Watchdog Podcasts: Behind the Headlines — Hey, FDA, don’t take away our trans-fats!

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Ben Yount sits down with Richard Williams, vice president for research at the Mercatus Center and a former official at the FDA, to talk about fatty foods.

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FBI flip-flops on disclosing cell phone surveillance tech

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The FBI is trying to reassure everyone that they weren’t secretly spying on your cell phone, and certainly wasn’t telling local cops to keep it secret.

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Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue — The baptists, the bootleggers and the televangelists of health care reform

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A look at the so-called “baptists, bootleggers and televangelists” that helped to turn government-run health care reform into a reality.

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Dish TV CEO to taxpayers who gave him $3 billion subsidy: You’re the real winners

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AP File Photo / Paul Sakuma

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Embattled Dish CEO Charles Ergen admits he’s using small-business subsidies to build his global wireless capacity, but the billionaire says taxpayers will benefit anyhow.

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Inventor fights for patents amidst push for reform

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Photo Courtesy of ElliptiGO

Bryan Pate is no stranger to Chinese intellectual property theft.

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Obamacare expansion cash could fill huge highway funding gap

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Photo credit: Federal Highway Administration

Are Republicans willing to increase taxes or cut infrastructure spending to keep federal taxpayers on the hook for Obamacare expansion?

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