Watchdog Podcast: Behind The Headlines — Crony capitalism at the Small Business Administration

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This is Behind the Headlines,’s podcast that takes a deeper look at the political news our Watchdog reporters uncover.

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Foreign firms soak up Virginia tax breaks

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TOASTING TAXPAYERS: Gov. Terry McAuliffe hoists a glass to bringing Stone Brewing Co. to Richmond, amid questions about the public costs and benefits of trickle-down economics.

Half of the corporations receiving Virginia’s biggest public subsidies are headquartered outside the country. In all, $410,150,107 in state and local incentives, including cash, have been pledged to companies to do business in Virginia.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Behind The Headlines — Latest developments in VA scandal

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In this week’s episode, host Ben Yount sits down with Tori Richards to talk about the latest developments in the still-ongoing scandal at Veterans Affairs. Richards has uncovered a case in Louisiana where a VA hospital employee was fired for blowing the whistle on his boss for making fake patient waiting lists.

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Living or dead? Often, the feds don’t seem to know the difference

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“There is one root cause that is easily identified, but for reasons that defy logic, has been incredibly difficult to solve,” Johnson said Tuesday. “The federal government has wasted billions of dollars over the last few decades giving money to dead people.”

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House committee passes welfare ATM bill following exposé

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Photo By Arthur Kane

By Arthur Kane |
DENVER —The Colorado House Business, Labor, Economic and Workforce Development Committee unanimously passed a bill designed to block ATM welfare withdrawals at strip bars, liquor stores, pot dispensaries and casinos after a series of stories exposed thousands of tax dollars taken out at those locations.
State Rep. Tim Dore, R-Elizabeth, said […]

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Sunshine dims in Hanover County bond deal

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WINDING ROAD: A Bass Pro Shop sign signals Hanover County's increasingly costly commercial development at Winding Brook.

Unelected committees are doing economic-development deals without the public’s input or consent, complains a Hanover County citizens group.

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