Free tuition plan would cost taxpayers millions

By   /  January 12, 2015  /  Colorado, Education, Finances, News, Oklahoma, State Budgets  /  No Comments

Photo Courtesy Colorado Community College System website

Colorado’s Community College System in-state and out-of-state students pay as much as $248 million in tuition a year, and that could be the annual costs to federal and state taxpayers if President Obama’s proposal for free tuition becomes reality.

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Big ticket: Cost to protect Gov. Christie rises 1,800 percent

By   /  January 11, 2015  /  Ethics, Finances, National, New Jersey, News, Open Records, Texas, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP photo

By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog
No matter who paid for Chris Christie’s ticket to the Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers football game on Sunday, the New Jersey governor ran up the score on taxpayers.
The travel costs of state police troopers assigned to protect the governor are 18 times higher than when Christie took office, […]

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After banner year, PA school pension fund still deep in red

By   /  January 5, 2015  /  Finances, News, Pennsylvania, Pensions, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments


Even after a fantastic year on the stock market, the pension fund for Pennsylvania’s public school employees is deep in the red.

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State, local governments face massive, growing budget gaps in 2015 and beyond

By   /  December 31, 2014  /  Finances, Health Care, National, News, Pensions, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments

Missouri's MOSERS pension fund gained 2.24 percent last year -- the expected return was 8.5 percent. (Photo Ken Teegardin)

As the calendar flips to 2015, fiscal pressures will continue to tax the budgets of state and local governments. And that could mean higher taxes for many Americans.

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Tulsa doesn’t know how much taxpayers spend on vacation, sick leave payments

By   /  December 26, 2014  /  Finances, Local Government, News, Oklahoma, Open Records  /  No Comments

RECORDS DEFICIT; Tulsa city officials have not or can't provide basic records about taxpayer spending.

Tulsa, Okla., City Manager Jim Twombly apparently doesn’t know how much taxpayers pay to retiring workers in accrued sick and vacation leave each year, and he has ignored an open records request on city salaries for more than a month.

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‘Rubber-stamp’ disability judges still on the job

By   /  December 23, 2014  /  Accountability, Federal Government, Finances, Misuse of funds, National, New Mexico, News, Pennsylvania, West Virginia  /  No Comments


A review of Social Security Administration data show three out of four disability judges who appeared before a U.S. House of Representatives committee last June are still hearing cases.

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