Four-state study shows strong support among blacks for school choice

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A recent survey by the Black Alliance for Educational Options shows that black voters support school choice by a wide margin.
This survey of 2,400 African-American voters in four states found that they support a parent’s ability to choose the school that is best for their children — and indicated they are ready to vote those beliefs in some cases.

“Black voters are […]

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There are liberals who support school choice, too

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While school choice can sometimes seem like a partisan issue, it’s important to remember that there are those on both sides of the aisle supporting access to a good education.  The Sunshine State News writes about a group in Florida that is working to enlist support from both the political right and left.

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Juan Williams: Clinton is betraying charter schools

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Political commentator Juan Williams has written an op-ed today in The Hill slamming Hillary Clinton for changing her position on charter schools. As the grandfather of a charter school student, he knows first-hand what these schools mean for families, and says that Clinton “is throwing the whole school reform movement under the bus in exchange for […]

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John Doe victims still in legal limbo four months after Supreme Court ruling

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“Worse yet, innocent people continue to be harassed by prosecutors filing frivolous motions and threatening to disclose their private information which prosecutors obtained illegally.”

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Poll: School voucher tax credit a winning issue in Maryland

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A recent poll shows that Maryland residents support the idea of giving businesses a tax credit for donating  to organizations that support financial aid to private schools, WBAL-TV reports.
A poll conducted in August by OpinionWorks and released last week showed that two-thirds of registered voters in the heavily Democratic state support such a proposal, which is backed by […]

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Help could be coming to Pennsylvania’s horse racing industry

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State lawmakers plan to use an existing subsidy to help bail out the sputtering horse-racing industry.

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