Focus of forum turns from candidates to video tracker

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Photo from MN Jobs Coalition.

No reward has been offered to the person who identifies the guy who, apparently, took it upon himself to enforce a League of Women Voters ban on videotaping candidate forums at Edina City Hall.

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Protester challenges Supreme Court speech-free zone

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FIGHTING BACK: Harold Hodge was arrested for silently holding a protest sign outside the Supreme Court.

They didn’t kill him, but Capitol police arrested Harold Hodge for silently standing outside the Supreme Court with a 2-foot-by-3-foot sign reading, “The U.S. Gov. Allows Police To Illegally Murder And Brutalize African Americans And Hispanic People.”

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‘Moral Monday’ protesters’ cases may be dropped

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moral dilemma ahead

The over 900 protesters that were arrested for their “Moral Monday” rallies on the 2nd floor of the state legislative building may have their cases dismissed.

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The Police States of America: Five stories that prove we’ve lost the battle against police

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THESE ARE THE COPS: Illinois Gov. Quinn may send State Troopers to Chicago.

t’s the land of the not so free and the home of the heavily armed.

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A ‘freedom of expression’ policy comes under fire at a NM college

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NOT SO FREE?: Critics say a proposed "Respectful Campus and Freedom of Expression" policy at a New Mexico college is too vaguely worded.

It sure sounds agreeable on the surface: Officials at Northern New Mexico College are about to adopt what’s called a “Respectful Campus and Freedom of Expression policy” for students and staff.

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UW journalism center defends involvement in ‘inappropriate’ FCC study

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By M.D. Kittle |Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — Under fire for its involvement in a controversial — and now suspended — Federal Communications Commission study criticized for First Amendment creeping, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has issued a statement on behalf of its Center for Communication and Democracy, presumably to clear the air about its part in the study.
The statement, [...]

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