Academics, culture help mom choose private school

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MO STUDENTS, MO MONEY? Will sending all six year olds to school cost Illinois?

Marilyn Johnson couldn’t afford to put her son, Marshall, in a private school. But, she said, she couldn’t afford not to.

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Legal conflict over teacher seniority in Philly heats up

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The School District of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers await court ruling.

Tension is heightening between the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers over the suspension of seniority rules.

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Philadelphia family makes difficult choice for daughter’s education

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The Bonds family hopes to get their daughter into a charter school.

Jennifer Bonds purchased a home on the street where she grew up in Philadelphia with the recognition that sending her daughter to the district elementary school was not an option.

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State cleans house at scandal-infested Beaumont ISD

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By Jon Cassidy |
Mike Neil got fired Monday, but he’s taking it well.
“I’m ecstatic about not having a school board job anymore,” he said.
Neil is one of seven trustees of the scandal factory known as the Beaumont Independent School District, which will be getting a new superintendent and Board of Trustees on June 15, [...]

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Civil liberties organization sues to overturn anti-bullying law

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Part 93 of 94 in the series Educating America

By Mary C. Tillotson |
If a Jewish student refers to the Holocaust and says the German Nazis were evil, and a German student overhears, should the Jewish student be punished for bullying?
Because of this and other similar situations resulting from New Jersey’s anti-bullying law, the Rutherford [...]

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