Texas environment official says new EPA ozone rule just the first step

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Photo from Flickr Commons

An official with the Texas environment department says new EPA ozone guidelines are just the first step in regulations the agency wants to adopt.

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Lawyers, PR staff, profs charge taxpayers $191k after killer’s appeals

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AP File Photo

By Arthur Kane | Watchdog.org
Taxpayers paid nearly $200,000 to lawyers, consultants, professors and even a public relations person after — sometimes years after — convicted multiple-murderer Nathan Dunlap exhausted all of his appeals, according to documents obtained by Watchdog.org.
And those payments continued even this week, according to court records.
The payment vouchers, part of Dunlap’s the federal case file, […]

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Congress, Supreme Court scrutinize how feds take your stuff

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Photo curtesy Institute for Justice

Carol Hinders caught the attention of the Internal Revenue Service because she ran a Mexican restaurant.

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Congressman wants to stick it to Saudis

By   /  February 23, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Federal Government, National, New Mexico, New Mexico Watchdog, News  /  No Comments

Mideast Bahrain Oil Prices

A congressman from New Mexico wants the U.S. start imposing a fee on countries such as Saudi Arabia to defray the cost of U.S. fleets that protect the world’s oceans.

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Does the NSA have a spy in your hard drive?

By   /  February 18, 2015  /  Abuse of power, Federal Government, National, News, Power Abuse, Technology  /  No Comments

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation

A Russian security firm claims to have uncovered a major tool used to rewrite hard drives and collect all stored information in potentially millions of computers and hard drives around the world.

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Hopes for U.S. clean coal may rest on costly Mississippi project

By   /  February 11, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Federal Government, Illinois, Mississippi, News, West Virginia  /  No Comments

Photo from Mississippi Power website

The Kemper County energy facility in Mississippi may be the last best hope for carbon capture storage in the United States.

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