State cleans house at scandal-infested Beaumont ISD

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By Jon Cassidy |
Mike Neil got fired Monday, but he’s taking it well.
“I’m ecstatic about not having a school board job anymore,” he said.
Neil is one of seven trustees of the scandal factory known as the Beaumont Independent School District, which will be getting a new superintendent and Board of Trustees on June 15, [...]

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Civil liberties organization sues to overturn anti-bullying law

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Part 93 of 100 in the series Educating America

By Mary C. Tillotson |
If a Jewish student refers to the Holocaust and says the German Nazis were evil, and a German student overhears, should the Jewish student be punished for bullying?
Because of this and other similar situations resulting from New Jersey’s anti-bullying law, the Rutherford [...]

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Mississippi education spending goes up while student performance flatlines

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PHOTO BY: Cato Institute

While funding for K-12 education in Mississippi has increased over the last 40 years, student performance has flat-lined, according to a Cato Institute study.

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Auditors examining troubled Philadelphia school district

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It's time for an audit of the School District of Philadelphia.

By Maura Pennington |

PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania state auditors are delving into the School District of Philadelphia’s finances and operations, paying particular attention to the district’s response to suggested corrective actions from previous years.

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Judge rules parents have a say in Louisiana voucher case

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By Mary C. Tillotson |

After Louisiana and the U.S. Justice Department both declared victory over a deal in the school voucher lawsuit, a new window has opened: Louisiana parents will now be allowed to have their day in court.

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