Watchdog Podcast: In Our Backyards — Washington state becomes the first to put limits on cell phone surveillance

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Police using stingrays, also known as simulated cell towers, now have to get approval from a judge, and they will have to use the devices to seek specific individuals rather than sweeping all calls in a certain area.

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Education week-in-review: charter schools need more space and more freedom

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By Paul Brennan |
From Washington D.C., where charter schools are squeezed for space, to Wisconsin, where more freedom is leading to better results for charter school students, it’s been a busy week in education. has covered it all.
Washington D.C.
Empty school buildings but no room for charter schools
For Carmen Rioux-Bailey, chief education officer at the […]

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Tough reform talk, but no action four years after revelation of fat incentives

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TRS incentives 2014 copy 2

The Dallas Morning News story, in April 2011, announced investment fund managers with the state were hauling in six-figure bonuses, big enough to make Wall Street proud.

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After veto overrides, some conservatives want changes to Nebraska’s unique Unicameral

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AP file photo

The Nebraska Legislature has made national headlines for taking what appears, at first glance, to be a left turn, to the point where some conservatives are talking about proposing changes to Nebraska’s unique Unicameral.

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Real estate in D.C. remains a challenge for charter schools

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In this city, it’s not uncommon for charter school teachers to gather students in warehouses, or basements, or to combine small spaces for an art room, gymnasium and cafeteria.

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State governments taking the ‘sting’ out of surveillance

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YES, NO, MAYBE: The city of Sunrise, Fla., and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement may have violated the state's open government laws for failing to sufficiently respond to the ACLU's public records requests.

As Congress continues to debate the future of the National Security Agency’s telephone metadata collection program, Washington State has banned the warrant-less use of similar technology that allows law enforcement to track cell phones.

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