NREL: What secret gov’t agencies do when its employees threaten to kill reporters

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WHO IS THE VICTIM?: Crosby launched an attack on Watchdog reporters.

A secret government energy lab here went on heightened alert after one of its employees used Twitter to threaten mass murder against Watchdog reporters, according to internal memos and emails received under the Freedom of Information Act.

But the added security measures utilized by the National Renewable Energy Lab weren’t to isolate and chastise staffer Kerrilee Crosby, who used Twitter in late 2012 to advocate what she called “a murderous rampage.”

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Vermont senator: Anti-GMO defense fund sets ‘terrible precedent’

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GMO BILL ON THE DEFENSIVE: Sen. Richard Sears says a special fund to defend Vermont's anti-GMO bill is not a legal defense fund.

A Vermont state senator who voted for a popular GMO food labeling bill now says the legislation’s $1.5 million legal defense fund sets a “a terrible, terrible precedent.” When the Vermont Senate approved H.112 requiring food producers to warn of potential genetically modified organisms, lawmakers also approved a special fund to defend the bill against possible lawsuits from Monsanto and other food industry giants. State Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, who voted in favor the bill, is now saying the fund will have a corrupting influence on state politics.

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Two NM senators getting plenty of green from environmentalists

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GETTING SOME GREEN FROM THE GREENS: Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich finish high in a list of top recipients from environmental groups.

As Earth Day celebrates its 44th birthday, the environmental movement has become an increasingly larger presence in Washington, D.C.

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Border battle: ND refuses to pay millions in MN renewable energy bills

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NO (RENEWABLE) ELECTRIFICATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION:  North Dakota ratepayers will save nearly $6 million in charges for costly MN renewable energy costs under new agreement with MN-based utility.
MN DEED photo.

Call it “no (renewable) electrification without representation.”

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Feds to troll SolarCity books while company seeks another $14.6M

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WE WERE GYPPED: Installation and leasing companies owned by SolarCity say the feds owe them $14 million.

By Eric Boehm and Tori Richards |
Federal investigators will spend the next year going through the books of two solar-energy companies tied to billionaire Elon Musk in an effort to show the businesses overvalued sales contracts in order to claim millions in federal assistance.
The government action comes in response to a lawsuit brought by the two [...]

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