Legislators pressure Minnesota board to license out-of-state teachers

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It’s been 10 years since Kirstin Rogers moved to Minnesota in hopes of continuing her 12-year teaching career, but state regulations forced her out of the classroom.

Now, new legislation requires the Minnesota Board of Teaching to overhaul the arbitrary licensing process that too often keeps qualified, out-of-state educators like Rogers out of the schoolroom.

“I asked them, explain to me how I could have this many credits and not be qualified to teach? And their response was, ‘It doesn’t work like that in Minnesota.’ I was angry,” said Rogers, who earned a master’s degree and held endorsements from Utah to teach history, English, geography and reading.

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Philadelphia school district battles shadowy perception

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School District of Philadelphia

It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia.

Especially when it comes to the School Reform Commission, which controls Philly public schools under a thick veil of secrecy, according to local politicians and education advocates.

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Watchdog Podcast: A Greek tragedy, school choice at the Supreme Court and political spy games in Wisconsin

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Greece is in crisis after decades of over-spending finally caught up to it.

What lessons does the mess in Greece offer for American cities and states that have piled up debts in the public pension system?

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A new teacher learns that small things matter

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By 8 a.m. Monday morning, 175 students had gathered in the gymnasium at Atonement Lutheran School.

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Audit: D.C. government sloppy with school spending

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The government body in charge of school modernization efforts in Washington, D.C., has done a poor job of managing funds, according to a report released Wednesday by the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor.

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Expanding school choice will benefit public school students

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Expanding Wisconsin’s statewide school voucher program won’t just give parents more educational options, but it will also give public schools the opportunity to increase per-pupil spending.

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