Colorado Judicial records policy: Apparently whatever staff wants it to be

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When taxpayers want basic information about the operations of the executive or legislative branch in Colorado, they can file an open records request, and officials have a maximum of 10 business days to turn over the documents.

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No license? No problem! MN tries alternative teachers

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As incubator of the nation’s first charter schools in 1991, Minnesota earned a reputation as an educational innovator. Twenty years later, however, the state still consistently reports one of the biggest achievement and graduation rate gaps for minority students in the nation.

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PA boy school CEO: ‘Shocking’ how often teacher sex abuse occurs

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The CEO of a facility for troubled boys in western Pennsylvania is disturbed both by the recent allegations of sexual abuse at his facility, as well as how often it seems to occur generally, by people “you would think … would know right from wrong.” Sarah Trumphour is a 25-year-old former aide who is now charged with 11 counts related to sexual assault of a 15-year-old resident.

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Audit: HHS failure to screen Obamacare contract recipients cost taxpayers $400M

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Not even good enough for government work.

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Swerving past audit, VDOT won’t fine contractor

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BYPASSED: The Virginia Department of Transportation won't press for "liquidated damages" against contractor Serco.

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia Department of Transportation will not fine a contractor, despite an audit revealing that the state agency could have recovered $3 million.
“We received legal counsel about past practices limit(ing) an agency’s ability to collect liquidated damages without defining a direct impact to motorists, which did […]

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Facility aide charged in sexual assault of 15-year-old resident

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A former aide at a facility for court-adjudicated boys in western Pennsylvania has been charged with 11 counts related to sexual assault of a 15-year-old resident. “By virtue of his age he was innocent and was a victim,” her lawyer told Watchdog. “It was improper,” but “it was definitely consensual.”

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