House committee to scrutinize campaign ads from nonprofits

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Nonprofit groups exploiting a loophole in Pennsylvania’s campaign finance laws will be subject to legislative scrutiny.

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Activists accuse Obama of false narrative to reactivate ACORN voter registration tactics

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ACORN's voter registration tactics could be back in full force

By Kevin Mooney |

If you’re 102 years old and need to wait in line for hours before voting, expect to have your story told in dramatic fashion by the president of the United States. That’s what happened to Desiline Victor, a resident of North Miami, Fla. Where some see a rationale for expanded early voting, same-day voter registration and even mandatory voter registration, others see a false narrative created to promote policy changes that would result in greater federal control over state elections.

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Chicago Cubs were MLB’s biggest 2012 political giver

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By Carten Cordell │, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA — Major League Baseball’s 2013 season may be under way, but the Chicago Cubs have already claimed one championship: biggest political spender.
Chicago’s North side baseball franchise dropped $13.9 million in political contributions during the 2012 election season, the bulk of which came from owner Joe Ricketts.
The Cubs’ political […]

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National GOP boss: Message isn’t broken, but delivery needs some work

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The message isn’t broken, said Reince Preibus, but there are problems with how it’s being delivered.

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Walker building a case for a 2016 presidential run

By   /  February 14, 2013  /  2012 General Election, Federal Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Politics & Elections, Wisconsin  /  3 Comments

Gov. Scott Walker makes conservative stand, but is he making a pitch for a presidential run, too?

By M.D. Kittle|Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON – You already know this about Scott Walker: Most liberals hate him, most conservatives love him.
That’s a political fact as immutable as any you will find in Wisconsin or national politics.
And Walker’s rejection of a boatload of federal Medicaid money on Wednesday didn’t win him any love from the left this […]

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Wisconsin’s conservative stars still shining

By   /  January 31, 2013  /  2012 General Election, Federal Government, National, News, Politics, Politics & Elections, State Government, Wisconsin  /  3 Comments

Dairyland power brokers. Reince Priebus, Scott Walker, and Paul Ryan will have much to say in national politics even as the Republican Party rebuilds, a political expert says.

The Badger State is back, baby. Let’s face it, Wisconsin never really left the national political spotlight.

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