Uncle Sam bankrolled a third of Kansas spending in 2013

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On the home front, Kansas’ elected officials talk a big game about self-reliance and prudent fiscal governance, but last year more than a third of all dollars doled out by the Sunflower State came direct from the woefully-indebted federal government.

Should Kansas put its money where its mouth is and lessen its leaning on Uncle Sam’s wallet? State Rep. Gene Suellentrop, R-Wichita, says yes – to a point, at least.

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Off the rails: Here are three ways to look at the Twin Cities’ proposed rail line

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SOUTHWEST LRT: The proposed light rail would cost $1.7 billion - but how much is that really?

For a cool $1.7 billion, the Twin Cities could have a third light rail operating by 2018.

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Lobbyists keep Export-Import bank alive despite economists concerns about cronyism

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TRUCK LOADS OF CORPORATE WELFARE: The Export-Import Bank uses American tax dollars to subsidize loans to foreign companies so they will buy American goods - but it's turned into a scheme to benefit politically well-connected companies.

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog.org
For four years running, Gina Rinehart has been ranked the richest person in Australia.
This year, her estimated net worth exceeds $20 billion, though that’s down a bit from an estimated $29 billion net worth in 2012, according to Business Review Weekly, which tracks the richest people in the Land Down Under.
Hancock [...]

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State Senate takes symbolic step on pensions, further reforms left waiting

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NO CHOICE: Under HB818, private insurers cannot offer plans that include abortion coverage on the state health exchange.

The state Senate on Monday approved a bill to create a new pension system for state officials, but it’s a symbolic step that will do virtually nothing to address Pennsylvania’s $50 billion unfunded pension debt.

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PA Senate discussing move to 401(k)-style pension plans

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GETTIN PAID: It's well-known that state workers and public school employees get pensions, but employees at a nonprofit that lobbies on behalf of school districts get that perk too.

Republican lawmakers in the state House spent the past week trying to cobble together enough votes to overhaul the state pension system.

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Pension bill could get a vote next week, but it sidesteps funding issues

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COULD BE A LONG SUMMER: Gov. Tom Corbett says he won't sign a budget until he gets a pension bill too.

House Republicans, urged on by Gov. Tom Corbett, hope to move forward next week with a plan to overhaul the state pension systems.

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