Colorado’s judicial records policy faces questions, concerns

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Photo By Arthur Kane

Colorado courts exempted itself from state open records laws and set up it own policy but critics question why the policy deviates so much from state records laws.

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Mississippi PSC commissioner accused of accepting illegal contributions

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FUNDRAISER: A fundraiser for Mississippi Public Service Central District commissioner was hosted by several contractors on the Kemper Project in violation of state law.

A Mississippi PSC commissioner is accused of taking illegal campaign contributions from companies involved with work on the Kemper Project power plant.

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Colorado lawmakers formulating plan for judicial records transparency

By   /  September 28, 2015  /  Accountability, Colorado, Judiciary, News, Open Records  /  No Comments

Photo By Arthur Kane

Nearly four years after the courts exempted themselves from state open records laws, the legislature is ready to act next year to make sure the public has access to judicial budgets, emails and other records.

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Watchdog Podcast: Scott Walker is out of the race, the Pope is wrong on climate change

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Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race and Pope Francis dropped by Washington, D.C., to lecture Congress about immigration and climate change.

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Fuel fraud: Government employees steal millions from taxpayers at the pump

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AP file photo

In the past five years, the federal government has prosecuted $240 million in fuel fraud cases. But the actual number is considered to be much higher.

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No cookies for you! Wolf’s gift ban will foil sweet-toothed Pennsylvania employees

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Some sweet-toothed state employees were busted by Pennsylvania’s Inspector General for violating the Wolf administration’s gift ban. Their offense: accepting a plate of holiday cookies.

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