Watchdog Podcast: Which governor-turned-presidential-candidate has the best shot?

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In this week’s episode, host Eric Boehm is joined by a roundtable of Watchdog reporters who have spent time covering four of the governors who are now running for the White House. Matt Kittle, Mark Lisheron, Mark Lagerkvist and Jason Hart share their perspectives on, respectively, Gov. Scott Walker, of Wisconsin; former Gov. Rick Perry, of Texas; Gov. Chris Christie, of New Jersey; and Gov. John Kasich, of Ohio.

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Ousted council member wins court hearing, keeps seat for now

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It’s a game of minutes; at that council meeting after being sworn in, her fate was debated in closed session by her colleagues, who voted the following week to remove her.

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Christie presidential bid gets ‘Trumped’ in New Hampshire

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

As Donald Trump rises to the top of political polls among Republican candidates for president, the biggest loser may be Gov. Chris Christie in the crucial primary state of New Hampshire.

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Watchdog Podcast: California won’t get broken up, Tesla gets paid for doing nothing and Houston is the next Detroit

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Watchdog Podcast: [Ep 93] California won’t get broken up, Tesla gets paid for doing nothing and Houston is the next Detroit

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Ohio Gov. Kasich’s presidential campaign a hit with MSNBC hosts

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Photo: YouTube

It may tough for Ohio Gov. John Kasich to make headway in a crowded Republican presidential primary, but at least Chris Matthews is a fan.

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If Gov. Kasich is on the Republican ticket, Obamacare repeal is off the table

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Photo credit: YouTube

Republicans can forget about campaigning against Obamacare in 2016 if Ohio Gov. John Kasich is on the party’s presidential ticket.

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