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Watchdog Podcast: What can be learned from Trump’s victory?

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Donald Trump has locked up a majority of the delegates. He will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.

Now what?

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Georgia GOP voters emphatically want more school choice

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LOSING CHOICE: School choice has been a great equalizer in Vermont for nearly 150 years, but Act 46 stands to wipe out that tradition, and people need to understand the law before it’s too late.

Despite its appearance near the bottom of the ballot, 75 percent of Georgia GOP primary voters this week supported additional school choice options when voting on a non-binding ballot question. More Republicans answered the ballot question than cast votes in the U.S. Senate race, which was placed at the top of the ballot. There is an open voting […]

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Docs clash with Sanders over price controls for prescription drugs

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Photo via Wiki Commons (Shelly Prevost)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he supports price controls for drugs in California, but doctors in the state say the proposal is deeply flawed.

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Pennsylvania set for school funding overhaul

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A predictable and transparent formula will ensure schools are accurately funded and state taxpayer money is spent more responsibly.

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Land Air Express of New England has strong safety record, managers say

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Photo courtesy of Land Air Express

A safety audit by federal regulators nearly closed Land Air Express of New England for good in January, but industry data show that the audit may have missed the transport company’s true safety record.

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D.C. task force tackles students’ mid-year school changes

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school backpack

In 2013-14, 92 percent of D.C. students did not change schools at mid-year. That seems like a solid figure, until one considers that the remainder totals an alarming 6,118 students bouncing from one school to another — or out altogether — in the middle of the school year. With students’ mid-year movement plaguing both traditional […]

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