Democratic candidate John Lewis’ gun rights rating not as he claims

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Lewis campaign shown ready, willing and able to blur the truth and hope voters won’t both with the simple research needed to verify claims.

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In race for PA Senate, tying GOP candidate to Corbett not so easy for Dems

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MCGARRIGLE AVOIDS CORBETT TIES: With his support of a severance tax to fund education, Republican nominee Tom McGarrigle has a shield against attempts to tie him to unpopular Gov. Tom Corbett.

Across the country, Republicans have tried to tie Democratic candidates to President Obama, hoping to tap into a conservative electorate frustrated with his policies.

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Ohio’s press eager to help Gov. Kasich enshrine Obamacare

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Gov. John Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare has Ohio newspaper editors excited for his all-but-certain reelection next Tuesday.

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PA teacher unions use dues for blatant Democratic political advertising

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In the remaining weeks of the heated gubernatorial battle for the Keystone State, Pennsylvania’s teachers’ unions have been incredibly vocal and outright blatant about which candidate they prefer in the Governor’s Mansion.

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Democratic control on the line in Minnesota on Election Day

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MN Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund Photo.

Regardless of whether Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton holds on to his job next week as polls suggest, Minnesota voters appear poised to topple one party rule in St. Paul on Tuesday.

Even as Governing magazine moved the race for control of the Minnesota House of Representatives into the toss-up column, political pundit David Schultz raised eyebrows by predicting the GOP will turn over the seven seats needed to retake power — and then some.

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Libertarian Feliciano the anti-Shumlin candidate in VT governors race

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Photo courtesy of Dan Feliciano

Of all the candidates seeking to become governor of Vermont, Libertarian Dan Feliciano arguably represents the starkest contrast to the policies of Gov. Peter Shumlin. In this interview with Vermont Watchdog, Feliciano pulls no punches in discussing Shumlin’s record, and he warns Vermonters of the economic consequences of adopting single payer health care.

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