‘Bonusgate’ attorney disbarred, seven years after legislative scandal hit

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Photo from Pennsylvania Department of Corrections webpage

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court finally disbarred lawyer Jeff Foreman, seven years after “Bonusgate” exploded into the public eye. Governor Tom Corbett was then attorney general, and his office investigated nearly $4 million worth of bonuses paid to legislative staffers in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and other misuse of public funds. Several legislators and staff — including Foreman — spent time behind bars in one way or another.

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Stadium group provides Las Vegas City Council with ‘final, final’ report correcting $4M error

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A group hoping to bring a Major League Soccer team to Las Vegas provided the City Council with a revised final draft of a study for its stadium proposal.

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Charter school in uncharted territory, says audit

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Chart from auditor general's May 2014 special report

A recent audit highlights significant problems with Erie charter school, and the progress the school has made in trying to fix those problems. The school district will vote soon on whether to renew the school’s charter. The case also highlights the struggles between traditional public schools and charter schools.

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City fights citizen watchdog case amid mounting legal fees

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Photo courtesy of City of Victoria.

You would be hard pressed to put a price on the impact of citizen watchdogs and their role in holding government accountable.

But in the small Twin Cities suburb of Victoria, the cost of local accountability, at least by one measure, comes to $68,000 in legal fees — and counting.

“The legal defense in this action is a very costly endeavor. An indication of the costs involved can be found in the extent of the initial document search, which required the review of 30,000 pages,” Mayor Tom O’Connor of Victoria said at an Aug. 25 City Council meeting.

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Parents sue state over Philadelphia schools

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A group of parents whose children attend Philadelphia public schools are asking state courts to step in after the secretary of education ignored complaints about the district.

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Homeowners file injunction against Philly law enforcement over forfeiture

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A group of Philadelphia homeowners has asked a federal judge to stop the city’s law enforcement from confiscating homes, cars and other property.

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