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Senate committee probe into Social Security whistleblower retaliation continues

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“We are putting pressure on the agency and working with the IG’s office making sure they are getting what they need.”

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Johnson says progress being made at troubled Milwaukee VA hospital

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A previous report concluded the VA hospital “environment is not secure and safe.”

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Social Security office director removed from Madison facility, sources say

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Hodorowicz is accused of leading a “culture of corruption and cover-up” at the Madison office, a culture that whistleblowers allege “goes all the way to the top.”

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Honeycutt aims to persuade EPA with science

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TCEQ's chief toxicologist wants a voice on a key EPA air quality panel.

Maybe it’s the equanimity Michael Honeycutt’s enemies find so unnerving. You want the supposed dragon-slayer of the Environmental Protection Agency in Texas to cut right to the power-mad regulator run amok and you can’t even get him to say regulatory overreach. All you get is science. And data. And that northeastern Louisiana farm boy common […]

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Sources: Social Security judge accused of racial, sexual remarks removed from hearings

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Judge John Pleuss’ hearings have been reassigned and he has been removed from the full docket of hearings and claims review, according to internal sources.

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Who is protecting Social Security whistleblowers?

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The many laws designed to protect federal employees who expose corruption have been routinely undermined, whistleblower law observers say.

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