Michigan finishes dead last in educational progress

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Michigan is the only state to make zero progress in fourth and eighth grade math and reading test results between 2003 and 2013, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

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Milwaukee schools head to newspaper: Give us a union-friendly reporter – or else

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Milwaukee Board of School Directors President Michael Bonds doesn’t like what he calls “biased” coverage by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel education reporter Erin Richards.

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Colorado initiative seeks to open teacher union negotiations

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A Denver-based think tank is asking voters to pry open teachers union negotiations so taxpayers can see how Colorado schools are spending the majority of their tax money.

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Low-income students denied scholarships, despite D.C. law giving them preference

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Some Washington, D.C., children are denied participation in the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which gives students from low-income families scholarships to attend private schools, despite a law that gives students with siblings in the program preference.

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Advocates debate ‘bribery’ ban’s impact on Wisconsin charter schools

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Is it wrong for charter schools to boost enrollment numbers by giving parents money anytime they refer a new student to the school?

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U.S. taxpayers fund anti-Israel bias at UCLA

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By Eliana Rudee
The extraordinary anti-Israel bias in a federally funded program at UCLA isn’t just shocking. It may violate federal regulations.
Last month, an education watchdog group reported that the Center for Near East Studies (CNES) produced 28 events focused on the Arab-Israeli conflict from 2010-2013. Twenty-six of those 28 events, “or 93 percent, exhibited bias against Israel.”
That’s a [...]

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