Watchdog Podcast: Was Iowa the Super Bowl of the presidential race, or just Opening Day?

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It’s Super Bowl weekend, but for many political junkies, the big game came a few days early.

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Honest graft: Mayor goes to Super Bowl despite voters’ intent

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Photo Courtesy Denver City website

A decade ago voters said politicians shouldn’t take expensive gifts from individuals or business that might try to influence them, but Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is still going to the Super Bowl on the Broncos dime.

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Bloomberg anti-gun group survives Vermont probe, but legal challenge remains

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Photo courtesy of Paul Morris

Everytown for Gun Safety survived a probe by the Vermont attorney general’s office, but the Bloomberg-backed group faces an ongoing legal threat from a gun dealer wrongly maligned by its deceptive sting operation.

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HUD backs millions in loans on projects worth a fraction of the debt

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Photo of HUD records obtained under FOIA

Despite a warning from its economist, HUD went forward with a loan guarantee for an upscale retirement development that defaulted, leaving taxpayers on the hook for nearly $50 million.

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Nanny State of the Week: Chicago aims to toughen ineffective plastic bag ban

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Six months after passing a plastic bag ban, the city of Chicago is planning to step-up enforcement against those crinkly bandits blowing through the streets

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Lawmakers want to strengthen whistle-blower protections

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Photo Courtesy of

Lawmakers are proposing legislation that protects state and municipal employees from retaliation for reporting waste, fraud and abuse of government resources.

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