola, deadly Mexican cops, deadly American cops, Bashar al-Assad’s readiness to kill his Syrian fellows, Kim Jong Un’s funny/creepy hack of Sony Pictures, the release of those emails revealing that (a) Sony Pictures executives are closet racists and (b) (when they pulled the offending comedy film that irritated KJU) public cowards — in a year like this one, we’re saying, it’s easy to overlook the myriad outrageous acts of your local government bureaucrats. We’re not saying all those in government service are evil, nor even many of them. But they’re out there, the bad or merely incompetent. Watchdog.org’s national network of reporters find them.

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Gov. Christie has no records of who pays for travel, staff claims

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Tim Larsen/Governor's Office

By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog
While Chris Christie has been vocal during a 19-state campaign trip that ends today, his staff has little to say about who pays for the New Jersey governor’s extensive political travels.
Christie’s office claims it has no records, emails or correspondence concerning the trips, and that it is exempt from […]

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Millions flow to four senate hopefuls after billionaires’ White House meeting

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AP file photo

By Tori Richards and Earl Glynn | Watchdog.org
One day after billionaire Tom Steyer welcomed the Democratic Party elite into his home for a $400,000 fundraiser, he was jetting cross-country to meet with fellow billionaire George Soros and a top Obama aide in the West Wing of the White House.
It was Feb. 20, and the two-hour […]

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Iowa candidate says he saved you billions, and walks on water

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By Josh Kaib and Will Swaim | Watchdog.org
Politics ain’t beanbag, the old aphorism goes, but even Rep. Stephen King, R-Iowa, has to be frustrated by the campaign claims of Jim Mowrer, a Democrat and King’s long-shot challenger in the November race for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District seat.
Mowrer continues to assert that he “established” the U.S. Army’s Office of […]

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Iowa law makes marijuana oil legal to possess but impossible to get

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Paperwork and bureaucracy but no actual medicine. That’s Iowa’s new prescription for children suffering from intractable epilepsy.

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