Out-of-state money floods into fight over Mississippi education funding

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

The fight over Mississippi education funding is being flooded the past two years with $2.5 million in out-of-state donations from left-leaning groups.

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Education Week-in-Review: GOP education and disappearing debt

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Education Watchdog_square-01 (1)

From our non-wonk’s guide to GOP education policy, to the University of North Texas’ debt disappearing, to a plan by Philadelphia lawyers to bust “ghost teachers,” Watchdog.org has covered all the top happenings in the education world.

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Single-sex schools boost enrollment, raise scores

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MEN'S NIGHT: Principal Sterlin McGruder, left, and Gus Garcia at dedication of all-boys school named after Garcia.

Same-gender middle schools are improving academic performance in Austin’s poorer neighborhoods, and more all-male and all-female campuses are opening elsewhere around Texas.

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GOP education policy: the no-nonsense, non-wonk’s guide

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For people who prefer a no-nonsense style of life, politics can be tiring. While the policy wonks are dissecting and analyzing the six GOP presidential hopefuls’ remarks at the American Federation for Children’s New Hampshire Education Summit, regular folks either didn’t watch or, if they did, heard the same tired talking points over and over.
What’s […]

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How lawyers plan to bust Philadelphia’s ‘ghost teachers’

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School District of Philadelphia

An Arizona court decision establishes a precedent for ending the practice teachers earning a public salary and benefits for private work.

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You’re hired! Donald Trump for school boss?

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AP file photo

“Superintendents run organizations. They need not be capable of teaching, but of managing, and should leave the teaching to the teachers.”

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