Indebted Virginia economy needs ‘reboot’

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OFF BALANCE: Virginia's debt is going through the roof, putting the state's economy at risk.

Not long ago, Virginia was considered to be in the pink of economic health. That diagnosis has turned dark red as the state and its municipalities pile up debt.

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Political group alleges Dane County DA violated campaign finance laws

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The Citizens for Responsible Government Network didn’t want to sit on its hands and wait for a politically charged John Doe investigation that likely would never come.

So the Milwaukee grassroots political watchdog has filed a petition of enforcement with the Wisconsin Department of Justice alleging one of the area’s top law enforcement officials has violated state campaign finance laws.

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Microlending grows small business in Pittsburgh

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Photo by Rachel Martin

In some of the careworn, left-behind neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, merely driving through can be a sobering experience.

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SEC charges Kansas with fraud for Parkinson-era omissions

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The Securities Exchange Commission has levied fraud charges against the State of Kansas for actions taken under the administration of Democratic Gov. Mark Parkinson.

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S&P knocks Kansas’ credit rating for failure to reel in spending

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TRIM IT: S&P analyst David Hitchcock says Kansas failed to balance tax cuts with necessary spending reductions.

Kansas caught another whack to its wallet Wednesday after national fiscal hawk Standard & Poor’s downgraded the state’s credit rating from AA+ to AA.

But as the political spin began to ramp up within minutes of the announcement, S&P credit analyst David Hitchcock made one thing abundantly clear: Kansas has a spending problem.

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GAO: Pentagon should explain why it needs $500B in taxes annually

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NO COMPREHENSIVE MISSION PLAN: Auditors at the GAO say the Department of Defense failed to give Congress most of the information it is supposed to provide in a once-every-four-years briefing on mission and roles.

The Department of Defense soaks up more than half of all the United States’ discretionary spending — and that doesn’t even take into account the off-the-books spending for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — but all that money can’t buy a clear purpose or mission statement.

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