Minnesotans may pay for soccer stadium after all (John Oliver says it’s a bad idea)

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It’s been less than three months since the Minnesota Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton decided there would not be a taxpayer-funded soccer-specific stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

But Minnesotans, or at least residents of St. Paul, might end up picking up the tab for a stadium anyway.

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Auditor: Pennsylvania court plucked excess postage fees from defendants

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A recent audit report found that a local court was plucking excess postage fees from defendants – and the practice isn’t new.

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Jobs programs are putting kids to work — but the public’s price tag is unclear

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Screenshot from 3 Rivers Workforce Investment Board video

The Pittsburgh area and Erie County are providing summer jobs for a couple thousand kids, between them, and the public is still footing most of the bill. In the Pittsburgh program, some employers are now paying interns’ wages, but it’s unclear how much of the total tab the public is picking up. Erie County’s program, only in its second year, has begun reaching out to the private sector.

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Blindfolded: Group wants more transparency in the Supreme Court

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To the authors of a new study on transparency in America’s highest court, that fact raises concerns about whether justices are disclosing conflicts of interest. More importantly, they want to show how difficult it is for average Americans to learn about the financial interests of the six men and three women who are the final arbiters of the nation’s most important legal issues.

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Watchdog Podcast: A Greek tragedy, school choice at the Supreme Court and political spy games in Wisconsin

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Greece is in crisis after decades of over-spending finally caught up to it.

What lessons does the mess in Greece offer for American cities and states that have piled up debts in the public pension system?

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Up in smoke: Colorado cities getting a bang for taxpayers’ bucks

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This Independence Day, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will literally go up in smoke.

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