Official says citizens’ interest in government has ‘gone to the dogs’

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Despite the internet making government more open, a Harbor Springs city manager is upset that residents only make noise about deer and dog parks.

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Anthony Brown campaign accused of coordinating with super PAC

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By Brad Matthews |
Republican Larry Hogan’s campaign earlier this month filed a complaint against the Democratic Anthony Brown campaign, accusing Brown’s campaign of illegally coordinating with the super PAC One State, One Future, which receives large amounts of its funding from unions.
On Wednesday, the Hogan campaign followed up by releasing a table of shared donors [...]

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NJ legislators trying to make estate tax a lot less certain

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Bipartisan coalitions of New Jersey state legislators are trying multiple bills in order to repeal or reduce the estate tax and related taxes in New Jersey.

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Mayor facing recall election gets booed at town hall meeting

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Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Headen, who is facing a recall, was in hot water this week as citizen anger boiled over at a town hall.

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‘Moral Monday’ protesters’ cases may be dropped

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moral dilemma ahead

The over 900 protesters that were arrested for their “Moral Monday” rallies on the 2nd floor of the state legislative building may have their cases dismissed.

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State out $675K grant but still plans to give out millions more in tax money

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Four years ago, Kirk Swallow received state money to set up a compressed natural gas filling facility at the Rifle Shell station he co-owns.

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