Change tests popular high school program for college credits

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Concerned educators, legislators and parents predict the policy change will gut a popular program that enables thousands of students in 19 states–24,000 in Minnesota alone—to take college courses free prior to graduation.

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Accountability in action: Louisiana school removed from voucher program

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“In the voucher program, you don’t get to be bad two, three, four years. There is immediate expectation of (academic) performance as well as financial accountability.”

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PA Auditor General says budget impasse is killing schools

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Seventeen districts have already borrowed more than $342 million just to keep their doors open.

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‘Crazy’ audit process for choice schools in Milwaukee may finally end

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The state’s audit process for choice schools in Milwaukee has been called “crazy,” but changes in the law may introduce a measure of sanity.

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North Carolina Senate approves funding equality bill

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North Carolina charter schools receive 83 cents for every dollar traditional public schools receive, according to a study by the University of Arkansas. The bill being considered today in the Senate would allow charters access to a little more public education money.

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Pennsylvania budget impasse puts pressure on charter schools

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With no money coming in from the state, some schools may be forced to shut down.

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