Report shines light on problems with public ed spending

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A new report on school spending in Illinois reveals pension and salary-heavy budgets for many Illinois districts.

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Alabama teachers union faces ‘crisis,’ former chief warns

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GUNS BLAZING: Former AEA head Paul Hubbert warned of impending doom and gloom for the teachers union in a letter he penned this week.

Former Alabama Education Association chief Paul Hubbert warns of the potential downfall of the organization in a gloomy letter to the group’s board of directors Wednesday.

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Violent schools? A Philadelphia charter has answers

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By Stacia Friedman | Special to
PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia School District recently crowed that for the first time none of its schools made the state’s notorious “persistently dangerous” list.
But that announcement came after the revelation that the district reported 2,485 violent incidents during the 2013-2014 school year.
While that number is apparently acceptable to the Pennsylvania Department of [...]

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Parents sue state over Philadelphia schools

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A group of parents whose children attend Philadelphia public schools are asking state courts to step in after the secretary of education ignored complaints about the district.

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‘Bumper crop of litigation’ threatens school choice in Florida

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photo courtesy of Faith Manuel

The latest of three lawsuits threatening school choice in Florida was filed last week. If it is successful, 67,000 children from low-income families will be forced out of the schools they chose and back into the traditional public schools they had opted out of.

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The Department of Education can’t even count

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WHOOPS: The Department of Education don't know how many comments they've received on the "gainful employment" rule. But it's totally "less than 100,000," a spokesman stated.

The U.S. Department of Education doesn’t know for sure how many comments the public submitted to it nearly four months ago about the controversial “gainful employment” rule.

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