Open data pioneer: ‘I didn’t ask Congress, I just did it’

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Photo Credit: Daniel X. O'Neil

Waldo Jaquith didn’t set out to be a pioneer of government accountability. But after years of experimenting with government data for fun, the director of the U.S. Open Data Institute and creator of finds himself at the forefront of a transparency revolution.

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Supreme Court takes a stand for limited government — again and again

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By Eric Boehm |
MINNEAPOLIS — The Supreme Court is the most libertarian branch of the federal government.
Yes, the Supreme Court. The same body that once ruled the federal government had the authority to regulate wheat grown for home consumption — under the odd rationale that wheat not being sold was subject to the constitutional provisions giving [...]

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Philly schools to get $39M boost in House-passed budget, yet want more

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AP file photo

By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
The cash-strapped School District of Philadelphia would receive a modest increase in state funding next year under the provisions of a budget bill approved this week by the state House.
The Republican-crafted budget attempts to close a $1.4 billion deficit without raising taxes. That means most items in the budget are [...]

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The Police States of America: Five stories that prove we’ve lost the battle against police

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THESE ARE THE COPS: Illinois Gov. Quinn may send State Troopers to Chicago.

t’s the land of the not so free and the home of the heavily armed.

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Automatic license plate scanners ‘just like’ NSA surveillance, congressman says

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KEEPING AN EYE OUT: More police departments are using automatic license plate scanners, but Congress is moving to cut off federal funding for those programs if they store license plate data for long periods of time.

John Fleming sees plenty of parallels between police departments’ use of automatic license plate scanning technology and widespread electronic surveillance by the National Security Agency.

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IPAB: The latest major legal challenge to Obamacare

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NOT IPAD: The Independent Payment Advisory Board would be able to set Medicaid reimbursement rates and has the ability to interfere in the private health insurance market as well - without congressional or judicial oversight.

By Eric Boehm |
It might sound like the latest new product from Apple, but IPAB is actually the newest major legal challenge to Obamacare.
Last week, a three-judge panel in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco heard arguments about the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, a 15-member panel created by the Affordable [...]

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