Watchdog Podcast: Using RICO laws against climate change skeptics a terrible idea

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Some climate scientists have earned headlines for their suggestion that the federal government should use RICO laws to go after climate change skeptics. That’s a bad idea.

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Change tests popular high school program for college credits

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Concerned educators, legislators and parents predict the policy change will gut a popular program that enables thousands of students in 19 states–24,000 in Minnesota alone—to take college courses free prior to graduation.

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How much will EPA’s new ozone rule cost you?

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The cost of the EPA’s new rule for reducing ground-level ozone is a matter of dispute.

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Colorado’s judicial records policy faces questions, concerns

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Photo By Arthur Kane

Colorado courts exempted itself from state open records laws and set up it own policy but critics question why the policy deviates so much from state records laws.

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Mississippi PSC commissioner accused of accepting illegal contributions

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FUNDRAISER: A fundraiser for Mississippi Public Service Central District commissioner was hosted by several contractors on the Kemper Project in violation of state law.

A Mississippi PSC commissioner is accused of taking illegal campaign contributions from companies involved with work on the Kemper Project power plant.

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Accountability in action: Louisiana school removed from voucher program

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“In the voucher program, you don’t get to be bad two, three, four years. There is immediate expectation of (academic) performance as well as financial accountability.”

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