ObamaCare pushes children with critical needs to the edge

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IT'S PERSONAL: Families like the Currans that have critical needs have been feeling the brunt of higher deductibles, higher out-of-pocket expenses, higher co-pays and higher premiums.

Families like the Currans that have critical needs are feeling the brunt of higher deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays and premiums from ObamaCare.

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America has a ‘militarization moment’

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AP photo

The display of tactics and weaponry in Ferguson, Mo., has elevated the debate over militarization of local law enforcement.

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After two months, an uneasy coexistence at NM immigration facility continues

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TWO MONTHS ON: The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia. N.M. has been renovated to house up to 700 women and children who entered the U.S. illegally.

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia has been turned into an immigration facility for up to 700 women and children. After two months, here’s a progress report.

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Green energy upgrades slow going at Minnesota VA

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YEARS IN THE MAKING: Renewable energy upgrades including 90 miles of underground geothermal pipes are running more than a year behind schedule at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center. Photo: VA.

The St. Cloud VA Medical Center also faces an issue with waiting, but much different from the delays that led to a national scandal over treatment at other Veterans Affairs hospitals.

The wait at this central Minnesota facility involves wrapping up some $17 million in renewable energy projects undertaken since 2010 in pursuit of the VA’s alternative energy and efficiency goals.

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Federal agencies spend millions on union business

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SERVING YOU?: In 2011, the American Federation of Government Employees sued to prevent essential employees from working during a threatened shutdown.

The Internal Revenue Service isn’t the only federal agency where hundreds of employees do union business full-time on the public’s dime.

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IRS union runs on taxpayer subsidies

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THE BOSS: IRS union president Colleen Kelley also is an Obama appointee to the Federal Salary Council, which advises the government on how much to pay federal employees.

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org
WASHINGTON, D.C. — While Congress takes its five-week vacation, the hard partisan work continues at the National Treasury Employees Union, subsidized by taxpayers.
The Washington Times reported this week that the Internal Revenue Service provides government salaries, office space and equipment to NTEU operatives, who ostensibly represent 92,000 IRS employees.
The IRS’ deputy commissioner [...]

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