Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue — The baptists, the bootleggers and the televangelists of health care reform

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A look at the so-called “baptists, bootleggers and televangelists” that helped to turn government-run health care reform into a reality.

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Gingrich protege taps voter unrest with tax-killer strategy

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ENDORSEMENT: Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is backing Virginia state Senate candidate Vince Haley.

Former presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says state Senate candidate Vince Haley’s call to abolish Virginia’s income tax is “brilliant.”

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2 GOP lawmakers help McAuliffe kill voter ID bill

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BARRIER TO ENTRY? Gov. Terry McAuliffe's veto of a photo ID requirement for absentee ballots strikes critics as contradictory.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s veto of a photo identification bill was upheld by a single Republican lawmaker who maintains the election measure was flawed. McAuliffe also killed legislation that would have matched jury excusals with voter registration lists.

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‘Clinton Cash’ author sees parallels in McAuliffe

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AP photo

“Clinton Cash” — the explosive new book about Bill and Hillary’s road to riches — could spawn a sequel: “McAuliffe Cash.”

“He’s been a conduit of funds for the Clintons,” author Peter Schweizer said of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “He has a history of trading money for access.”

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Poll: New Jersey voters oppose Christie presidential bid

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

If Chris Christie decides to run for president, the New Jersey governor probably shouldn’t count on much support from his home state. Few Garden State voters believe Christie has the right temperament to lead the nation – and they would rather see Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or Scott Walker in the Oval Office than their own governor, according to a Monmouth University poll released today.

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Watchdog Podcast: At the Races — Carson, Fiorina, Sanders and other underdogs in 2016 presidential field

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In this episode, hosts Ben Yount and Eric Boehm discuss the latest round of entrants into the 2016 presidential field.

Can outsiders like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina make a mark on the GOP field? Will Sen. Bernie Sanders force Hilary Clinton to move to the left in the Democratic primary?

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