Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue — The Medicaid ‘doc fix’ that isn’t fixing much of anything

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In this week’s episode, hosts Katie Watson and Jason Hart take a deep dive into the so-called “doc fix” bill approved by Congress last week. It’s not exactly fixing some of the underlying issues with Medicaid, which continues to be billions of dollars in the red, but at least it will put an end to annual fights over how doctors are reimbursed for their services.

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The case for a new holiday: Inside the first ever Freedom Day celebration

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Photo by Eric Boehm

With apologies to Sara Lee: nobody doesn’t like freedom.

But do Americans appreciate and understand their freedom enough? Frayda Levy thinks not, and wants to make sure people take time, once a year, to appreciate the uniquely American experience of it all.

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Watchdog Podcast: In Our Backyards — Most important policy is coming from the states, not DC (and that’s a good thing)

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By Ben Yount | Watchdog Radio
This is “In Our Backyards,”’s podcast that examines local government — because the government that is the closest to you often can be the most important, even if you don’t hear much about it.
We’ll look at city councils, school boards and even water treatment authorities, because local officials can […]

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Forget D.C., states are making the policy now

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The government that’s closest to home is the government that can — and probably will — more quickly affect your life.

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Report: Donations to Clinton Foundation may have influenced State Department policy

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Photo credit: Hillary Clinton, via Twitter

By Eric Boehm |
Massive donations from an oil magnate to the Clinton Foundation may have influenced the United States’ decision to turn a blind eye to human rights abuses carried out in the nation of Colombia, according to an explosive investigation published Thursday by the International Business Times.
The report says that union leaders and […]

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Wind developer seeks new leases, legislation to protect Minnesota project

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UOM Photo

Wind developer Geronimo Energy confirmed Wednesday it’s attempting to sign new leases with landholders at Black Oak wind farm in response to a deadline in state law that voids a lease if a project doesn’t begin commercial operation within seven years of the original contract signing date.

At the same time, the Edina-based wind and solar developer continues to pursue Plan B, a legislative fix for an up-to-82 megawatt wind facility apparently facing an uncertain future.

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