Benefits are driving high personnel costs in Philadelphia schools

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Benefits are the root of increased personnel costs in the School District of Philadelphia.

Benefits for district employees are valued, on average, at 40 percent of the cost of salaries.

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Louisiana offers new vocational technical program

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New Mexico children will get a say in ranking their school's performance.

Three quarters of Louisiana school districts have signed up for Jump Start, an apprenticeship program that allows high school students to get hands-on experience in trades like construction and welding.

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Should courts control public money?

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By Mary Tillotson | 
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has until Thursday to decide whether to increase funding for the state’s schools.
The decision comes after a March 7 court ruling, ordering the Legislature to fund public schools in the way the court sees as appropriate.
Justin Owen, chief executive officer of the Beacon Center, discussed the issue [...]

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FL’s attempt to provide tuition break for illegal immigrants at crossroads

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AP Photo/Julio Cortez

By William Patrick | Florida Watchdog
TALLAHASSEE — It’s crunch time for state lawmakers, and with the annual 60-day legislative session winding down to within two weeks, a well-publicized immigration bill is noticeably absent Tuesday from a key budget meeting.
But an effort to add similar language to several other bills is under way.
Simply known as the Post [...]

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The sticky statistic of statewide charter school performance in PA

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The real statistic is that charter schools in Philadelphia outperform district counterparts.

Misleading statistics have a tendency to stick. And for education in Pennsylvania, it’s that charter schools underperform compared to district public schools when compared statewide.

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