Charter board approves three new schools in D.C.

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By Moriah Costa |
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Charter schools in D.C. are in high demand and the city will have three additional charter schools in the fall of 2016.
Three applicants were conditionally approved by the D.C. Public Charter School Board at a public meeting on Monday.
“As the recent lottery showed, there is tremendous demand for quality […]

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Union-backed candidates win big in Philadelphia primary election

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Union favorite Jim Kenney won the Democratic nomination and will continue his run to become the next mayor of Philadelphia, almost a foregone conclusion.

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NH University profs concerned about investigation of Confucius Institute

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University of New Hampshire faculty leadership criticized an administration review of the Confucius Institute on campus, saying the investigation didn’t deal with the most important allegations of Chinese government control that endangers academic freedom.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Sit Down, Shut Up — Live from Chicago, it’s School Choice!

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In this week’s episode, Yount sits down with Paul Brennan at the recent Chicago School Choice Conference to talk about the growth of school choice options across the country. Even though many school choice programs have been limited in their scope and targeted to only the poor, they are undoubtedly working.

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NY charter school CEO Eva Moskowitz fighting Mayor De Blasio over late payments

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Photo courtesy of House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democrats, CC 2.0

Missing and delinquently late financial payments are just the latest topic of contention between NY charter school CEO Eva Moskowitz and Mayor De Blasio.

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D.C. charter schools draw diverse group of students, report shows

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When it comes to choosing charter schools, D.C. parents are willing to send their children across the city in search of the best fit.

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