Chinese institute spreads across U.S., but some say it also spreads propaganda

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Shenzhen drivers suffer from traffic jam ahead of National Day holiday

By Arthur Kane |
During the past decade, the Confucius Institute has established itself at nearly 500 universities and K-12 schools in the United States and another roughly 500 around the world.
But some professors are urging schools to break with the Chinese language and cultural nonprofit, charging it is a “propaganda” arm of the Chinese government.
This [...]

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Will cutting teacher benefits save Philadelphia schools?

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WE HAVE A BUDGET: Or at least an outline of one.

On a sunny October day, Jake Howie, a sophomore at the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, arrived at school at 8 a.m. He didn’t go inside the neo-classical school building on Broad Street until noon.

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Philadelphia pro-charter school groups power up

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Green Woods Charter School blends indoor and outdoor spaces. Image: S. Friedman

By Stacia Friedman |
PHILADELPHIA — While some groups seek to paint all Philadelphia charter schools with the same negative brush, two fledgling pro-charter organizations, Philadelphia Charters for Excellence and Philly School Choice, are gathering momentum.
“Are there bad charter schools? Yes, but the study done by the Center for Popular Democracy is completely one-sided and polarizing,” said PCE [...]

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MK Asante defies odds, credits Philly school

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MK Asante defied the odds for black male students. Image: Lee Steffen

When 15-year-old MK Asante dropped out of high school, started dealing drugs and living out of his car in North Philadelphia, he seemed like just another statistic. The district has one of the lowest graduation rates in the nation for black males, a 72 percent dropout rate, the majority by ninth grade.

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Philadelphia teachers will soon pay for their own health care

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Should teachers pay for their own health care coverage? Ready or not, they’re about to in Pennsylvania’s biggest city.

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Statists and sex puritans redefine the meaning of ‘yes’

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definition of yes

The Legislature and Gov. Brown have embraced the feminist notion that women claiming rape should always be believed, and more importantly, never questioned.

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