A new take on cross-district choice

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The school district for which a house is zoned can be a major selling point. One way in which school choice has historically been exercised is through a decision to move to another school district. More recently, some states have allowed students to cross district lines, expanding the reach of school choice. Now, one family in Ohio […]

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Modern one-room schoolhouse comes to Denver

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Highlands Micro School, a modern-day one room schoolhouse, will be coming to the Denver neighborhood of The Highlands this August. There will be two classes: one teaching kindergarten to second grade, the other third to fifth grades. “If we saw something that needed to be different, that wasn’t working, then to step up and make […]

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Six Indianapolis principals will be getting more autonomy

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BRYCE WELTY is the president of Superior Truss and Panels — a company that bills itself as “America’s largest fabricator and erector of light gauge steel trusses and wall panels” — and is moving his company to Indiana because he says the business climate is much more friendly there.

The principals of six schools in the Indianapolis Public School District will be given more freedom in a pilot program to begin next year. These six pilot “autonomy schools” will give principals and other schools leaders more autonomy over decisions regarding curriculum, teacher training and more. The district is hoping to add more such schools in the […]

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New York education chief gets a lesson in politics

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COSMO: Critics argue the GOP needs to appeal to more urban "cosmopolitan" conservatives

Mary Ellen Elia, New York’s education chief, has been learning how politicized education can be. After making changes to testing and speaking at a charter school rally, she has been under fire from a testing-boycott movement and teachers unions. “There’s inevitably going to be a political piece of education,” Elia told reporters before discussing her […]

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Tennessee voucher vote pushed back

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Voting on a school voucher bill in the Tennessee House of Representatives has been postponed until Thursday. The legislation would allow parents of low-income students attending the bottom 5 percent of schools to use public money (up to$6,628) to attend private schools, including those with religious affiliations. “Sometimes the slower you go, the faster you get […]

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