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D.C. task force tackles students’ mid year school changes

By   /  May 27, 2016  /  District of Columbia, Education, News  /  No Comments

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In 2013-14, 92 percent of D.C. students did not change schools at mid-year. That seems like a solid figure, until one considers that the remainder totals an alarming 6,118 students bouncing from one school to another — or out altogether — in the middle of the school year. With students’ mid-year movement plaguing both traditional […]

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New poll finds majority supports statewide school voucher program

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“Wisconsin voters continue their consistent support for school choice statewide.”

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Black pastors speak out for school choice

By   /  May 25, 2016  /  Education, Education Blog, Florida  /  No Comments

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A hundred African-American pastors are speaking out in support of school choice, asking the Florida NAACP to drop out of a lawsuit that threatens a program that helps underprivileged children.

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Will new staffing firm find more Philly subs?

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School District of Philadelphia

The School District of Philadelphia is hoping it doesn’t get burned again by outsourcing substitute teachers to a staffing firm.

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MPS Black Lives Matters program supporter has own history with the law

By   /  May 25, 2016  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by James Wigderson

At this week’s Milwaukee Public Schools’ hearing on the district budget, speaker after speaker spoke in favor of preserving funding for a controversial program that shares the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. The most prominent speaker in support of the program, like the namesake movement, has his own history with the police. Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme […]

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