Watchdog Podcasts: Breaking the Bank — What can we learn from Illinois’ failed pension reform efforts?

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In this week’s episode, hosts Eric Boehm and Steve Greenhut take a look at the recent state Supreme Court ruling in Illinois that tossed aside a legislative effort to deal with the state’s $100 billion pension debt.

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Pension reform promises $18 billion savings, but questions linger

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“If this bills gets passed, as written, and signed by the governor, someone will definitely sue over it,” predicts James McAneny, executive director of the Public Employee Retirement Commission.

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PA taxpayers can now track Wolf cabinet members’ expenses

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TRANSPARENCY RISING: Gov. Tom Wolf announced this week another move to try and restore the public's confidence in government.

Transparency just got more clickable, as Gov. Tom Wolf announced on Thursday that his cabinet officials’ expenses are now online. The tool is easy to use, and taxpayers can search for data by name, department, month and type.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Breaking the Bank — How failed economic development ruins cities like Baltimore

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In this week’s episode, hosts Eric Boehm and Steve Greenhut take a break from the pension beat to reflect on the crisis that unfolded over the past two weeks in Baltimore. Everything that there is to say about the protests and riots has already been said, but we turn our focus to another aspect of the city – one that is literally breaking the bank: failed economic development projects that bring tourists and riches to a small part of the city while the rest of Baltimore struggles.

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Two old warships and the folly of economic development

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In a city that was directly involved in neither the Civil War nor the settlement of the American West, it was perhaps not the most brilliant of strategies. Where did the sunken remains of the Royal Savage — which had been at the bottom of Lake Champlain for 80 years by the time the Civil War and the West were won — fit into these plans? No one really knows.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Behind the Headlines — The economics behind taxpayer-funded stadiums

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In this week’s episode, host Eric Boehm sits down with Victor Matheson, a professor of sports economics at The College of The Holy Cross to discuss a stunning development in Minnesota: politicians voted against using public funding for a new soccer stadium.

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