Rogue agency defied judges to carry out partisan probe of Wisconsin conservatives

Two more Philly Dems charged in once-abandoned bribery sting

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Two more Philadelphia lawmakers were charged Tuesday in connection to a sting operation that caught them accepting bribes in return for votes.

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Browning: Shumlin ruling ‘a defeat for transparency and accountability’

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Photo courtesy of Cynthia Browning

A Superior Court judge ruled last week Gov. Shumlin had the authority to keep his single-payer plans secret using executive privilege. In this interview with Vermont Watchdog, State Rep. Cynthia Browning, the Arlington Democrat who sued Shumlin, explains what the ruling means for transparency and accountability in Vermont. She also says she received flak from Democrat colleagues.

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Town angry with northwest PA nepotism policy violation

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Many residents of Millcreek Township, nestled against Erie in northwest Pennsylvania, are unhappy about township supervisors recently hiring the niece of one supervisor. And while a majority of the supervisors now agree that the hiring violates the nepotism policy of the township, the decision will still apparently stand.

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Wyden: No more ‘back doors’ in Americans’ computers, phones

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By Yaël Ossowski |
U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wants to ban the practice of requiring tech companies to integrate back doors into their devices, allowing the federal government to snoop on Americans.
In a bill introduced Thursday, titled the Secure Data Act, Wyden, a Democrat, lays out the case for scrapping government requirements for […]

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PA workforce agency seeks repayment relief following scathing audit

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A job training agency in northwest Pennsylvania is asking the state for a repayment plan, following finding that nearly a quarter of a million dollars were misspent. A 51-page audit gave the side-eye to everything from lunch meetings to goldfish.

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On demand: Chaotic meetings lead agency to post videos

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MCWD Photo

Meetings of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District meetings won’t give “Parks and Recreation” a run in the ratings, but a few more viewers would be nice.

“Just so we don’t finish last,” said MCWD interim administrator Jeff Spartz. “The other watershed district (Rice Creek) that has videotapes of its meetings available typically gets under a dozen hits a month.”

The obscure agency’s meetings premiere on YouTube in December.

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